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:iconanjudere:AnjuDere posted a status
So I want to explain some thing !

1/ I start a commission and start to draw so if I didn't submit something that's because I draw :< !!
2) I start to write a comic and that take me a long time -><da:thumb id="675881262"/>

3) I start to create a another comic and this one take me less time than the other ! I start submit the character of the comic .... Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2]  So I can tell you the general story, so a office worker, 26 years was finally get married to a beautiful woman...all people were shocked because these two don't seem lives in the same world...but the appearence can be misleading, his wife is in fact a dangerous murder and he's the only one to know the true personnality of this perfect woman...

(sorry for bad English)

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