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S - is for Shadowcat

By anklesnsocks
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i hate spiderman
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Its great it brings out the darkness that's inside Kitty
I like the dark aspect - she's got more going on in her head than is often portrayed.
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It´s an awesome drawing! She liked hiding in the shadows and playing ninja once, so this totally is her =D
That knowledge of her character and the great drawing style amaze me.
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Godspeed, Ms. Pryde.........
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Kitty's so cool!! And so is the picture!! :w00t!:
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Kitty rocks!
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So do I, glad you picked Kitty!
Chamber005's avatar
Love this series!
ADHadh's avatar
Damn wall crawler is impossible to draw with shadow covering his huge white eyes.
Nice series concept.
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coulda been silver surfer, son of satan or even sandman, he hates spiderman too!

this is great though. i love her.
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sandman does hate him, yes
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hate spiderman? dude, your my hero.
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hah well whattaya know, me too (the hating spiderman). But shadowcat is awesome!
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Hate's such a strong word.
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I'm not a fan either. Fan of yours though. Great job as always.
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Oh no, but he's "everyone's" favourite wall crawler!
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nooo spiderman.. you can't hate spiderman!! nice drawin!
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I AGREE >:C I never really liked Shadowcat. Especially in Wolverine and the X-Men. But HATE SPIDER-MAN?!?!? And just when I was beginning to like you, Enymy:( Lol, j/k, tho, love your style, keep it up!
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Maaaaan...this is so good.
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shadowcat is hot
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very very cool
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