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28 DC redesigns.

joker. deathstroke. catwoman. black adam.
cheetah. bane. two face. killer croc.
livewire. star sapphire. atrocitus. brainiac.
mr freeze. lex luthor. poison ivy. shriek.
dark aya. deadshot. catman. scandal savage.
knockout. black manta. harley quinn. oceanmaster.
darkseid. batman. wonder woman. superman.
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That Black Manta hits different

Skulliven's avatar
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I love these. Especially Ivy.
Ben-J-Kirby-Tennyson's avatar
Nice jo—wait. Why isn’t Ivy hot?!
Oodussus's avatar
Love the Wonder Woman design!  Any chance to see more?
I love how you made Superman seem so human, and you made Diana Seem less like a princess and more warriorlike/Brutish. From Aya to Orm(ocean master) are my favorites though
artsavant's avatar
Finally Black Manta looks cool.
Shaggy-Ragdoll's avatar
I need to ask a question, is Brainiac's arms fused to his body or has no arms?
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Awesome job with these!
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superman looks so old.
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Jared Leto. Brian Bloom. Emily Deschanel.
Conan Stevens. Clive Owen. Adewale Agbaje
Patrick Stewart. Ralph Fiennes. Billy Bob Thornton. Michelle Monaghan.
Will Smith. Margot Robbie. Clancy Brown. Ben Affleck. Gal Gadot. Henry Cavill
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Actually I take that back, Charlize fo Cats.
good yeah , clancy brown as darkseid
xfan97's avatar
Star Sapphire looks so vivid.
OMG this is so FANTASIC I can't stop looking at it its so perfect and I live EVERY CHARACTER here your redesigns are da best
lenlenlen1's avatar
awesome, if only they would do this version
amazing redesigns!
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oh LORDY this is fantastic!!
I think Deathstroke might do with more body armour. He has slight super strength so the added weight wouldn't bother him. I do like his more practical approach in his gear. Though fans would be disappointed if he had no sword. Probably the best Titans villain.

You've gotten rid of Black Manta's iconic helmet. I disagree with that approach.

Thank you for bringing back Harley Quinn's iconic look. (Iconography is important to me, it seems.)

Shriek had the best episodes in Batman Beyond. I'm not making that up. The episodes concerning him often had huge amounts of character development for Bruce and Terry and amazing fights that showed just how sound can kill. This is an improvement without a doubt over his weird claw hands. And thank you for remembering this villain.

Brainiac's almost turtle look is awesome. I always thought he was better as an intellectual foe. Using minions and robots and all that. This is probably my favourite design of his. Though he is missing the Brainiac tri-circle symbol.

Mr. Freeze might be too ... Tron Legacy in my opinion. Great design, just a lot of glowing.

Luthor's suit looks great. it got way bulky in New Earth. This one looks more serviceable.

Joker shouldn't look that dirty. He sees the world as a performance and so should look his best. I mean he specifically goes and gets a similar suit each and every time and keeps it in good condition or at least tries too.

Croc's more bestial look is awesome, really brings out the character. Or at least until his redemption.
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I should say I'm speechless but I'm not. This is simply brilliant! And I'm not being nice. If I'm ever looking for some help in character design, I'll be calling. I think DC needs to take your Wonder Woman design very serious. Honestly I think they've always had her concept all wrong. This looks spot on. You defiantly should explore more with her and her series. And Batman/Superman look awesome! LOVE IT! ALL OF IT!
Al-Husen's avatar
superbly genius design
kimmygorden's avatar
Um. I wanna see these designs in a book...badly. 
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