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Since I'm not sure if America has the same CE Soundtrack, but here is what I found out as the names of the songs~
(You don't get any names if you import the soundtrack so this is for those, who wish to know exactly what they are listening to x3 Could have made some minor mistakes since I was comparing it to the ost names that were kindly uploaded on youtube)

1. Main Menu Theme

2. Nostalgic Hometown

3. Velvet's Theme

4. Shout your Soul

5. Rokurou Rangetsu

6. Run into the Horizon

7. That's my way ~Eizen the Reaper~

8. Seashore of Sand & Coral

9. Magilou, the great Sorceress

10. The Will that opposes Reason

11. Eleanor Hume

12. The underwater ruins of Amenoch

13. Theme of Laphicet

14. The awakened Soul within the Sky

15. The way of the embodied Dragon

16. The One who has the power of God

17. People living in the World

18. Eternal Dream

While I was reading through the official world guidance book of Tales of Zestiria that arrived yesterday, I found a picture with the Numin grave, and this is what was written beneath it:
That roughly translates to (open for better translations) :
Engraved on the tombstone is the name "Rose". With characters that bear little resemblance to the ancient language, pronunciation is also very different.
So the tombstone is indeed Rose's.
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I wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year!

May 2016 be a good year for everyone ^_^)/
Yeah, I updated some of my utaus again.
Hikari and Satoshi~ (since I can only recored Naku when I'm hoarse, which is rather rare |'D)

Anyways... Yeah, these two are getting an Act3 (Act1 was a beta and Act2 was lacking some sounds so...)
Hikari's already ready and Satoshi's still missing a few tunings, buut... that's about that~

And I finished my 'Abitur' a while ago as well, yay~ ^-^

Soo... Hikari's Act3 is here~
First a little preview (she hits high notes better than lower ones~ ...And sings them more clearly as well~)
And here is her dl~

Edit No.2:
And finally... Satoshi's up as well now~
Little preview like with his sister~
And here is his dl~
Since there hasn't been too much of activity recently I'll just post this so you see I'm still alive~

Tomorrow my "Abitur-Prüfungen" are going to start so I'll have not really much time for drawing.
But as soon as all this stress is over, I'll be right back~
I hope you all have a good day today <3
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I think since I want to practice my drawing skills a bit, I'll try to draw whatever you suggest in the comments ^-^
Hmhm~ I think that should be a good training, right? x3
I'm cleaning up my dA a bit ^^
And I'm back from Italy since some time x'D
Now it's one year since I joined dA <.<
A long time >.<
I've found so many friends here on deviantArt, it makes me really happy x3
A lot of things in my rl have changed as well...
Currently, math is my best subject XD
It's crazy ^^
Well, I wish all of you a wonderful day, evening, night, morning >.<
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1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set up for you, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to chose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs.
6. No junk in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people.

1. Mustard or ketchup?
Ketchup :meow:
2. Which are you favorite anime?
I don't have a favorite anime right now <.<
3. How are you?
I'm fine ^^ And how are you?
4. PEDOBEAR WANTS YOU, what will you do?
I'll smash him against a wall <.< After all, he's just some teddy bear like creature <.<
5. Do you like Visual Kei bands?
I don't know <.<
6. Which is you favorite vocaloid?
Rin and Len (but I like Rin more XD)
7. Len's hair is a banana?
No, he just uses a lot of  hair gel XD
8. Why you have to die Grillin ??
I don't know ;.;
Noooo >.<
10. Do you have fun with this thing?
Yesshu >w<

Well, this time, I apologize that my knowledge of english catch phrases and so is so terrible ;.;
Won't tag anyone, sorry <.<

And I would like to ask, if someone would want the Kagene twins >.> Of course you need to be my friends because of that fb group and I would've to ask Ina too, since she helped me a lot with them >w<
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1. You Must Post the rules.
2. Each person Must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the Tagger set for you in their post & create eleven new
questions fot the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag & post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their Page and tell Them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs.
7. No Stuff in the tagging section about " You are tagged if you're reading this". You
legitimately have to tag 11 People.

- am a person with no selfconfidence ^^
- have trouble with my brother /a LOT
- have a fear of dogs
- somehow have good friends
- love my three cute awesome rabbits X3 Wombat, Harry and Lilly ^-^

1.Hate tidy up your room?
If I'm forced to =3= But actually, I don't like cleaning <.<

2. Have you big conflicts with your parents?
Sometimes <.< But mostly with my brother =_=

3. Whats youre favo animal?
Penguin *_*

4. Whats youre favo manga/anime?
Recently it's Hetalia X'D It somehow fascinates me ^^

5. Do you think about the question "whats the sense of life?" or about "why dose we life and die?"
Yes <.< A lot <.< Especially when I'm alone ~

6. Do you believe in God? (not important from what religion)
I do.

7. Whos youre favo deviantart artist?
O_o;; There are too many <.<

8. Whats youre biggest wish?
One week with my friends in Japan >_<

9. The best moment of your life is?
Hmmm... In the Kindergarten our roleplay of the Last Unicorn ^-^

10. The horriblest moment of youre life is?
There are many ._. I can't tell, which one is worse v.v

11. You hate be tagged ?
No, it's actually quite funny ^-^

My questions >3>:

1. Tea, Coffee or Cacao?

2. Do you have a favorite teacher or are they all not so...?

3. Where would you live if you had the money and the skills?

4. Describe in one word (or sentence :3) what you think about your country~

5. What do you think about trolls? (Haters gonna hate °-°)

6. What do you think about me X'D? (Random question ist random :'D)

7. Anything you would like to have in MMD?

8. Do you like reading?

9. Favorite character(s) from any game/anime/manga etc?

10. You like...?

11. Wee~ We finished :D What will you do after this random questions XD?

I taggu~
I'll contact them later, the Fritzbox will shut down my internet in 3 minutes :'D
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It surely was fast ^^
So, anything special I could do for you ^^?
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Yes, I wanted to say "Thank you" and I have a question.
Do you want maybe anything special I could do for you ^^?
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Tagged by: :iconaiko-harumi:

-Who is your favourite Vocaloid ? ;u;
My favorite Vocaloid still are the Kagamine twins ^.^

-Have you got an UTAU ?
Yes, I've lots of UTAU's, I made one, and I'm currently working on a male one ^^

-Which model do you prefer ?
There is no model I prefer <.< I like them all, but I just haven't time to use them all xD

-A top 5 of your favourite models ?
Hmm... I'll try:
1. Yuzuki Yukari by Kio (the ring is wonderful done ;u; With all these details~)
2.  Patchouli by Lucille (this model is really a good work to look at x3 [Don't think, I'm a pervet <.< I didn't mean it like that >.<])
3. Fiona Belli (Capcom) rigged by Nanacookie (even if she doesn't have facials I still admire the work and her ability for striking wonderful poses x3)
4. There are to many, so I'll stop with a top 3 ^^;

-What is your favourite song ?
Canaria from the Tales of Symphonia Anime opening <3

-( If you didn't type this ) What is your favourite Vocaloid song ?
Chain Girl by Miku Hatsune ~

-Favourite MMD model creator ?
I haven't any favorite creator ^^; They all do sometimes weird things and  sometimes not^^

-Since when do you use MMD ?
It started in November 2011 or so, I think <.<

-What is your favourite manga ?
Fullmetal Alchemist >3<

- -Random- Do you play Musical instrument ?
Yes, a piano... But I hate to learn for it X'D

1->You must post these rules.
2->Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3->Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4->You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5->Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6->No tag backs.
7->No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people

I have no interest in tagging right now v.v
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1) Name: Anju (I don't like to reveal my true name, sorry ^^; )

2) Name Backwards: Ujna

3) Were you named after anyone?:  my true name was named after some princess, I think ._.

4) Does your name mean anything?: hard-working ._.

5) Nick Name(s): I hate nicknames, since they are always making my name sound stupid... But you could say, that my english teacher calls me amy ._.

6) Screen Name(s): AnjuSendo

7) Date Of Birth: March 30, 1996

8) Place of Birth: Somewhere in Germany~

9) Nationality: German :I

10) Current Location: White house ._.

12) Height: 1,70cm the last time I checked <.<

13) Shoe Size: 39~40 in Germany >.<

14) Hair color: Brown

15) Eye color: some mix between blue and green

16) What do you look like?:  Short haired, a little like Rui maybe?

17) Innie or Outie?: Innie, I think...

18) Righty, Lefty: Righty ^^

20) Best friends:  A lot of people^^ Would be hard to count all, I'll add them to my ID by time ^-^

21) Best friend you trust the most (online?): :iconroxadragonsoul: :iconina-c:

22) Best friends {your sex}: {in real life}: Some ^^

23) Best friends of the opposite sex: two persons <.<

24) Best Bud(s): my friends of course >.<

25) Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Don't know^^

26) Crush: Never thought about it. I always have to analyze first what a person (male) thinks about me, before I dare to have such feelings <.<

27) Parent(s):  my Parents <.<

28) Worst Enemy: actually, I only have one in school xD

29) Funniest friend: :iconroxadragonsoul: „Lachkrampfrune" XD

31) Advice Friend: Uhm, I have no clue ^^;

32) Loudest Friend: There's no friend who's loud >.<

33) Person you cry with: I stop crying. It brings me nothing... I'm still threatend like the same…

34) Any sisters: Well, I don't really have any xD

35) Any brothers: a stupid one ._. I don't really care about him, he's annoying

36) Any pets: Three cute rabbits <3

37) A Disease: I'm one of the few persons who rarely get ill~

39) A mp3 player/ipod: An iPod

40) A laptop: Lappy :)

41) Gaming platform ie nintendo/xbox: Wii/3DS

42) Surround sound: I prefer Stereo ^^

43) A Personal phone line: I won't give it out <.<

44) A Cell phone: Yes, but it's rarely used ^-^

45) A Lava lamp: No, but I would like to have one ^^

46) A Pool or hot tub: neither :)

47) A Car: My brother has one... I can try it myself next year...

Describe Your...

48) Personality: a little shy, strange, a little short-tempered, loud, naiv?

49) Driving: Look at point 47 ._.

50) Car or one you want: Cars are too expensive <.<

51) Room: white white white = boring ._.

52) What's missing?: A real penguin <3

54) Bed: square xD

55) Relationship with your parent(s): Often little acts between me and my mother ^^ I like to talk with my dad, since he is a really nice person who can make me happy, when I'm sad ^^

Do You...

56) Believe in yourself: Not really...

57) Do you believe in love at first sight?: No, that's only in novels and movies

58) Consider yourself a good listener: Only if I want

60) Get along with your parents: Sometimes

61) Save your e-mail conversations: No?!

63) Believe in reincarnation: No, not really ._.

64) Like to make fun of people: Well, sometimes?

65) Like to talk on the phone: It has this annoying ring ò.ó Maybe I should just close it down!

66) Like to eat?: Only when my mom's calling or I'm too hungry v.v

67) Like to drive: Look. at. Question. 47....

68) Get motion sickness: I didn't travelled so much, but when we are driving to long in a bus, I get sick <.<

69) Eat the stems of broccoli: Only if there's the sauce with them <.< (I'll slowly smash them with the fork and the knife :>)

70) Eat Chicken fingers with a fork: What?

71) Dream in color:  Yes :'D Although, there are really weird dreams now ^^;

72) Type with your fingers on home row: ._. No

73) Sleep with a stuffed animal: .///.

What Is...?

74) Right next to you: A lamp. And my regal...

75) On the walls of your room: pictures, calendars <.<

76) On your mouse pad: Just now there's nothing, because I'm writing ^^

77) Your dream car: ò.ó

78) Your dream date: Hmm... Somewhere in a japanese restaurant, I guess ^^?

80) Your dream husband/wife: A nice person who shares my feelings.

81) Your bedtime: 22 p.m / 23 p.m

82) Under your bed: nothing, it's square ._. But I guess a lot of dust <.<

84) Your bad time of the day: 6 a.m School time ._.

85) Your worst fear(s): dogs...

87) The time?: 10:17

88) The date: April 15th

89) The best trick you ever played on someone: I don't trick anyone v.v

90) The weirdest food or drink that you like: Uhm... KiBa?

91) Your Theme Song: Ur-Style?

92) The hardest thing about growing up: taking responsibility about his own reactions v.v

93) Your funniest experience: A dog wanted to lick my ear <.< (before I got afraid of them)

94) Your scariest moment: When I sense a dog nearby

95) The silliest thing you've ever said: Can't remember <.<

97) The scariest thing that's ever happened while with your friend(s)?: Can't remeber v.v

98) The worst feeling in the world: sadness

99) The best feeling in the world: I don't know...

100) 5 people you tag:

If anyone else wants to be tagged, s/he can tell me ^^
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