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:iconanjudere:AnjuDere posted a status
He seriously need more fav' cause my friend OC is awesome 030
David Foster Reference Sheet (outdated)
David Foster story belong to Lynxruisseau423 
we are in collaboration.
I do the draw and design, 
he write the story.
refer as him as the original creator please <3
Skull and Crossbones UpdateSkull and Crossbones

David Foster

 Full Name: David Foster
 Nickname: 그늘 [geuneul]

 Age: 24 years old (age of death)

 Gender: male

 Place/Type of Residence: United Kingdom, now he live in Germany.

 Species: Zombie (don't eat human flesh)

 Left/Right handed: Left

 Languages Spoken: English,German 

 Personality: David is shy because he was a victim of harassment from child in his school despite of this he stay determined and continue to live.
After he died he lose his shyness and start to hate people in general.

 Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

 Relationship/Shipping: N/A

 Date Of Birth: November 9th, 1993 

 Date Of Death: November 9th, 2011

 Height: 1m75

 Eye Color: black  or  brown

 Skin Color: white

 Hair Color: black

 Interests: book, computer, his dog "Woodie", skating (past life)

 Favorite color: yellow

 Favorite flowers:  (none)

 Favorite weather: spring

 Theme Song(s): N/A

 Fears:  phobia of the water

 Special items: -a red glove 

 Powers/Abilities: -can change his eyes color as black when become serious.

 Weapons:  -kitchen knife
                    -wolf trap

 Weaknesses: -can't swim and afraid of water
                        -He can't run

 Strengths: -strength increase 
                    -He is really good for use knives

 Cause of Death: he was drowned.


-Childhood: He was born in Korea and the hospital where he was born explode because of a series of attempt 24 after his born.
His mother die in the attempt and David was found by fireman.
He leave Korea with adoptive family and go to United Kingdom.
Turning 6 years old because of a quarrel the adoptive father kill his wife and go to prison, after that he placed in a new family.

-Adolescence: In his new family the father [Roger] was always drunk and beating David, his adoptive mother Mia was a battered woman.
He was the victim of harassment in his school...
14 years old, he found a puppie in the street and keep the puppie in secret [this puppie was his only friend]
17 years old, David have some scars on his back because of his dad.
18 years old, one day when he take for a walk his dog he meet Francis and his group, they kill his dog in front of him and knock him.
The day after burried his dog he depressed and for forget his sadness he start skating alone on the lake until the moment when the ice broke under his feet.
He died drowned.

-Adulthood: 2 years after his dead his corpse was found by someone, he was taken to the morgue.
He woke up inside the morgue [He don't know why he come back] but he know that he was not anymore human.
He escape the morgue and start to search the people who persecute him after found the "leader" and infiltrate his house he took a knife in the kitchen and kill him in his sleep.
After kill every guys who harass him and go kill Rogert hen he go to the grave of his dog.
Now he live in Germany [N/A]


-Parents: Father (N/A), Mother (die in an attempt) 
-Siblings: N/A
-Children: N/A
-Relatives:  -first adoptive family: mother [dead] father [prison]
                    -second adoptive family: father, Roger [dead] mother, Mia [N/A]

-Partner: N/A
-Familiar: N/A

 Friends: Woodie, his dog (dead)

 Allies: N/A

 Rivals: N/A

 Enemies: -guys who harass him and the "leader" Francis in the past [died]

"Hello little guy" to Woodie
-"Why are you doing that ??!!!" [18 years old]
-"It's been so long that I wait for this moment" to "leader" [20 years old]
-"I think that what you deserve ?" to his victime

His corpse can't aged
-He don't eat and drink anymore
-그늘 [geuneul] mean shadow in english
-He almost can't feel pain
-He step on a wolf trap and being injururied [He don't limp] now he can't run [he use this wolf trap for catch his victim]
David Foster story belong to Lynxruisseau423
art by AnjuDere

Please do not copy, edit, trace/heavily reference, use, or repost without my permission!

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