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F - is for Fury

By anklesnsocks
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Fury. Nick Fury.

my second favourite.
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Nice! the original nick fury.
Awesome picture, hey do you know exactly when they made the transition from the original to the new version of Nick Fury?
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in Ultimate xmen. issue 8 i believe. they made an ethnic nonspecific nick fury. then Ultimates 1 came out and they used sam jack as reference, and actually got sam jack to sign off on letting them use him as reference. their reasoning being that fury needs to be the coolest of the cool, and apparently thats sam jack nowadays.
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To me Nick Fury based on Jack Kirby will always be a cooler inspiration.
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Agreed, I hate how comic book characters are turning black. Why does diversity always need to mean black? Samuel Jackson sucks as nick fury too. 
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You need to do a comic... seriously!
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Ok! Good! I'm glad it's not Sam L Nick! Cause I'm weirded out that all of a sudden he was black. they should have made Sean Connery Fury and Sam L coulda been Cardiac! They had a good chance for some Cardiac fame!
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this is the only fury i recognize
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Indeed, but one catches ya the helluvan off guard.
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