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I was watching the Shin Kyoto Hen OVA the other day, and it kind of offends me that Misao gets all the angst over the dead Oniwaban ^^; She knew them when she was a kid, but it's been at least five years (and looking at her when she was dropped off, I'm thinking more like 8). In all that time they were basically everything to Aoshi. If anyone has the right to be envisioning them... 

^^; Soapbox off. But I do think it's easy to forget, since mostly we see him after them. They were something more than family though. Poor guys... They died for him [in the manga they didn't even accomplish anything except protecting him and being a distraction; Kenshin did the work all on his own], but their ghosts can't do anything for him now. 

I'm pretty impressed with my sketch. *pats self on back* 'Course, I'd probably be more impressed if I made better use of my references and actually made them look right.
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