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:iconanjudere:AnjuDere posted a status
Happy Birthday Isaac...
This scene is an extract from Lacie Comic ! (mouhahah)

Lacie *run out of the house*
Lacie: "Ha! Isaac !"
Isaac *turn* "Lace'.."
Lacie: "Thank you for waiting ...."
Isaac:"Ha! It's nothing *smile*, what is the thing important that you needed my opinion at....0:00 ?"
Lacie: "Well, *she take something from a small bag behind her and put it around Isaac neck* I wanted to celebrate your birthday..."
Isaac: "hu-h ?? H-how do you know !!?" *surprised*
Lacie: "oh? Don't you remember ? At the told me one time..."
Isaac:"....." *remember that he said that because he wanted Lacie to talk with him* <-- absolute idiot
Lacie:" Isaac ?"
Isaac: *blush* ".....thank you"
Lacie:*smile* "Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas"
Isaac: " doesn't have to...."
Lacie: *pet his head* "You know.......even if everyone forget you....I will remember,...again and again...that you have been here for me,so..thank you for being born..."
People say that person who are born the 25 of December are kind of special....
I never celebrate my birthday since I'm born...
Today is special,
because an angel come to me.
Isaac and Lacie belong to me

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LiaWorlds Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday Isaac !
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