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*looking at my gallery and deleting some old drawings"

when suddenly ...
KickThePJ 8 KickThePJ 8 KickThePJ 8 KickThePJ 8 

*some wild /really/ old drawings appeared* 

Betty! by AnjuDere  Zelda: Breath of the Wild by AnjuDere Miku by AnjuDere Wedding by AnjuDere Starry Sky! by AnjuDere Paris in Love! by AnjuDere Alyss by AnjuDere Neko! by AnjuDere
Cute Christmas! by AnjuDere
Chocola  Vanilla 0.1 by AnjuDere

 Atomic Cock 

oh my's quite....well........really bad...

NOOOO sobbing - crying 


Rose icon.8 

we all start somewhere
don't give up no matter how bad you see your art.
You will improve and be able to laugh (a lot) about your oldest drawings!
I wanted to delete all these but...I think I will keep them here (intensified cry)rainbow cry 
even if I dislike them so much but made me see how much I progressed...and that made me smile a lot uwu"

I just wanted to say those words to those who actually are afraid that they won't improve...

guys, I was just like you!

So, don't give up and practice, try different art styles...etc

-Have a lovely day <3


Commission rules

 Heart pastel small 1  Pixel Beauty and the Beast Flower Heart pastel small 1  
commission's order:
[6 slots]

 little pink Rose 2 NoBunSu Paid tick  
little pink Rose 2 
DBZtyphlosion Paid tick
little pink Rose 2 KaiserWenderstyx (1st comm)vaporwave pay status - NOT PAID [F2U] x 
little pink Rose 2 
KaiserWenderstyx (2nd comm)vaporwave pay status - NOT PAID [F2U] x 
little pink Rose 2 
little pink Rose 2 
little pink Rose 2 
little pink Rose 2 
little pink Rose 2 
little pink Rose 2 

x draw not done
tick draw done
Paid paid
Half Paid half paid
vaporwave pay status - NOT PAID [F2U] not paid yet
___ ______________________________________ ____
For every commission;
Elegant Divider 2 - top  
the sketch will be sent only for full body (obligatory)
if the owner asks for it.
Pixel Rose Divider 2 - White 
the final draw will be sent to the owner before being submitted.

If really want, I will re-draw the commission...
however, I ask for  

 (20Pastel Points(Fav to use)  for bust / 40 Pastel Points(Fav to use) for half body / 60 Pastel Points(Fav to use) for full body) 

 Pixel Rose Divider 2 - White 
I hope you will understand, it's still a lot of work and I will do my best in each commission
Elegant Divider 2 - bottom 


Pixel Rose Bullet - White No deadline /!\
Pixel Rose Bullet - White  Paid half of the price before and the half after
(I don't accept anything except points)
Pixel Sparkle Divider 2 
Pixel Rose Bullet - White  Respect the rules overhead and below.
Pixel Rose Bullet - White  Let me the most freedom possible, please, I will respect anyway your wish.
(don't ask too many things, stay simple)
Pixel Rose Bullet - White Finally, for every commission, a png. version can be sent if wanted! 
(if you don't want background then just add -> png. version)
Pixel Rose Bullet - White no background = no points
most important
Pixel Rose Bullet - White Enjoy !

/BUST or Headshot/ (same for me)

120Pastel Points(Fav to use)     
{Request} Eternity in the Darkness by AnjuDere |Contest| Insanity by AnjuDere
Hydrangea by AnjuDere
20 Pastel Points(Fav to use) for another character added
|Fanart| Let' sssssssssss Play by AnjuDere
detailed background: 30  Pastel Points(Fav to use) 


/Half Body/

250 Pastel Points(Fav to use) 
The Woman In Red by AnjuDere
{Commission} Sweet Dream by AnjuDere

Hell by AnjuDere

40Pastel Points(Fav to use)for another character added
detailed background: 60Pastel Points(Fav to use) 


/Full Body/

400  Pastel Points(Fav to use) 
|RAIN| by AnjuDere
{Extra Art} Deep Inside the Ocean by AnjuDere
Love Card by AnjuDere

 60 Pastel Points(Fav to use)  for another character added
 detailed background: 90Pastel Points(Fav to use) 

(I know the full body is quite high but full bodies are my nightmares uwu) 
   The Shining Circle The Shining Circle 
The Shining Circle 
______________     ______________
_____ ______
what I draw

Shine Icon Ocs, human, cute animals, fanart...
Shine Icon  I can accept boy only if they are traps  
Shine Icon  gore (any kind)
 Shine Icon creepy/cute (any kind)
Shine Icon  violence (any kind)
Shine Icon   yuri (?)

Akira Souma (Megane Shine) [V1] 

_____ _____
what I don't draw
Shine Icon  explicit NSFW (not enough good at it)
Shine Icon explicit Nude (not enough good at it)
Shine Icon some Fetishes (just NO) 
Shine Icon full body or half body : Boys
Shine Icon  KISS (I'm so bad at it) 

Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! 
Dipper changes [icon commission] 

  Lg Commission Stamp by ChaosKomori
I Know You're Concerned But... by silvvy
Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! 

Since I broke my digital pencil, I was unable to draw (and continue my others digital works)
then, I worked a lot about this story that I absolutly love ! la in love 
So here new things about it :

¤ The story is about a cursed girl that can't touch the one she love (the man couldn't touch her too)
So the story is about a impossible love //
¤Main characters :
(work in progress)

/unknow/ (the girl's name)
I thought about Eunah / since it means "silver child" in chinese or korean ~
(yas, I love chinese name)
If you have some names that means "moon" "silver" "white" "flower"
tell me !
Cyan (the boy's name)
or somethings that remind the ocean since he have blue hair !
for now, I keep this name since it's funny to say~
¤ So, more about the story and characters ?
The main girl character is cursed.. and  considered as a witch or demon by the inhabitant of her village.
She live far from everybody.
If she fall in love, she's destined to have an impossible love because if she touch / or / be touched by / her lover, she will die.
Also, it's possible for them to touch when the moon is totally full.
but, in this world, it's quiet rare.
Her cursed come from the old story of a woman that fell in love with a man,
they both loved each other but couldn't married because of the man's familly.
They decided to met each full moon, and they passed a long time together like this.
But they young girl would be soon married...
One day,
the young man never came back again...
But, the girl..... waited for him, again and again....
"I will love you a hundred years more..."
and she died.
The legend said that she was still waiting for the man she loved at their place.

what do you think ?

.:Tiny flower:.

I was tagged by UminoAoi
(thank darling Flower for you )

.:Tiny flower:.
Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] 

Swann Lerrans [8.Facts]

Georgous Doll by AnjuDere Swann reference sheet by AnjuDere
1.Swann is a trap [He's a boy who dress as a girl] Junior High Armin Talk Icon

2. I was inspired by the amazing rpg horror -> Matryona Last Night
(tho- I will re-write he's story)
3. Swann is depressive and sometimes suicidal.Ranting Penelope Pitstop

4. Swann fear to be touched and think other people are kind of gross. (He don't understand care because he never felt it)

5. He always lived as a girl so he actually don't consider himself neither a boy or a girl.
(tho- he prefer to be called "he" or "they" -> "Swann is good too")

6. I choosed "Swann" as he's name because it remind me of Swan Lack .
Swann remind me the 'Black Swann' Odile.

7. I created him mostly because I wanted, first, a femboy, then I played Matryona Last Night, and I changed the fact he was a femboy, now he's actually cross-dressing, I guess  ? Stern Penelope Pitstop version 2

8. Well, because I don't have anything to say more......I will only said that he's single LazyIcon I wanna use - 7

I don't really know who to tag so;
Edward Evil Chuckle Icon 
NoEyeBunnyyy  -> Sweet Dream (maybe if you want ~ Frog Emoji-56 (Kawaii Blush) [V3] ) heart balloons 
UminoAoi -> Dimitri (please, this boy is georgous asf) Another Onion Icon heart balloons 
(I know I tagged you back huhu)
@psycho-blood -> Nessie or Lei (I want to know more about them cause they are sooo cool ! ) heart balloons 

I actually don't really know who I can tag ....
Mio (Laughing) [V2]
I hope I didn't forget anyone Heart 

I submit this in a way to express my most deepest feelings about what happened.
I want to clarify some things to free myself from a heavy sadness that tortured me.
If you read this then I want to tell you that I will say all the deepest truth (in my view)

Up to you to trust me or treat me of liar.
This is my final decision and I don't see any other choice except this one....
I actually suffered because of the hardness of this choice.

Now, I want to express everything, this will be boring, stupid , pitiful ...But I don't care anymore.
I had reach a point of "no comeback"
Since that, two choices...

Forgive and Apologize and things won't change.
Stop and start again.

My choice was the first one...
I loved the person, deeply.
yes, even if I don't know their visage ,voice , doesn't mattered cause'
I deeply trusted them and we we're friends.
 we had a lot of differences
but we shared the same passions and interests.

But, we also have sometimes what I qualifie as quarell.
For nothing really big.
But more it happened more it become difficult for me, and they , I assume, to supported.

Found me childish or stupid to react like a child, whatever.
I cried...
I cried a lot.
Even if I don't even meet this person.
I cried for them.
because I feel sad....because I may be hurted them....because I may be said something bad ? because I was afraid that they found me rude ? cold ? unfriendly ?

Think what you want, whatever.

My family noticed my suddenly change of humor,
I passed by phase of sadness and become moody...
Even myself , noticed that I had changed but I couldn't tell the why....
I couldn't ever though it was because of this relation weight.


I wanted to hope that everything will be better...after all, this was just a phase.....friends sometimes have quarells and it's nothing bad.
I know.
I thought I know.

I wish I was strong enough to said that I am 'sorry'
Strong enough mentally to said that I have were right !
But I can't.
I can't anymore...

I reach a point where I asked myself
"But ? What have I done this time ?"

I reach a point where I absolutly forget why I started DeviantArt.
I just wanted to be happy posting, commenting, sharing.
I don't wanted any kind of special relation with anyone because I was afraid, I was afraid because I already suffered from a deep sadness because of people
In real life or Not in real life.

I guess this is my fault right ?
I wasn't paying attention to them enough ?
I wasn't here enough when they needed help ?
I wasn't the person that they wanted me to be, someone like them.

That's right.
I will never be like you and I am really sorry if I dissapointed you.
I am sorry if I avoided you.
I am sorry.

A part of me is sorry.

a part of me is deeply angry and sad.
I don't want to hurt people, they don't want to, I assume.

what they did,
was the most hurtfull things someone had done to me for a long time.

I cried, again , yes I know, what a crybaby.
I couldn't understand they suddenly changed.

"What did I do this time ?"

I thought that I could bear it,
I thought that 'sorry' and 'I love you' was enough.

But I was wrong.

You want to know why I 'avoided' you ?
Then, tell me first why you throw all this hate.

"This is not you, you're not my only friend after all"

I know.
and I know that those things you posted where about me.
More or less.
Coincidence ? I don't think so.
This is to easy.

I was absolutly shocked to saw how things turned.
Why I never said anything ? You may ask.
after all, it seems I am the bad person here if I read your comments and beautiful drawing update !

What should I said
"Ho- what's happened dear"
and you will have respond
"Nothing I'm fine^^"

of course.

You seemed totally fine.

I don't know what your life look like, I assume, as you tell me that you had suffer as school, at home it's sometimes difficult....
I understand you.

But, one day, without even asking me anything you assumed that what I wrote was against you ?
Don't said that this isn't true....
You even hidded you comments after that.

If you had a problem with me,
you should have asked me before posting depressing stuff to "calm" you.

Even if almost everyone comforted you.
Even if everyone were by your side supporting you...

I don't understand you finally.
This is the only correct answer.

I don't want to start a fight and an argue about this and that.
I won't said anything more than that.
because I know that you are loved and a lot of your friends care a lot about you.
You are lucky.

You will found someone better than me don't worry.

 I am just a dirty selfish person ?
I am just using people around me ?
Think what you want.

I thought that we could have be real good friends.
I was wrong.
more I tried to remember,
more the only things that will stay in my mind will be those bad things.....
You don't understand ?
I can't even remember the real good moments we had.

This is sad...really sad because I don't even have any anger.
I am just deeply sad and disgusted.

I will not step back anymore.
I had enough trying to apologize because I thought I was the only one guilty.
I am not saying you pushed me to said 'sorry' I just said that I was the first one to said it.

This is why I finally came with an another choice.
 I will not apologize anymore.
there is nothing I should apologize for.

I was so excited as first but slowly this situation become unlivable, suffocating.

I had made my choice.
This is the end.

Two choices again.
I stop DA, which stayed in my head for a long time.
I stop everything with you, then you won't be hurt anymore by me right ?.

Judge me and said I am fragile and weak, said I am stupid to react like this.
Said I am the only one who imagine and see everyone as enemy.

I am weak and fragile this is true.
and you weakened me more.
and this is what you never understood.


at 1:20 ~

I had the choice to shut my mouth and keep it to myself
ask someone help.
I couldn't bear it more,
It was already enough.
I cried and ran to my mom.
We talk a lot,
I wanted to ask her what was the better things to do.
As me, she never met you.
But she liked you.

"Why you wanted to apologize for ?"
I couldn't answer.
"What did you do then  ?"
I may have hurted her.....
"Why ?"
I add a comment on some of my drawing.
She probably thought it was for her.
"And that was for her ? "
No, I never said it.

That's right.
You assumed it was for you.

Avoiding ?
My answer is simple.
I didn't avoided you, the proof is that I, as always, faved your draws.
If I really avoided you I wouldn't even watch your profile.
But don't worry, I have red every single status, comments etc...

when you basically said that you will destroy something you made because I faved....
that was really childish.

If you said that I wasn't here where you needed me then tell me,
what should have said ?
something like  "What's happend, who's the "friend" that hurt you ?"
I am maybe stupid but I am not blind enough.

I am happy that you're /true/ friends supported you and stopped you !
because you will have destroyed a huge part of your hard works..
and even if you don't want to hear it from me,
you have a lot of talent, everyone told you.

This is why, I finally come to my 'ending'

I won't run away and close my account.
I will remember the funny, happy, sweet moments we had.
I will hope for you to be happy, again.

I will turn the page.
I will stop to hurt myself.
I will stop to feel anxious and bad.
I will stop to cry,
because I don't have anymore tears to give you.

I am sorry if I hurted you.
But you hurted me too, and that you don't seems to had understood it.

I am deeply sorry that our relationship couldn't be strong enough to support those episodes.

I deeply hope you will do the same as me.
If you have to throw me hate to calm you nerve, anger go ahead.
If you have to not replie, then it's fine.

I don't write this to hurt more.
I write this to help myself first.
because they weren't enough "help myself first" in my mind before.

I don't say that you are the guilty one.
I don't say I regret that we met because we do good things together.
If I could talk to you right now,
I would be sorry for you.
Sorry that you had to suffer, sorry that you feel betrayed, sorry that you I wasn't good enough to stay by your side.

Listen to me,
I never want to hurt anyone.
I will never do things that people did to me.

You were my friend.
You were a great friend.

Now, it's time to stop throwing hurtfull things.

It will be hard,
but I will start again.
I will do my best.
Then do your best you too because, they are people counting on you and loving you.

I am deeply sorry for those who had read until the end.
Thank you
If you want to know what will happend to our OCs born from our collaboration,
send me a note if you care.
If not, then some will just dissapear or change.
Concept character by AnjuDere

During a dangerous period of war and destruction between humans and dragons.
2000 years of war and humans seems to emerge victory....
But dragons had not abandon yet.


In dragon's world,
females are really rare,
That's why, usually dragons had to kidnapp one female human for the purpose of descendants (dragon life is long but not eternal)
It's still a mystery how human women can gave birth to dragon's childs,
actually they all die...
There is 2 type of dragons,
the pure one (ancestor only dragons)
mixed one (ancestor humans and dragons)

most of the time the mixed blood baby is 75 % dragon and 25 % human-
the most huge percent of blood gave to the baby the attribute (dragon or human form)

- a baby with blood : 30% dragon and 70% human will be a human baby (In that case, that can rarely happend, the baby is killed)
- a baby with blood : 80% dragon and 20% human will be a dragon.

- a baby with blood : 50% dragon and 50% human (is impossible)
The pure dragons are different from the mixed one,
first of all they are really bigger and more intelligent than them.
They are actually not a lot and are the Alfa of a group of mixed dragons.

The pure dragons can change in human (actually become really rare) it was for lure them.

|| Ruth Sawyer ||
|| 18 years old ||
|| female ||
Ruth have a long peach hair.
She have green eyes.
She's a really pretty young woman.
Ruth is a kind and sweet person but she have a strong character !
She always help around her, she like animals, nature, wind, flowers and peach.
She's the opposite of her two older sisters.


|| Vukan (mean god of fire) ||
|| look like a 21 years old (human form||
|| real age and name unknow||
||Black Dragon Alfa||
Vukan dragon's form is a huge black dragon with orange eyes.
He had injuried wings and multiple injuried all over his body.

Vukan human's form is a pretty handsome man,
he had kind of long black hair that hide his face,
probably orange eyes.
// In human's form he can have wing or not //
Vukan never thought about anything else than killing human,
he was a really violent dragon but was a lonewolf.
After meeting Ruth, he become softer.
He become really close with Ruth that show him than humans are not all mean.

||Ruth view||

Ruth was the last daughter of her mom,
Ruth's mom was killed during a dragons attack.
Since, she work hard to help her dad and her sisters that doesn't do a lot.
Ruth's father wanted his daughter to have a normal girl life but Ruth always works too much, he was proud of her but sad at the same time.
For Ruth, she was happy, she escorted sheeps to the prairy...she slept on the grass...she always loved this "freedom".
She really loved her father story that he usually tell her about dragons.
She never saw any dragons, of course she know that they were dangerous creature and she was in the most dangerous part of her life,
she was the perfect prey....a 18 years old virgin young girl.

She always thought they were kind of fairy tale.....
That was before she saw one with her own eyes,
a huge black dragon.
He was flying strangely, he appeared injuried and after some second behind cloud he fell....
Ruth was shocked but without think about it she run near the place he fell..........she found it...
he was laying on the ground, indeed injuried.
She thought he die but when she come near he opened one eye,
he tried to bite her but she stepped back, he was like an injuried animal....
because she was far from the village, nobody probably noticed this.........
she wanted to go tell them but, inside his eye.....she fell so sad for him....she had pity.

day passed and she come all the day checked the dragon,
day after day he become less agressive against her,
maybe he trusted her ?

and one day,
she doesn't found the last, she found a man.....
Of course she was totally shocked, but, he was the dragon, she knew it.
The reason why he become a human was still unknow because he doesn't talk a lot, he doesn't know how ?

Since, Ruth teach him a lot of thing about human's world.

|| Extra ||

4 years later......this famous rainy night,
people can only hear the screams of suffering of a woman,
and the cry of her newborn baby.

   Once upon a time, a long time ago...
the Sun was shining lonely,
one day,
she noticed a beautiful planet.
She does loved this little planet and make sure to illuminated it softly...
but, she observed that when the night come,
the inhabitant of earth were really afraid,
they started to thought the Sun abandonned them...
The Sun hurted by humans's complaints,cried.
By her tears, she gave birth to a little shiny star...
the Sun snuggled with her daughter.
After some time, the Sun was surrounded by so many stars that she couldn't count them
[The Sun become weak after giving birth to all her daughters...]
She does love them all so much.

The habitants of Earth started to notice
a new beautiful light,
they were still too far...

The human's asked the Sun,

"Oh, Sun , you bless us with your light, we know that we didn't accept your generosity, but if you can forgive us, poor humans..."

The Sun,
at first angry, she finally sympathize with the humans,
after all, the Sun was a really nice person...
She asked them what they wanted to conclude an oath
a pact between humanity and the Sun.

"I forgive you, my term are simple, praise me, 
honor with how kindess I protect you from the darness,
and I will accept your request."

The humans asked her for one of her "light", to protect them from the darkness when the night come...
The Sun,
terrified at the idea to gave one of her daughters....
she had to accept after all.....

Her daughters were all beautiful, 
they were shining peacefully...
She couldn't decided.....who "sacrified" for the greed of the humans ?

The Sun decided to choose 5 stars,
the most shining,
to fulfill the oath.
she used a part of herself to gave 
to her precious daughters,
still unknow to human's emotion such as anger, anxiety....
or violence,
a carnal layer filled with happiness.
It was to protect her daughters,
even if she couldn't touch them...she could know that they could lived without fears...
"My precious stars,my daughter, I gave you the tragic destiny to live in the human's world...
Earth is a beautiful place to live, 
but the humans are so complex,
some will be nice and some will be villain,
so,my daughters,please,
never trust the humanity..."
The Sun demanded to respect some rules:

-Sun's daughters must live far away from humanity.
-Sun's daughters must never be approached by men.
-Sun's daughters must never been taken away from the island were they born.

If one of the rules was not respected then the sinner will be punished by humans,
For the Sun, she couldn't ever forgive him, the only and simple word :GUILTY
a death sentence.
The human promised to fill the rules !
5 stars have fallen on earth,
each stars inside a different part of the planet, then, it would be always shining somewhere.
the stars, born without diying,without becoming old.
Each sisters lived peacefully inside they little islands,
they can feel each other, they were connected.
sailors travelled near them,
the little shy stars indicated them the way to come back to earth,
they usually thanked them and go far,far away.
As mermaids who become foam,
when a stars is taken away from their islands,
the little stars become weaker and weaker until they die and become a shining dust...
That's what Sun explained to them.

My personal (mascot) output okaYSu by AnjuDere Aniu is an adorable pup, a bit crazy....she becomes strong when she eat chocolate! 


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My dear watchers !

I want to thank those who participate to choose my future character design ! Design (Help me)
But, because there is not that much opinion....I still can't draw them final design Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 
So I hope some new comment soon.......Because, I was like super motivated !!
Anju: "OMG !! Is that already christmas ????? Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3] "
Marine:".....what ?"
Anju:"...when you said "motivated" I think about all your poor OC that you never draw because you are "bored" or "busy" Llama Emoji-50 (Whistling) [V3] "
Marine".........I-....Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] ......I KNOW !!!"
Anju: "cheer up" Kao Emoji-88 (Feeling loved) [V5] "we.....your dear watchers want to discover your story !"

Marine:".........Llama Emoji-73 (Sick or Not feeling well) [V4]  I-I know me too....I want to draw the story...but....but the design..."

Anju: Eye narrow Double slap attack 

Marine : "W-What are you doing !!!!"

Anju: "You're Kidding  WRITE THE F*CKING STORY THEN":bademoticon: 

Marine: "...O...Okay I will I will stop slapping me !!!"

Anju: "Heyya ! I want to tell you that the introduction of Marine's new comic (entitled for now..yes she don't have idea)gonna be submit soon ! GO CHECK Yandere Miku "

Marine: "Don't forget to comment if you have any idea of name for this comic ! The first possibility was UNDESIRED        MOTHER
But LiaWorlds said maybe something like Can you love....               I mean the first name of the draw was  Can you love the result of your father abused ?
But it's VERY long + it's kind of disturbing for new readers........idk tell me in comment !Thank you again for those who support me !! Love Love" Love Letter