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:iconanjudere:AnjuDere posted a status
Heyya If you doesn't check his ref go now !!
Anju: I like is design ! But....He made me think ....deja vu ?
Artist : I don't hear anything
Anju: hu- ! I said he made me think of-
Anju: what's your problem seriously
Artist: ╮(─▽─)╭ who know

If you saw a OC who look like that it's okay I didn't copy or stole anybody'
I was inspired by the Wendigo and that's all'
Reference sheet [Mr.Wood]
He had a name a long time ago but he doesn't remember. [for scriptwriter reason we gonna call him Jack]
Nickname: Mr.Wood / Mister / Caribou (by David)
Age: +200 years old (nothing is sure)
Date of birth: 2, november XXXX
gender: male (he/his/it)
Species: Wendigo / before was human.
Quick story:
 A group of hunters goes near a mountain to hunt, they doesn't listened to the local legend which said that killing animals in the mountain would be cursed because animals were sacred, the one who killed an animals would be cursed for eternity of suffering.
So, one day, with a little team of hunter, Jack [who never had killed by himself animals] goes to the mountain.
There everyone goes hunt alone. Jack found nothing after hours, desespered to come back with nothing, he walked a bit and found a wounded caribou.
He could have let it go but he doesn't want to be the "weak" of the group, so he killed the caribou.
he come back with his prey and everyone was really impressed.

But the thing he doesn't know that he was cursed for showing no pity to this injuried animal. Night passed and he was awaked by whispering, afraid he get out of the tent, trying to his friend to tell them....but their reactions was not what he expected. They stepped back, shocked, and start to screamed.
Jack afraid of what happend looked at his hands, he took a mirror which was near him and saw his face, shocked he asked for help,
but his friend started to panicked and attacked him, one cut off his hand with an axe.
Terrified he started to run away inside the mountain, the hunters searched him but after daylight they stopped.

second,minute,hour,day,week,month passed.......his body had completly changed and looks nothing more human. He doesn't feel anything anymore except for a growing hunger.
He becomed a bit more crazy every day [he lost some memory with time but still remember being human]
He started hunting animals, eating them more and more, but his hunger doesn't decreased.
One day, he found an abandoned corpse inside the snow, he doesn't want to ate it but...the hunger was too high and he ate it.
He feel a delicious sensation for a really long time, his hunger had decreased a bit.

Until now he continued to eat human even if he regret it after his sanity come back. (his dark tears)
Mr.Wood story and design belong to Lynxruisseau423 and AnjuDere
Au with LiaWorlds
(the story is completly different !)
crackship Isabella

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LiaWorlds Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't worry <3
I hadn't see any other wendigo who look like him ^^
AnjuDere Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2017  Student Digital Artist
XD thank
LiaWorlds Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you are welcome :)
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