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E - is for Emma Frost

By anklesnsocks
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heres no 2. of 26.

the sexiest cold hearted bitch in the world.
she needs to ditch the corset look and go back to the X bra.
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the x bra wuz unique
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I love the bright lignt/deep shadow contrast of these alphabet pieces. For some reason, it's particularly hot in this one. :+fav:
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dun dun duuuuuuuun!!! lovely shadows. =)
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Great use of lighting in all these a-z Marvel series.
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Emma is one of my favorite Marvel characters.

This is a very well done image. A great over all image. This is actually one of the best portrayals of this image. Making the bottom much smaller makes it look less like some silly diaper. The top always looked sexy, the bottom looked silly, but you really made it look good.
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Great piece. Simple and bold. :D
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I liked the X bra <3

However, I am not a fan of hers unfortunately. She's a great character, I can admit--and that's partially why I don't like her. She wasn't really made to have a fan base.

...not to mention that I don't like her with Scott Summers, so...
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see, i hated jean grey.

i like it when they are both stone cold bitches
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I can understand hating Jean Grey. She had her moments. But she's dead now, so I guess it doesn't really matter, now does it?
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Good lighting/shadows.
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i gotta agree with the X bra being more sexy than the corset..... what made you decide to black out the outfit?
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Quitely's costume was much better than the shit they have her wearing now. By far.
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This series is turning out freakin awesome.
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Bad ass! this looks so good!
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just like claremont and byrne would've wanted her to be. well, at least i think this is. best emma i've seen in a long time.
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Brilliant. There's a word i'm looking for to describe your awesome placment of shadows and visible parts, but my stunted brain can't think of it right now.

Awesome job.
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Ooo, shadows!

I like Emma's current costume. I'm thinking of doing a cosplay of her so I'm glad she's wearing a little more nowdays.
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The heavy shadow make this piece both sexy and menacing. Great work!
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i like hw you used black istead of white.
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cool man
cool man
cool man
cool man
cool man
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cool man
cool man

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