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G - is for Green Goblin

By anklesnsocks
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Whoa, man.

I always felt Goblin was more of a gimmick than anything, but here.. here you got the scary side of him. Almost makes me feel uneasy, though I -love- the looks to this. Love how the pumpkin thing is what nails you.
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Nice. Gobby's never looked so terrifying.
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This................ is too cool. What an incredible sense of light and dark. Especially on his eyes. It adds to the menace of him. Also love his pose, he really feels as if he's taunting your impending demise. Beautiful. Well done!
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rly like the impression of your work
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this work has been featured in my Halloween journal for the day! If you wish to not be featured please send me a note and i will remove it! Thank you in advance for allowing me to showcase your work!! :wave: Have a happy Halloween!!
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no problem man. thanks for showcasing it!
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This is a nice evil picture of Green Goblin.
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one of my favourites
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that look is classic!
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your coloring style is awesome~
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why didn't they make green goblin look this creepy in the movie hah

This is neat. Feels very old school. Thanks for sharing it.
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Cool, very sinister. My favorite in the series!
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loving this, man.
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I'm not sure if this was intentional, but, I REALLy like how the wrinkle in his hood, kinda resembles Norman's hairstyle. I think it really links the two in a weird and very frightening way. Like you can see the man under the demon.

I think this is my favorite so far of the series.
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