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:iconanjudere:AnjuDere posted a status
Bastard [CLOSE]
Actually really like this girl but can't take her as OC-
(too much already)
/!\ I won't give her to someone who will not take care of her /!\

I will submit a colored version of her since someone adopt her
/!\ I love her and I want her to be draw ! /!\
  • clothes / design :can change !
  •  color :can change !
  • name/story : will be choice by the owner !
  • gender ? can change if needed
  • personnality : could change / if the owner want it

  • the info I add mostly can't change or not too much at least 
  • (but the owner can make some change such as make her older etc...)

surname: bastard, straight dog, trash
age: 8 or 9 
gender: female
specie: human and werewolf
like: fight, animals, forest ;
dislike: annoying people, happiness, noise, vegetable (duh)
original art belong to me
owner: __________XxCeceVerse27xX 

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