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:iconanjudere:AnjuDere posted a status
Okay, first part of "Rosadina" story origin- with her mother.
The 188e Vampire Queen.
Despite being a beautiful woman, she is also one of the most appreciate queen.
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When she was a child (~less than 1000 years) she defeated a conspiracy that wanted to murder the previous queen.
She wasn't supposed to become queen (she had 2 older sisters), but thanks to her leader skill she took the throne.
She had a strong character but she was also a kind woman. ( people loved her for that)
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She fought for her nation and won the war (that last for century) she imposed new laws to create a world without war.
She married one of the four son of the allied nations (the yellow one) to promote the peace.
Some years later she gave birth to a girl who will become the future queen, her name is Rosadina.
But, not long time after, she will die in a conspiracy set up by her husband's nation, and himself.

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