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Hellow you people out there.

I was thinking about doing an Art Trade with someone or several someones (we'll see) and guess this is the easiest way for me to get it started. I don't want to break my arm for an art trade, but depending on what I get back, I can draw you something of similar quality to these:
Shimi by AnkeLiveo o o Saryn Prime gift by AnkeLiveo o o masked dragon by AnkeLiveo o o Inktober Day 5: Ninetales by AnkeLive

I will probably not do a background or only a very simple one and don't expect you to do anything beyond your capability in return.

To not be disappointed at the end of the trade, I suggest we both say what/who we consider drawing at the beginning and outline the possible end result. Ergo show each other a picture that is similar in quality to what we plan. I would also show you my sketches and ask for backstory, suggestions or restrictions, and it would be nice if you could do the same. 

Here are two text files with additional info about what I can draw and what I'd like to receive: Art Trade and wishlist, but short version:
I like pictures of my characters and the more I drew of them the more I like them. There is not much written about them, so you can just ask if you care.
I'd try to draw everything, but cute/anime/MLP etc might look weird (since I don't do that at all), real life people are not ok, but Warframe and smut are, whatever. We'd have to talk about it.

Since I don't know if someone is interested or when, I'll just open this up and leave it open without any lists and stuff.

Oh! I am slow and can take longer if I work on a commission, because those come first. If you want a picture fast without having to draw something yourself, you can commission me instead *nudge*.

And even if you don't feel like I'd want a picture from you, you can ask. It won't hurt and I like to get gifts.

And it's almost working, but not as well as they promised. Still able to draw, which I do, when I'm not dying of the heat, but meh. Too hot.

I was thinking of doing a sloppy comic (Level of sloppiness similar to this: dragon Nest guy by AnkeLive) Don't know if anyone would care. Also more dress-up stuff. I don't know how to actually make a game yet, but yesterday I made a set of armour with about 10 layers, so there's that.

I am not sure if I should make kids for the dress-up thing. I have adult bases, but no kids but I have kid characters, but then there'd be soo much to draw and I don't know...

It's too hot.

New journal layout and fonts (+ gifts maybe).

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 8, 2015, 4:35 PM

  • Hi people, I have been trying to get a prettier background for my journals, since the old one did in fact not fit on big screens and looked horrible, and came up with this. It's actually my initial idea, but i was so bad at all the css stuff, that i tried something else instead.

i like it, especially the f- ah the bottom part with the picture.

And i kinda managed to change the font color for links, that they change when you hover over them and stuff, but my title and subtitle font is still this regular green grey stuff, dunno what is up with that, but i don't mind too much, it fits my color scheme.

Schrift by AnkeLive

  •  Second thing is that i have been working on a few fonts. Two of those were in a book called "Freude am Buchstaben" (it is very old and i have no idea who those fonts actually belong to), one is from an alien race of one of my RPs (who i didn't post any pictures of, but they were the ones, who gave the kesch their name. Maybe i'll draw them sometime later), and one is from this picture here:

Primula by AnkeLive

Most of them are still missing the lower case letters, because they didn't have any, but i'm making them one at a time.

The last font is my handwriting. The green stuff is written in SAI and the red is the font version. Not as sloppy, as you can see, and i'll use it to write the speech bubbles for my comics, since they usually take the most time.

  • Third thing is that i'm trying to get better at "Anime style" character drawings, or more precisely the head and (nonexisting) facial features. I usually draw massive uncute noses, and the moe stuff is pretty hard for me, because i like those noses, but i also want to try a new thing.

So, i could just draw random people, or i could draw your random characters! If you like. They would probably not turn out as awesome as other anime faces by people who know how to anime face, but just in case you want a free headshot, leave a comment.

yeah, that's it. My premium membership is running out today, so i won't be able to post any more fancy journal posts. *crycry*


PS: Don't read this on your phone. You can't see my pretty picture down there. just an arm i think.
PPS: Wait, the font is black in the preview, is it also black in the finished version? I am confused.

Kiriban picture? First come first serve i guess

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 1, 2014, 3:27 PM
Since someone got to the 5000 pageview mark and beyond, i guess i'll just give a picture to the first person, who writes me a note or down here.

well, your loss random person! But to be honest, i was really hoping for a screenshot picture, that would have been fun...

(I botched up my journal skin, f***! What do i do?)

A very nice group of very nice people.

Journal Entry: Fri May 9, 2014, 3:18 PM

That is right (whoever is reading this, feel addressed. I am talking to you.), I am doing a little advertising for this group :iconfeaturemywork:, with which i had entirely positive experiences so far. What I like most about the group and it's members, is the helpfulness for people who have questions or requests.

I didn't get most of everything and asked question after question, but there was always someone to take me by the hand and walk me through all the difficulties, until i understood. I don't know how many people on DA do this, but i was positively surprised by this nice pink helpful aura of friendlyness that wafted around me as i entered this group to become a member. < this came out wrong.

The group founders and members try a more communal approach to Deviantart (which can sometimes be a bit disappointing, when you don't get any recognition for your hard work), by featuring the works of up and coming artists and members, as well as holding contests and helping newcomers to get some attention.

Here is the groups summary, which is, of course, far better written than my confusing text up there^^:


This group is about giving publicity regardless of age, skill, style and medium of work.
Our pledge to you, group members—Is that we generate comments and interest in your work by giving a solid, one person feature.
This will include at least a paragraph about why you rock. As well as featuring your art alongside one piece that is the "featured Deviation".
We hope that you enjoy our features, and that you encourage, generate, and support one another—so that we can encourage this community to be the best it can be.
We are also interested in interviews, rising star features and more! The possibilities are endless!


The basic deal is, that one person gets a feature every week, and whoever commented on the featured picture gets thrown into a raffle with all the other commenters and one is randomly drawn to be the next featured artist.

That way we have on the one hand an artist with lots of comments (ranging from "very cute!" to very long and helpful comments, since there is no maximum word count you have to fulfill), and on the other hand a new featured artist that was not picked, because he/she is intimidatingly awesome or bribed anybody, but was randomly picked out of the bunch. The chances to get picked increase when you continue to write comments for the next feature, so that there is motivation for the commenters and no abuse of the system by people who only comment once and dissapear after.

What i am trying to say is, that it is all pretty fair over there.

I also like that commenters who left really really helpful comments get a little something for their hard work. I myself am always a bit shy to write anything here, but a shiny trinket could definitely motivate me to write more Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 

I feel a bit bad for leaving this giant wall of text, so I'll add a picture. Bye. Hope there are not too many mistakes.
Mouse teeth - pixel by AnkeLive


soo, contests.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 16, 2014, 6:58 PM
i am about to enter a few.
People can find out pretty quickly which ones, since i favourited them (btw: Is there another way to keep track of stuff here ?), but i probably have to filter a bit, to give my best in all of them and not enter shitty stuff when i run out of time.

Talking about contests, i guess i'll upload the pictures i drew for the warframe weapon contest. I actually wanted to wait after it was over and judged etc., but since there doesn't seem to be happening anything, might as well post them.

Commission info

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 23, 2014, 3:53 PM

Hello kind sir or madam, I welcome you to my little commission page and hope you’ll find something to your liking.

 Picture version of the commission info:
commission info by AnkeLive

What I do:   digital art, people, smut maybe?, clothing design, fanart (as long as I don’t have to copy the style), animals and monsters, landscapes. (i drew a few furries before, but am not that trained yet.)

You can always look at my gallery. If I have drawn something before, I can reproduce it.

What I don’t do:  traditional paintings (only scans, because sending that over the big pond costs a fortune), real people, bigass robot stuff (I’m bad), detailed genitalia.

To commission me, you just need to follow these easy steps:

Step1: Know what you want and find good references.
Step2: look at my price list and pick the pic you want.
Step3: write me a nice note with lots of references. :3
Step4: wait for me to answer.
Step5: In case I want to draw your pic: I will probably check if I understood correctly and we can agree on a set price and the time it will probably take.
In case I don’t: Sorry. Maybe we can agree on something else.
Step6: Please, especially for big pictures, pay part of the money first and the rest after I deliver. I have been mightily underpaid for 2 pictures before and don’t want that to be repeated. (I loathe those 2 pics now…)

Price list

The prices are somewhat negotiable, depending on the complexity of the picture.
You want just a face? Done, easy. You don’t need to pay that much.
You want a scaled dragon? Oh no, so much pain, give me more munny please.

Average price
Sketch       ~Points/5$
Only head -2$/points
Only bust -2$

+ Person +3$
+ Color +5$
+ Background +3$
Example small: A fullbody person (5$) cropped to just a head (-2$) = a small 3$ pic.
Example big: A fullbody person (5$) + another person (+3$) and a background (+3$) = a big 11$ pic.
Lines              ~10$
Only head -5$
Only bust -3$
Simple style -3$

+ Person +5$
+ Details +5$
+ Background +5$
Example small: A fullbody person (10$) in a simple style (-3$) cropped to a bust (-3$) = A 4$ pic.
Example big: A fullbody person (10$) with a backgound (+5$) and detailed clothing (+5$) = A 20$ pic.
Flat color          ~15$
Only head/bust -5$
Simple style -5$

+ Person +5$
+ Background +5$
+ Simple Shade +3$
Example small: A fullbody person (15$) cropped to a bust (-5$) in simple style (-5$) = 5$.
Example big: A fullbody person (15$) plus his/her two buddies (+10$) and shaded (+3$) = 28$.
Fullcolo Person         ~20$
Simple design -3$
Simple style -3$
Rough colo ok -3$

+Light source +3$ *
+ Details +5$
+Person +10$
Example small: A fullbody person (20$), roughly colored (not inside lines/smooth)(-3$) and little details (-3$) = 14$.
Example big: A fullbody person (20$) with lotsa dangly accessoires (+5$) and a friend (+10$) =  A 35$ picture.
Big picture               ~35$
Rough colo ok -5$
Simple background -5$
Simple style -5$

+Person +10$
+Architecture +15$
+Light source +5$
Example small: A fullbody person (35$) with minimal background (-5$) and a rough brush strokes (-5$) = 25$.
Example big: A fullbody person (35$) dramatically lit (+5$) in a fancy modern building (+15$) = 55$.
Mannequin: 2$/points        +Person +1$

My mannequins all look the same (but i can draw a different base pose), they are mainly used for designing tattoos, hair styles and clothes and usually have one base layer (naked with hair) and one clothing layer, similar to a paperdoll. If there are important details on the back, i add another perspective. The file size is small, but i can blow them up a bit, like this:

* Light source means something more difficult, like lit from below.

Examples of my work:……………………

Please Contact me via deviantart note with the following info:

- It would be easiest to name the note “Commission: Your Name”, for me to keep track of it.
- The commission you are interested in (from the average tab) and the size you would like.
- Add or subtract (from the Plus and Minus tab) and state the amount you get at the end.
- A detailed description of the scene (character, pose, age, beauty marks, pet, you name it).
- Reference pictures of the character, or at least a color scheme made in ms paint or something.
- Things I should know, for example important features, file size, deadlines, questions from your part.
- Name and e-mail address to send the finished pic to and for paypal info.

Have a nice day/evening.

Terms of Agreement:

- payment via paypal, please include your DeviantART name.
- the rights to the image stay with me and you agree on not using it for commercial use or claim that it was done by you. The commissions are for personal use only.
- I may display the work on deviantart or other art related sites (Original characters of yours will be credited), in case you don’t want me to upload it anywhere, tell me.
- I will send WIPs for pictures above sketch level, tell me if you want a good quality copy of those as well.
- oh and full refunds will probably be possible, unless the pic is more than 70% done.

Warframe weapon contest and serious frames concept

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 5, 2014, 11:20 AM
Salute, I took part in the "melee weapon contest" for warframe and was thinking about uploading my idea here as well. Maybe, maybe not, we'll see.

I am also working on the demasked warframes and wanted to do a real concept page, of how i imagine my frames to look like.
The first would probably be my nova, since I have been drawing the nova-pinup and am more familiar with her looks than with the others.

My comics are still in a very unfinished state. might be, because i have been playing a lot of assassin's creed 2 lately, hmm.


the burning power supply is kind of dead now, so no pictures after all.

i had a dream today of a worm eating a little snake and a guy with wooden shoes, which could transform into wooden insects with superpowers to help him survive on a lonely island.

ASDFGHJKL (Tagged...)

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 6, 2013, 6:02 PM
I'll just reuse that title, it was so beautiful.

Tagged by: :iconkurisuxgrellsutcliff:
1. Do you have any weird fetishes you're embarrassed about and care to share??

- Uh, don't know, I like dark skinned fellas with red hair, or guys with big noses, is that already a fetish? I am boring.

2. What is your opinion on Vocaloid/UTAUloid/FURloids?

- Come again? I don't really get it and whenever Miku is all "IN YOUR FACE!!" I get confused and annoyed, but I guess making programs talk and sing is cool, right? And the character design/fan designs are pretty good sometimes.

3. If you had to choose to fuck/kill/marry 3 characters from an anime or manga, or videogame or whatever, who would they be? (And yes they can be from the same anime,manga,videogame or whatever)

- Do I have to fuck all of them, or only one and kill another and marry the third? That is tough... fuck Balthier from FF12 (hrrhrr), Fran can join if she wants to. Marry, whoever wants me and can feed me, whatever, but they should not be babbling all the time. and kill ... oh don't know either Kaidan, Ashley or Miranda from Mass Effect, they were annoying and died anyways, soo. Miranda. Yeah, I guess we have a winner here, yay.
(Or enderman from minecraft? That flippin ass scares the shit out of me.)

4. Do you know what the song "Fly Away" from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt OST is actually saying when they say "Fly away now"?

- Never heard it, I'll just, you know listen to it, if that's ok. ... but since panty and stocking is all about sex I think it is about sex.

5. Would you bare your love childs with me? (AND YES THIS IS FOR THE DUDES TOO, EVEN THOUGH THERE'S ONLY ONE... I NEED MORE MALE FRIENDS...)

- Nah, children are annoying and giving birth hurts (I think).

6. If I decided to randomly one day go out with you and party it up and I got too drunk and I decided to go run out in the streets letting everything hang out what would you do?

- Letting everything hang out means getting undressed, right? Grab your clothes and run after you of course, that is my duty as an elder. I have to defend your dignity young male maiden! Uh wait, aren't there cars on the street? Are you crazy?

7. If you met my OC Lithium in real life, what would your reaction be to meeting him in person? And, what would you do if he wanted to swallow you whole and have you in there for a little while? (I DON'T KNOW I'M LIKE RUNNING OUT OF STUFF BLARG)

- I think I would probably faint, which would give him the best opportunity to eat me, or run away screaming, to the next mental asylum or somewhat similar, just in case. You don't meet purple anthro persons that often.

8. Do you agree that Black and White aren't colors because they have no color at all, so therefore they are shades?

- NO. But color theory was never one of my favourites, so whatever. but white is not a shade, but light, learned that in physics.

9. If you could choose to be any character or insert yourself into any anime, videogame, manga or whatever, what would it be?

- I would want to be a character in my own story to be honest, and if I had to be another character, I would like to be a cousin from Katamari Damacy, rolling up people and blasting them into space sounds like fun.

10. LAST QUESTION YAY YOU SURVIVED! Now, all you have to do is this...
What's your honest opinion about me as a friend, acquaintance, random stranger who has really fudged up mental problems or however you view me :U?

- I think you are nice and you seem to be in a difficult situation, which causes anxiety and let's you draw pictures of black figures standing in front of a rope hanging from a tree, which almost made me double over and fall from my chair. I worry about you and know what it's like to have a shitty childhood/teenage years/ Young adult time and it only gets better slowly and that sucks, but hurting yourself because other people are arses won't help noone.

and now I tag my ten imaginary friends, heheheawww...