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R - is for Rogue

By anklesnsocks
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i liked her best moody and introverted.
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you drew her very well!
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Yaay Rogue!! :clap: Great job!!
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Awesome work here
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I looooooove the use of shadow in this one! so hardcore...
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i was hoping R would be for Rogue
very nice
i like the way you made the shadows in their faces, makes it mysterious and adds effect
very well done.
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I know I'm being facetious, but her breasts and abdomen make the shape of a penis. Its more apparent in the thumbnail view. I love you.
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very col and creepy looking
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wow that's stunning
great job
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dont listen to them, we all know its her hair theyre just jealous
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the point is that it didn't look like hair at first. sure, we know it's supposed to be hair, but it wasn't clearly conveyed.
it happens; it's not like we're insulting his artwork, just observing a problem that can be easily solved.
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I know haha I was jk
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one of my faves so far.
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When I first saw it I thought: R is for beards? Weird. ^^'
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Nice beard, why he got tits tough?
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Yay! You did one of Rogue!
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Hey Dude. I like a,good Rogue piece. But it looks like she has a,Beard. Still a,cool piece

RoCc on!
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i like her southern. good choice, nonetheless.
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awww mang, wheres her face? she looks like she has a HUGE beard! lol
EJSCreations's avatar
that's what i thought too.
or mutton chops.
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Wonderful vision point, love.
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