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Ray ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
Rayna reference sheet [OUTDATED]
She's not a creepypasta !
Update: 02/01/2018: new story

basic info:

name: Rayna
full name : Rayna Grecca
nickname: Ray
age: 19
date of birth: July,30,XXXX
Hair: brown
Eyes: purple and pink
Scar: a lot all over her body except head (hidden part like arms and legs)
        + some by OFF
Discease: Ray suffer from a rare case of Congenital insensitivity to pain, it mean that she can't feel physical pain her other tactical sentation are normal.
For example, she can bite her tongue until it bleed without noticing, or being hurted badly and go like nothing happened.

(Insensitivity to pain means that the painful stimulus is not even perceived: a patient cannot describe the intensity or type of pain.)

After meeting Oliver, she will devellop a kind of Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostage to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.
  • A hostage's development of positive feelings towards their captor
  • No previous hostage-captor relationship
  • A refusal by hostages to co-operate with police forces and other government authorities
  • A hostage's belief in the humanity of their captor, for the reason that when a victim holds the same values as the aggressor, they cease to be perceived as a threat

For Ray it's a bit different, she's not a hostage, she found in Oliver/OFF something which complete a lack (in her feeling)
She's close with Oliver, more as a friendship // her relation with OFF is more complex, she's a "cute doll" [that's not like she hate it]

Developped a Love Interest: Oliver Frederic Farewell // OFF 

Story :
Rayna born like every child, one day she was hitted by a car, she was taken to the hospital in urge because her injuries seems really bad for a little girl and doctors was surpised that she doesn't said anything ...she was really calm and always said that it was fine, soon it was discovered that she suffer from Congenital insensitivity to pain.

After that, her mother afraid of what could happen...take good care of her but.... she forbidden Ray to go go at school without her...
Ray's father have more and more dispute with Ray's say that Ray will become a lonely child, always closed inside her bedroom...

Ray's mother divorced...and moved with Ray. (Ray never seen her father again)

Little Ray, 6 years old, is the only daughter of a recomposed family, a mother for who she's all her life and a stepfather who love her as she was his own daughter.
Her stepfather was a kind person, Ray doesn't take a long time to become adapted to this new life style.
She started to go back to school (she was survey by a lot of teachers because of her mother pressure)

Ray, 11 years old, loved school and had really greats rating, her mother was really proud of her.
Sometimes, some kids make fun of her...(she doesn't have friends and was kind of shy) but they are only childs....right ?

Rayna, 16 years old, she become a withdrawn girl......she was alone, at home and at school, it became difficult, her parents had a lot of pressure because of Ray who was kind of depress but doesn't want to tell anything, plus they both had work...

But one day, Ray stayed at school teacher found her crying, of course he asked her what happend but she didn't say anything,
they finally after day, then month.....

And, she become really close with him. He become Ray's confidant but for Rayna who always was alone, she quickly fall in love for him, of course it was a forbidden love and he never accepted her feeling after all he never loved her more than one of his students .....

One day, 2 Ray's classmate surprised Ray and the teacher together inside a classroom, to humiliate her and create gossips....they took several pictures of day the news pread all around the school.....

Then, at school, everything had changed....too much pupils make fun of her, everywhere she feel rejected......sometimes hitted sometimes insulted,
she tried to faced up this but.... she become the punchbag of the class, on the social network they called her "slut" and "bitch", picture of her turned with her teacher together.

The director of the school without proof of the innocence of the teacher fired him.....
He was harassed by the press, illegall relationship between a teacher and his student !

Things become really unsustainable at home, her mother submerged by the press and Ray stepfather come backing home more and more late,
Ray's mother start to depressed.

One day at school, Rayna was closed inside the bathroom, some of her girls classmates make fun undressed her and beaten her....
Without knowing what to do and how react to this hell, by shame and wouldn't worried her mother more.....little Rayna decided to keep quiet. day, Rayna was pushed in the stairs, brutally hurting the ground, she layed unconscious on the floor.

Some days laters....Rayna come back home from the hospital.

Rayna's mother removed Rayna from school some days later....Rayna stayed at home lifeless.
Rayna started to sometimes mutilated herself, she do it where her mother doesn't look, well, she doesn't really look at her anymore.

Ray, 17 years old, Ray's mom asked a home teacher to help Ray with study...He looked like a nice man, he was really gentle with Ray and she feel a bit better......less alone. They become close, they become friends, they become too much....
Ray trusted him but the truth is that he abused of her, he rapped Ray....."it" become their secret and of course Ray know that it wasn't right...she was afraid but she couldn't tell anyone, she try to talk about it with her dad, but he said that she was a liar.......her mom doesn't trust her at all
"Why are you always trying to make problem !!??"
Ray know that nobody will trust her....she already have the "slut" popularity........
(17 part of story)
Ray started to run away from home, she was scared of her teacher, she was scared of her parents......she was alone.

She usually walked late in town...when there was not a lot of people, and one day...
She walked as usual near an abandonned factory (she had a little secret garden inside)
But, she stepped back , there was someone on a person laying on the ground......Ray gasped and the man on, raise his head and keep staring at Ray (he had a mask but she could surely feel fear from this stare)
Taking a quick look at the man who doesn't move......he was bleeding, bleeding so much.
The man with the mask stood up and start walking slowly near Ray.
Rayna frozen but facing the danger finally moved, she hit his head with her bag and his mask fall....
He had a black hair and dark eyes, She looked at him, his expression...he seem confused but,
Rayna turned quickly, someone's car ! (it was still a bit far)  She started to scream for help and at this moment he grabbed her arm and ------


nothing else...she wake, she couldn't see anything (her eyes was covered) she try to move but it seem she was enchained....
She heard something, panicked she beg him to let her go.....but nothing more than silence....
Then her eyes was finally free from darkness....the luminosity hurt her eyes, she saw the man from before standing near her with a disturbed face, he looked like he doesn't know why she was here, he stared moving his hand panicked, Ray screamed.........who was this crazy ???
He stepped back and took a notebook then wrote some things like "Please stay calm" or "I'm sorry but I won't hurt you".
After some note Ray starred at him.
"...W-why are you's really creepy you know for a kidnapper..."
He looked at her and wrote. "I'm not a kidnapper".Ray replied "Yes you are look at me, do you think I look like someone free ?".
After some chat (write -> talk in fact) Ray know that the man in face of her was a 22 years old, he lived alone because of an accident, his name was Oliver and he was actually mute....He wrote about the fact that he doesn't remember what happend and why she was here ...he wrote about a decease he had since his accident...something really creepy, like an another person who take control...of course she doesn't trust him...yet.
Ray asked him to let her go.....but, it seem he was really scared about the fact that she could go to the police......
that's how she met him, now everything for Ray is going to change...


Rayna belong to me

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