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D - is for Daredevil

By anklesnsocks
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personally, i think he is way more hardcore and badass than batman. if done right.
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Love how his face is hidden in the shadows
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Way more bad-ass than batman. Very well done.
My ALL-TIME favorite comic book hero!!! Very well-done rendering. Hopefully he'll get another crack at the big screen now that Marvel got the rights to his character back from FOX...
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hmm...after looking at the one for 'Iron Fist', I have to go for one conclusion: I think the detailing on these pictures is absolutely fantastic, but I almost feel like the *what I am going to call* the 'aura' around the characters is almost unnecessary......tone it down, maybe?
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yeah, i mean granted these are like 4 years old, but yeah i agree. i went nuts on these things haha. i dont really like any of them looking back at them
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They still look amazing, though. Hey, you do take requests, dont you?
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i do, but im pretty loaded up at the moment. but i do take all suggestions into consideration, so let me have it.
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Cool! Oh, and I know the feeling.....

I want a picture of my Marvel OC Audio, in her civilian identity of Charlene Parker. I want her to be a young woman that is either about to perform with her violin or just after a performance.
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Batman is pretty cool, but Daredevil does just as well-- while being COMPLETELY BLIND!

Daredevil is the blind guy, right? I'm not making some humiliatingly obvious mistake, am I?
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haha he totally is badass *never you mind, Batman is always my favorite DC hero*! It may take a rich man to decide justice, but it takes a blind one to dish it :D!
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haha nope. daredevil is the blind guy. and he is way cooler than batman.
i just wish theyd take the eyes from the costume and really freak people out
Willdabeast-0305's avatar
Yeah, I thought so. And he is.
And they should :)
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Geez, this is epic...

The shading around his eyes is phenomenal!
Wonderful job!
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your lines are solid.
for colors i would maybe try experimenting with contrast a little more to make the finished product a bit more dynamic.
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Are you ready for Shadowland?
KreepingSpawn's avatar
u mean cuz he's not a billionaire, and he's blind? ;p
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The potential energy here is really well-conveyed. Sure, he can kick my ass... when it gets around to it. Depicting power at rest can be tricky, though clearly, not for you.
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you said it right, IF done right! that billy club ain't no joke!
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I completely agree with that sentiment. He can access the dark side MUCH better than Bruce. Hell, Miller even said that given all his circumstances, Matt should have been a villian.

He's way more fucked that Bruce. This guy tries to do good, and always ends up with catastrophe. But, when the dust settles, he always picks himself up. He won't give up.

I really like this piece.
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plus, how fucked can you be with all that money?
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Right. I think he likes it. And uses it as an excuse to beat up people.
DD is one of the most underrated characters in comics. And thanks to that "movie", he probably always will be.
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