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Aziraphale Pencil Sketch by Ankh-of-chiaroscuro Aziraphale Pencil Sketch :iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 4 0 Rust and Platforms by Ankh-of-chiaroscuro Rust and Platforms :iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 0 2 eight_eighteen. by Ankh-of-chiaroscuro eight_eighteen. :iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 0 3 quizical by Ankh-of-chiaroscuro quizical :iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 0 0 Person by Ankh-of-chiaroscuro Person :iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 1 0 Facade by Ankh-of-chiaroscuro Facade :iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 0 2 Doodling by Ankh-of-chiaroscuro Doodling :iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 0 3 The prince WIP by Ankh-of-chiaroscuro The prince WIP :iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 2 0 -.hEwAtChEsYoU.- by Ankh-of-chiaroscuro -.hEwAtChEsYoU.- :iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 32 13 _medamaude_ by Ankh-of-chiaroscuro _medamaude_ :iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 5 0
Take your pick.
Give me yet another day
To pick my thoughts from shades of grey
And from these fragments in the clouds
I'll say more than I need to say
But she's a really silly girl
Got lost upon a map unfurled
She thinks that she can save us all
She thinks that she can change the world
And in the days where she was older
She was once a girl much bolder
Golden bracelets on her wrists and
Colored scarves around her shoulders
So many things inspired her
And very few things tired her
And stupid though I knew she was
I openly admired her
But now I'm faded as a ghost
She's missing when I need her most
She could be far across the sea
The sea that's at the other coast
You'll never guess who took her place
A girl who's always in my face
She finds my faults and contradictions
Never getting off my case
But she knows not to set me free
'cause she knows how she's grown on me
I shouldn't take her words to heart
And yet they come so honestly
I owe you an apology
You people who are there for me
The only thing
:iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 2 0
Just crazy enough to work by Ankh-of-chiaroscuro Just crazy enough to work :iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 2 0 Fading Into Beautiful Light... by Ankh-of-chiaroscuro Fading Into Beautiful Light... :iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 5 0 Interrobang WIP...not colored. by Ankh-of-chiaroscuro Interrobang WIP...not colored. :iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 1 4
A second on Earth
I don’t want to debate with you. I really don’t. Every time I debate about it, I hear the same thing, and it starts to build a wall between me and you. That’s the last thing we need in the world today.
I don’t want to hear about why we had to do it, or how there was no other option. I also am tired of hearing about what was going on at the time. I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t want to hear about how they had it coming, or how we needed to end the war.
You could be right about all those things, but it still doesn’t make anything alright.
Even if the acts of a nation are brutal, even if it is a military attack, and, yes, even if it ends a war, I don’t ever want to see it happen again.
Because when you look at it from a historical perspective, you look at the number of people that died then, and the number of people that would have died afterward. When you get into large groups, you treat people like faceless, nameless statistics. Each a
:iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 0 11
Strange Happenings
They say strange things happen around here. Things like ghosts, monsters, and the like. Tales of the darkest of secrets. Nameless soldiers wandering the fields where they fell. Beasts and demons that should have never come into existence. Any and all things beyond normal understanding have some connection with this place.
Personally, I think it’s a load of crap.
It was dark, and the rain was pouring down as if someone were wringing an indefinitely soaked cloth of an enormous size. He didn’t know why he had chosen to go for a drive, but then, he hadn’t expected it to rain so hard. It was incredibly stupid of him to drive through here of all places. It was surrounded by trees, and there was a treacherous curve up ahead, a “Dead Man’s Curve,” as some liked to call it. The darkness that, obviously, came with night and the heaviness of this rain made the visibility dramatically low.
It was because of the rain and the location that made the young gi
:iconankh-of-chiaroscuro:Ankh-of-chiaroscuro 2 14


IronMan by Design: Art Nouveau by johntylerchristopher IronMan by Design: Art Nouveau :iconjohntylerchristopher:johntylerchristopher 2,600 141 Cabbadath by NegateTheStars
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United States

Current Residence: A house
Favourite genre of music: I will listen to anything at least once if you recommend it, regardless of genre.
MP3 player of choice: My beloved iPod
So I was tagged by :iconlyokoluver58: and :iconoujikira-sama:

I'm only going to tag a few people because I've been, like, dead on DA for long enough that no one talks to me XD Or they've already been tagged.

The rules:
• You must post these rules.
• Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
• You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
• Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them!
• No tagbacks.

1. I'm having Jess over later
2. I adore steampunk and other neo-victorian/old-fashioned styles.
3.My right ear itches.
4. Vocaloid is probably one of my favorite things on the face of the earth and probably how I spend most of my free time.
5. I am wearing a shirt I got for Christmas the other day. It's a Ministry of Silly Walks shirt.
6. :icongirlblowing-bubbles: and myself are founding the first school in the nation with a Derpartment of Derpology. This means that you can be fully qualified to derp.
7. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN BUNNIES! (bunnies don't love you.)
8. my left ear itches instead.
9. MONONOke is probably my favorite anime at the moment.
10. I want to eventually produce original vocaloid songs, even though at the moment I can't compose anything worth crap.

Alright, now...I tag...
:iconthebleachbottle: :iconcascadingtears: :iconanotherstolenrelic:
  • Listening to: just some len song I found.


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