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K - is for Kraven

By anklesnsocks
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my favourite spiderman villian
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Excellent Kraven! He's also MY favorite Spider-Man villain as well!
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my favourite spiderman villian aswell
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bestest so far
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Really really nice!
SAy have you done f yet?
If you havent you should do flash.
jus throwin it out there.
anklesnsocks's avatar
havent done f, but flash is dc. im sticking to marvel only.
xavirfrost's avatar
oooh ok.
Well since you're sticking to marvel have done s or v yet?
If you have then dont worry about it, but you havent you should try spidey and venom.
anklesnsocks's avatar
done S. take a look through my gallery man.
xavirfrost's avatar
oops. sry dude.
had a brain fart. heheh.
my bad.
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gorgeous. Loving what you did with the lion's mane.
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great mood for the character!
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He was awesome on the show.
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K is the man :)
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Terrific Kravinoff representation!! The pose and attitude of a real predator! :o
I feel that your colors may be too shiny in some parts like the pants, skin, back fur and wrists bands!!! You should level them down, if I can say! :)
Great work nonetheless!
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thanks man. glad i did you right.

shiney, or glowy? and you listed pretty much everything haha
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Yes sorry, I meant "glowy"! ;)
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Really nice work!
I love it! :)
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killer kraven!!!
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its the krazy ones you gotta watch out for.
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Soooo cool! I LOVE this series!!
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you're my favorite spiderman villain :3 BAAAAAAW
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i would beat the shit out of him
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what does he actually do besides hunt spiderman like he was an animal? I totally missed the whole point to Kraven, unless that was his point
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yeah thats pretty much it. i just liked his whole determination, and the whole kravens last hunt story was phenominal
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