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Age of Apocalypse #10

By anklesnsocks
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Cover by KRIS ANKA
• Jean Grey believes she can defeat Weapon Omega...
• Weapon Omega knows he can kill Jean Grey...
32 PGS./Parental Advisory ...$2.99
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neonUFOProfessional General Artist
Amazing use of light, very Caravaggio!
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you are killing on these covers
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92KICKSTARTStudent General Artist
Kool xD
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TCRgfxStudent General Artist
A master piece.
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DepartmentMHobbyist Digital Artist
this is a master piece (and also my favorite x-men saga of all time) - wonderful homage!
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Emerson-FialhoProfessional Artist
Great work!
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Nazo-KyuHobbyist Traditional Artist
god...its soo nice, i don't even know what to say...
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dude, damn... I think this is my favorite you've done so far.
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anklesnsocksProfessional Filmographer
same man. same.

HOW your shit!
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Sheeit didn't see this til now. Good man!! Been doing up freelance like mad, freezing because Canada is cold right now. So damn jealous of you guys.

How's turtles man? Did they assign you to do all the action boards? I'd love to see em someday when you can show em haha.
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anklesnsocksProfessional Filmographer
turtles is growing great. just working on my second episode now. but no, we all mix it up on my crew. which makes it always fun and exciting.

the first ep of first season just premiered btw
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sounds pretty awesome dude. Keep up dat sheeit! So you're working on the second season I'm guessing? And Canada is kinda lame, not sure if we get Turtles here yet. I know we JUST got Nickelodeon haha. But it's super stripped-down since Canadian rights to so many nick shows belong to other networks. Kinda pointless. I'll find a way to watch it though- looks badassssss!

Whats your verdict on the first ep?
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anklesnsocksProfessional Filmographer
check the nick website. see if you can stream it
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saw it finally. It's great man. The visuals are crazy for tv too. Fuckin jeaaalous now you're on that sheeit.
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AndrewTunneyProfessional General Artist
Mate, the composition and framing on this is next level.
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DaveIgoProfessional Artist
fucking amazing, you piece of shit
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ArchaicEphonyProfessional Digital Artist
I love the feel of the struggle, and weapon omega's grin
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BringerOfStormsHobbyist General Artist
Great mood in this one. Love the characters popping off the black background.

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Simply genial!!!
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tavesProfessional Filmographer
Very "Caravaggio" of you. Came out great!
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