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Hamster Dragon

Originally drawn on A5 (but slightly smaller), Inked outlines, marker base, colour pencil shading, white ink touchups. ahahaha. ^^°

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This is such a lovely piece, the first thing that caught my interest is the colour of the subject. I like this green and how it well balances the red eye, making it even more evident. This combination of colours enhances the fierce look of the hamster. The idea of combining the small appearance of a hamster with the gigantic look of a dragon is quite unique and even very creative! A nice contrast fused into a cool-looking Artwork. One of things i love about this is the technique. Apparently simple but i love how you blended together these colours, especially on back and hip. You can almost perceive the texture of both fur and scales. Hahaha it's a very nice touch both the little spike on his tail and the smoke from the nose. Cool shiny effect on the sword (or knife who knows). The only thing i might feel to suggest is a really simple fantasy background but other than this the Artwork is very cool and frankly the choice of a white background helps the viewer to focus on the draconic hamster. This certainly an adorable and entertaining piece but do not underestimate the little hamster because you can see the passionate personality and determination to act and counterattack if provoked. So i have a lot of respect for this little guy^^
Great job, and too bad no one critiqued this Artwork, definitely worthy commenting!