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J - is for Jean Grey

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the black queen
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Yes J is for Jean Grey.
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Ahh, why does she put up with Emma and Scott? This is impossibly badass. Love the anatomy and all the detail in her hair.
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because she's dead most of the time
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Yes, but when she's alive she can go into your brain and basically destroy you for cheating on her.
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true...but emma is psychic too, she could probably stop her from doing it somehow
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Clearly you are not up to date on the storyline where Jean/Phoenix caught Emma and Scott having a psychic-affair and Jean proceeded to basically psychically and physically destroy her. (Then pieced her back together later. This is an actual, real storyline.)

With how suped-up they've made Jean (basically Phoenix when she's actually around now) Emma's pretty much nothing to her.
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But Jean gave them permission to be together at the end of New X-Men.
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That's because Jean is ultimately kind of worthless. She did however, shatter Emma to bits in her diamond form first, which is the reaction one would expect, making the both of them massive dumbasses.
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fair enough, i'm not too familiar with xmen, its a hard series to get into
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Jean's Black Queen beats Emma's White Queen any day. Sorry Ms Frost but it's the truth.
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wow!!! are you selling these?
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Why hello there. ;)
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Freakin hot, but I didn't know she was ever the black queen.
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scot must've melted away.. this wild charm is only for the real animal!!
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Oh god this is fantastically sexy.
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who else really?
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she feeling dirty?
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looks fantastic
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