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Concept character by AnjuDere

During a dangerous period of war and destruction between humans and dragons.
2000 years of war and humans seems to emerge victory....
But dragons had not abandon yet.


In dragon's world,
females are really rare,
That's why, usually dragons had to kidnapp one female human for the purpose of descendants (dragon life is long but not eternal)
It's still a mystery how human women can gave birth to dragon's childs,
actually they all die...
There is 2 type of dragons,
the pure one (ancestor only dragons)
mixed one (ancestor humans and dragons)

most of the time the mixed blood baby is 75 % dragon and 25 % human-
the most huge percent of blood gave to the baby the attribute (dragon or human form)

- a baby with blood : 30% dragon and 70% human will be a human baby (In that case, that can rarely happend, the baby is killed)
- a baby with blood : 80% dragon and 20% human will be a dragon.

- a baby with blood : 50% dragon and 50% human (is impossible)
The pure dragons are different from the mixed one,
first of all they are really bigger and more intelligent than them.
They are actually not a lot and are the Alfa of a group of mixed dragons.

The pure dragons can change in human (actually become really rare) it was for lure them.

|| Ruth Sawyer ||
|| 18 years old ||
|| female ||
Ruth have a long peach hair.
She have green eyes.
She's a really pretty young woman.
Ruth is a kind and sweet person but she have a strong character !
She always help around her, she like animals, nature, wind, flowers and peach.
She's the opposite of her two older sisters.


|| Vukan (mean god of fire) ||
|| look like a 21 years old (human form||
|| real age and name unknow||
||Black Dragon Alfa||
Vukan dragon's form is a huge black dragon with orange eyes.
He had injuried wings and multiple injuried all over his body.

Vukan human's form is a pretty handsome man,
he had kind of long black hair that hide his face,
probably orange eyes.
// In human's form he can have wing or not //
Vukan never thought about anything else than killing human,
he was a really violent dragon but was a lonewolf.
After meeting Ruth, he become softer.
He become really close with Ruth that show him than humans are not all mean.

||Ruth view||

Ruth was the last daughter of her mom,
Ruth's mom was killed during a dragons attack.
Since, she work hard to help her dad and her sisters that doesn't do a lot.
Ruth's father wanted his daughter to have a normal girl life but Ruth always works too much, he was proud of her but sad at the same time.
For Ruth, she was happy, she escorted sheeps to the prairy...she slept on the grass...she always loved this "freedom".
She really loved her father story that he usually tell her about dragons.
She never saw any dragons, of course she know that they were dangerous creature and she was in the most dangerous part of her life,
she was the perfect prey....a 18 years old virgin young girl.

She always thought they were kind of fairy tale.....
That was before she saw one with her own eyes,
a huge black dragon.
He was flying strangely, he appeared injuried and after some second behind cloud he fell....
Ruth was shocked but without think about it she run near the place he fell..........she found it...
he was laying on the ground, indeed injuried.
She thought he die but when she come near he opened one eye,
he tried to bite her but she stepped back, he was like an injuried animal....
because she was far from the village, nobody probably noticed this.........
she wanted to go tell them but, inside his eye.....she fell so sad for him....she had pity.

day passed and she come all the day checked the dragon,
day after day he become less agressive against her,
maybe he trusted her ?

and one day,
she doesn't found the last, she found a man.....
Of course she was totally shocked, but, he was the dragon, she knew it.
The reason why he become a human was still unknow because he doesn't talk a lot, he doesn't know how ?

Since, Ruth teach him a lot of thing about human's world.

|| Extra ||

4 years later......this famous rainy night,
people can only hear the screams of suffering of a woman,
and the cry of her newborn baby.

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I pretty happy of the story !
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