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T - is for Thor

By anklesnsocks
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if you didnt see this coming, you are retarded.

you look up at a god

thisll the the last one for a while. taking a break from them.
got like another half to go or something like that.
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Once again a superb job, congratulations!!!!!!!
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me likes, and i'm cky with my thors.
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One of my favorites. He's so gunna lightning and thunder someones hapless butt!!!
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you bet T is for Thor
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i don't think that thor has ever looked this powerful.
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Not a big Thor fan but this is a cool image.
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THOR!? I was thinking thunger...guy? That joke wasn't thought through.
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I was personally hoping for Tigra... :D But this is very nice!
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the angle on this is perfect
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Cool...nice shadow stance it a serious and mysterious and foreboding look and appeal.
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Didn't see that one coming. But the surprise was well worth it.
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Verily, this is a great letter; I say thee Yay!
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