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O - is for Odin

By anklesnsocks
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theres seriously like no one cool in O
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Cool theme and nice work. If I thought I could get through 26 i'd give it a crack lol
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Since Marvel owned the rights for a good darn long time, how about classic Optimus Prime, who both starts with an O and is undeniably awesome. (Not that this isn't a great Odin, I'm just saying. Oooooooptimus.)
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There's also Ozymandias, who (if memory serves) was the king when Apocalypse was born but was later bound to be his servant as a blind prophet who carved his prophecies on the walls of his home/dungeon whatever, who was, if nothing else, rather cool looking.
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O is for O Sh*! Nice!
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Great job! Very clean and very expressive!
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You've made Odin kool, so now there is kool in O. See how I spelled cool with a "K"? That makes it cooler.

If you couldn't tell, I'm not so cool.
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That piece is totally terrific!!!
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Omega Red could have worked. I've digging your alphabet soup man.
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what about omega red
he's pretty cool

but odins pretty badass
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That's an awesome Odin ! =D

And besides the Otto Octavius ..
Batman's Oracle ?
Watchmen's Ozymandias and Owl ?
(ok .. Nite owl =P)

Garfield's Oddie ? xD

Nightmare Before Christimas' Oogie Boogie ? =3
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just in marvel im talking about. but otto is a good point.
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For 'O':
(Doctor) Octopus?

Odin is badass anyway.
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Otto Octavius xD
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You should read Omega the Unknown. Awesome Marvel character starting with O.

This look killer btw! Nice job.
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Wonderful work, congratulations!
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No one cool? I'd say Odin is pretty cool...
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Ahh Wednesday hes my favorite
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This is seriously epic.
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