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I - is for Iron Fist

By anklesnsocks
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the only iron i recognize.
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The anatomy of a martial artist, not a buffed american soldier!!.
Instant Fav!
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wow, you captured my abs perfectly ;-)
Seriously great work!
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that's would be great for a shirt design
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Hmm...great shirt design and great body shot ;)
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Damn str8!! Who is iron man? Just a guy with a lightbulb lool brill drawing. If u could draw spider-man if ur a fan?
SivekDragon's avatar
i like it. I wished the eyes were glowing tho. but still way boss sir.
The-Rogue-Scarecrow's avatar
Boss Iron Fist drawing!
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I really like what you did here. Iron Fist looks bamf! I love how you took the time to do the whole alphabet, and hid their faces. The glows you did for their main effects were awesome too! Kudos!
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Totally awesome!!!
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well iron fists tatoo on the chest is missing...
but i love the way u draw his what a awsome anatomy ... u did not mass up with the body
i like it
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haha alright.
yeah i was never a fan of it being black, thusly this
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ah now i get it hahaha
ok..without zooming the pic u cant see the symbol on his chest ^^
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Awesome! Have you read the new comics that have been out for him? They're about the only decent thing out at the moment, especially since Thor's hammer is supposedly "broken" now... *grumbles*
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and the writers leaving thor too.
velvetkitsune's avatar
I know! Hopefully someone can come along who will fix it. I hate that guy; he always leaves stories in a very F*cked up way, and someone else has to fix it later...

It's very irritating...
suggestion, D is for Deadpool, i think he's the best option even better that dare devil
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Frikkin awesome. I'm glad this is the only Iron you recognize.
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Iron Fist ROCKS.
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this looks great and all, but i bet you could've done an awesome iron man
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