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Captain America - Animated

By anklesnsocks
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Another Project i did for my portfolio.
I definitely had a lot more planned for this, just never had the time to finish it all up.
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Ben-J-Kirby-TennysonStudent General Artist
Sharon looks hot. Almost too skinny to be alive, though.
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This style would make for an excellent children's book, or like an animated shorts series
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RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing style!
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I love how classy Zemo looks :D. I absolutely adore this style you've presented and it definitely fits Captain America, I would love to see this on TV xD
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kaze5115Hobbyist Digital Artist
I could totally imagine this as a animated serie! And with just the right script, become a classic :3
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This is beatiful!
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MisterNefariousStudent General Artist
I dig all your versions of the character designs quite a bit.
I'm REALLY curious how they plan on doing Zola in the new movie...
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is Zola the blonde in white?
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MisterNefariousStudent General Artist
A quick google or watching the movie would've covered you... 
But no, the blonde is agent 13, Sharon carter.

arnim zola is the guy on the far right with a TV face in his chest
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lol ok 
as you can see I've lost my fan touch to remembering everything XD
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MisterNefariousStudent General Artist
well, hopefully he returns in the third film in a TV chested robot body :P
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Well, he appeared like that in the videogame tie-in for Captain America The First Avenger
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MisterNefariousStudent General Artist
Yeah! His look in that game was awesome. Baron Strucker looked amazing as well
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He had more dignity as the first boss of a game than in the movie he appeared in
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Captain America, Agent 13(Sharon Carter),Nick Fury,BlackWidow,Winter Soldier,Red Skull,Barons Zemo&Vonstrucker,Viper,Sin,Zola,Batroc,CrossBones,AbsorbingMan,Armordillo and two others I know but can't name right now in animated form. If they do a Captain America cartoon, I hope it's like this. Carter and Widow both look really hot! Very good pic here!
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Da best.
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NiseiNinjaProfessional Filmographer
Dig the Cap! Really nice shapes. Red Skull looks awesome as well.
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KaminaraiStudent Digital Artist
The shapes and shading are amazing! great stuff
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I love the designs dude. It looks really sick.
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hope marvel does have this plan in motion
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EstelProfessional Artist
This is superb. I would watch this show.
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Capt-Exce77enceStudent General Artist
nice! reminds me of a mix between the style of Bruce Timm and retro look of the Incredibles
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