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My original character, Demerei. Poor guy... he's so lost. He's trying to hold onto the one spark of light still inside him ^^; Most of the time, most of him doesn't care, but there's part of him that's still clinging desperately. Not that he's done too badly with his lot in life, but he's gone the route of embracing darkness and power... He's struggling not to become completely evil.

I believe I just amputated one of his fingers, and I like it. I have decided there's a bit in the-story-I'll-never-write where he gets captured and tortured a bit and loses that finger. Here, D, have an outward sign of inner brokenness. :}

I was trying out different colors for shadows, rather than monotone, that worked okay... The brush I tried out I messed up with, left the hardness up so I can see spots everywhere. Oh well. I know now. And the dark wave thing lacks depth, not sure what to do. At least it's a step up from a gradient or plain see-through ^^;
And hey, look - lighting that isn't generically top-right!

Decided I'd use this for the 100 Themes, list 1, Darkness.

More Demerei: Demerei profile and hub by Ankh-Ascendant 
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Very nice. I like the colour tones you used, and I like how the light is reflected in his eyes, as though he's focussed so intently on that. I think the only flaws I can see are that his feet are a little oversized in comparison to the rest of him. And he could play piano with those toes but that's not a bad thing :P I love his face too; the slightly oversized eyes and undersized mouth adds a layer of realism; his features aren't 'perfect' but are very expressive. And I love the hair too, but then I have a thing for guys with long hair.

All in all, well done.
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Yay, giant shoujo eyes ^^ His mouth wasn't supposed to be small, or his feet overly large ^^; but the toes is intentional. Yay long toes. And long hair. :D Demerei is pleased that you like him, even if he is speckled and big-footed.