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P - is for Punisher

By anklesnsocks
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come on, who else really?
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Simply fantastic!!!!
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Thats some Badass puishment.
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P is for pissed my pants, youve intimidated me with your superior art skills, im not worthy
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Looks like Ray Stevensen was your model.
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This is one badass Frank Castle
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this is absolutely bizzonkers in the greatest way possible
creativitysucks's avatar
the most bad ass disney character of them all.
Mihoshi-TD's avatar
Oh god!XDD I had a good knee-slapping LOL session with this comment!XDD
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that is epic
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This alphabet is the most awesome thing.
WadeFurlong's avatar
Might be my fav of the bunch thus far. Groovy man!:)

Kinda wish you would have done the others like this, I mean the eye thing, some of the others the large black spotting just didn't hit right to me...:hmm:
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yeah the ones that you can see the faces of more are the ones i like better. except for wolverine. i did him before i knew what i was going for yet
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All cool, none the less, this is a sweet project yur doin'. Hell man, just redo Wolvz. You always make a Killer Logan:nod:
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p is for ponyo : ]
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hey if u like the punisher and bad ass art check this one out here : [link]
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the face really does it, great work.
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I imagine a tv series with him. Just a guy killin' folks, no dames!
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the one and only
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