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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 12, 2019, 8:15 AM
Art and CSS Yuminn

Speech Bubble - Right speaker 1Hello  ! Speech Bubble - Right speaker 2 (7) by AnjuDere
Speech Bubble - Right speaker 1 It's now the end of the contest ! I was really glad to see so many entries !Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 

Thank you all very much for the amazing drawings that you all made!
I won't lie, that was really hard to choose only 3 winners....
Before annoucing the winners, I want to thanks you all for all the efforts you put into the drawings, it makes me really happy!


Also, I'm working on the next pages of 364 days left , hope you will all like it !

Rollin' Stars Stars Rollin' Stars 

little star 1st
Vivi by LunarAurax

This piece was really amazing, I was really impressed !
The water and Vivi's hair are beautiful and I think you really did a wonderful job !
Congratulation ! stars n hearts n uhhhhhhh 
(I will send the points + a note about the rewards)

little star2nd
Happy Dream by NoBunSu

Omg- I'm so happy that you drew my baby Heart!
There are so many details and the colors ....that's just amazing !! La la la la 
Thanks so much for this wonderful drawing !!
Congratulation !! Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] 
 (I will send the points + a note about the rewards)

little star 3rd
364 Days Contest Entry [Warning: Self harm] by DistortedWhispers

I wasn't expecting a drawing of Vivi and D !! AAA- I litteraly screamed of joy!
Despite the fact that I posted few pictures of him, you drew him well!!!Fool Emoji-47 (Star) [V5] 
I'm happy you already like him! 
I really like the way you drew Vivi ! She's so prettyyyyy--
Congratulation again !Kao Emoji-25 (You're the star) [V2] 
 (I will send the points + a note about the rewards)


Restart (self harm n gore DO NOT LOOK) by Phioai
kakaa4[Entry] Vivi by kakaa4

it was so hard to pick only 3 winners....
everything was so beautiful!!!
I'm sorry for those who didn't win, I still thanks you a lot for trying because you all made me really happy !

Rollin' Stars 

Thanks again ! 
Have a nice day and congratulation to the winners !Heart 

Put your Oc in the comment section !

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 1, 2019, 4:41 AM

Hoiiiii everyone ! 
I wanted to make some little drawings of your Ocs like this:
Christmas Gifts ! by AnjuDere
I will choose some Ocs in  the comment section and do little headshots// (I'm planning to do the same with my Ocs later)

~Open today only~

I want to thank you all for following me this far!
It really means a lot to me and I'm really happy that you all enjoy my artworks!
F2U AVATAR | #722 Rowlet (shiny ver) 

Shiny La RULESShiny La 

* ONLY girls plz- traps accepted? 
* NO fury/animal...
* Post only 1 Oc, please = No rude comments / if I don't choose yours. We are all friendly here

*you must be a watcher <3
*New watchers are welcomed!

*shared this journal if you can <3
*fav this journal <3

Hope you will be a lot to join !
Don't forget that I will no draw all the Ocs / also, I might add little personal touches!

XOXO Anju_
Okay, so, if you don't like it, don't comment- that's useless. If I hide you comment that's for a reason.
We are all friends here, don't be rude because there is no point doing that.
Again (because I will not say it anymore) if you have a problem with the word "trap" then leave this comment section instead of commenting on it.
There is nothing offending here and I don't consider transgender = traps or anything.
Trap stands for men that are dressing / or looks like girls. OK
They are no transgender they are just too feminine.
STOP now.

Experimental Commission [Close for now]

Journal Entry: Wed May 8, 2019, 2:12 AM

I will open experimental commission soon, which means that I'm still practicing and that may not be "perfect"! Hope you understand! It's also a way to practice even more my current artstyle!

* NO deadline (I will note you about the process, or you can always note me) I have my final exams so I hope you understandヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
*Pay half before / Half after (security) with POINTS only.
*Pay with money after I send you the sketch!

*A watermark-less version will be sent to your account after the transaction.
*Don't harass me with you commission progress, please!

I'm planning to open them in July.


{Fanart} RIN. by AnjuDere[AT] Ivy. by AnjuDere{Happy Birthday } Candy. by AnjuDere

{Raffle} Gabrielle. by AnjuDere

- 364 Points /  4.55 $ ( 4.00€) 

*no boys / except really feminine boys.
*I'm practicing background / I'm not sure if I'm good enough yet / ask simple things!
*No fetishes / no nudes/ no furries.


[AT] Jasmine. by AnjuDere{Gift} Hann. Cold Night by AnjuDere[AT] Ace. by AnjuDere[AT] Finfeen. by AnjuDere{fanart} Princess Tutu by AnjuDere

- 720 Points / 9.94$ ( 8.75€)

*no boys / except really feminine boys.
*I'm practicing background / I'm not sure if I'm good enough yet! But I would sure love to draw simple backgrounds.
*No fetishes / no nudes/ no furries.


Journal Entry: Sat May 4, 2019, 3:26 PM
Art and CSS Yuminn (5) by AnjuDere (7) by AnjuDereSpeech Bubble Pink 364 days left will be back in July if everything is fine! Speech Bubble Pink Transparent Right 
(thank for waiting so much by the way !) (7) by AnjuDereSpeech Bubble Pink  I decided to host a contest that will end on July 12,2019 ! Speech Bubble Pink Transparent Right  

Speech Bubble - Right speaker 1The rules are simple!Speech Bubble - Right speaker 2   13 by AnjuDere

* you can make 3 entry max!

* you must be a watcher! New watchers are welcome!
*NO wips/sketches/...unfinished drawings!

* can include one of your OC, other characters with Vivi.
* no sexual theme !!
* it can include blood!
* don't use base/ don't trace/don't steal! (7) by AnjuDere Speech Bubble Pink comment in the comment section! (Don't note me!!) 13 by AnjuDere Emoticon / Speech Bubble - Heart (tl) Speech Bubble Pink Transparent Right 

Star Bow (7) by AnjuDereSpeech Bubble Pink  You can use this reference to draw me!Speech Bubble Pink Transparent Right  
[364 days left] Character- Vivi by AnjuDere

Speech Bubble Pink You can also check the comic if you haven't read it yet !Speech Bubble Pink Transparent Right 
{364 days left} 1.The girl by AnjuDere 
(first page)

Speech Bubble - Right speaker 1 Good luck ! Speech Bubble - Right speaker 2  13 by AnjuDere

  Shooting Star Star Bow Shooting Star (Right) 

Falling Star 

little star 1st 


an icon from Icon Empire  Icon Empire (read rules)Example:
AboutTired     NoBunSu     UminoAoi 
Colorslie KakeArts MrsPlay VelviaLines TheSkeletonKid
    output tXCCBH by AnjuDereoutput vnEXl8 by AnjuDere  output S0cRV4 by AnjuDere  output yZz70g by AnjuDere
 CaitlynFox  Flamelott Miss-Historia  lvndrr SalaniaNeko by (3) by (2) by AnjuDere

* a halfbody {Gift} Hann. Cold Night by AnjuDere

* your OC might appear in my comic. (if you want to)

Falling Star 

little star 2nd 


*an icon from Icon Empire  Icon Empire (read rules)Example:
AboutTired     NoBunSu     UminoAoi 
Colorslie KakeArts MrsPlay VelviaLines TheSkeletonKid
    output tXCCBH by AnjuDereoutput vnEXl8 by AnjuDere  output S0cRV4 by AnjuDere  output yZz70g by AnjuDere
 CaitlynFox  Flamelott Miss-Historia  lvndrr SalaniaNeko by (3) by (2) by AnjuDere

* a headshot [AT] Ivy. by AnjuDere

* your OC might appear in my comic. (If you want to)

Falling Star 

little star3rd 


*a headshot {Happy Birthday } Candy. by AnjuDere

*your OC might appear in my comic. (if you want to)


Tagged #2

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 2, 2019, 12:09 PM

tagged by UminoAoi !
thank for tagging me Heart 

1. Your favourite type of art to look at?

I love to see gore and creepy stuff LOAF INTENSIFIES 

but I also love to see cute drawings with landscapes !! 

also--- +18 stuff ? Meow :3 Alphys bedroom eyes  

2. Your favourite type of character?

I love crazy, disturbing characters...working on complex personalities is really fun! (that's why most of my Ocs are not really sane lmao)

3. Long or short hair?

Depend! I love short hair but I know it wouldn't fit me, for example,La la la la I really love wavy long hair tho- ! 

4. What was your first drawing that you remember?

I think it was a giraffe ! I really loved giraffe when I was a kid ! 

5. Favourite game?

Alice Madness or DMC ! 

6. First thing that comes to your mind if you could have anything?

Money.... I guess ? Sweating a little... 
hmmmmm..... I want my family to be always happy and healthy <3

7. What was the happiest time in your life?

When I met my best friend Love 

8. Dark or cute?

both >:3

9. Your best subject at school?

English! (around 18/20 !)

10. Musical instrument you like the most?


11. Your favourite sweets?

Chocolate cake <3

12. What colour is your room, and would you change it?

It's grey and white, I just changed it so nah !

:redalert: You HAVE to read Slaughtered Sophie's story before reading the side story.:redalert: 

Mature Content

[Reference Sheet] Slaughtered Sophie. by AnjuDere

Side story:

-14 years later-

This is only when he came back at his parent's house that he found in his stuff a picture taken with his group of friend. There was also Sophie in it.
He thought a lot about it and somehow wanted to contact his old friends if they still..wanted to talk with him.
And that's how he heard about Alexia......
He called at her parents' house and they explained that Alexia disappeared a long time ago and that she was considered dead.
It seems that she disappeared 13 years ago.
Ethan was absolutely shocked, he tried to join the others and was able to reach them all, he talked about Alexia and they all were really saddened by what happened to her.
Maybe she never healed from what she saw that night... at this moment, he asked if anyone had talked about "it" to someone.
They all were speechless and explained that they couldn't, for many reasons...Ethan couldn't blame them, he also didn't do anything and try to forget.
They were all adults now and they felt really bad talking about it now.
They decided, that they had to come back there, it was not fine for Neil at first but, they felt as if they had to go there, at least to free themselves from what happened. it was settled and they all met in the town near the campaign.
They finally reached the campaign and found that the property was closed.
They asked about it around and they discovered that the family that lived here disappeared a few years ago. They didn't found corpsed.. so the police assumed that they may be left the campaign? Who knows, even if they were kind, they were actually not very sociable and didn't talk to others a lot except the families that lived with them on their property. 
They also heard about the fact that after their daughter's disappearance, they changed a lot... 
"it's normal I guess ....when you lose your only child...poor Sophie, she was such a cute child."
They were all quiet while walking. They stopped near the forest they couldn't enter it... what if..what if she was really dead? They couldn't believe it...Sophie was really dead? ... right? 

The next day,
they decided to talk to the police station about what happened there.
They explained that a lot of problems happened after the first child disappearance, who was Sophie. A lot of other children disappeared, one of them was Alexia. 
They stayed quiet.... they asked if they had already searched the wood and the policemen answered.

"Of course we did, several times, but there were no corpses, nothing...the wood is huge you know ?"
"That's why nobody had to walk near the wood, we don't want to lose another child"

One of the officers asked why they wanted to know about it. They explained that they were friends with Sophie. 
The officer was surprised. "Did you come because of the legend ?"
The group looked at each other.
"You know, it may sound stupid but there is a legend about her, at first, it helped us to keep the children out of the forest but it became a legend here and a lot of people believe in it- as Sophie's parents did"

They were surprised and asked about it.
"It is said that Sophie didn't die and that she is still wandering into the wood, you know, it is said that the wood is haunted and that if you are lost in it at night, you will wander forever in it....maybe that's why we never found her...I.I think I started to believe it too-"
At those words, the group became pale.

"A lot of people said that they saw a young girl matching the description of Sophie, a red dress with red rain boots, green eyes, and blonde hair...we don't have any proof it but after so many years and hearing the same things again, you start to believe it!" 

Ethan and the other remained quiet, Dorothy asked: "Do you know where they saw her ?"
Her friends looked at her in surprise.
"Huh...She is a bit everywhere, but ya' shouldn't go into the forest kid...I can't explain why but..this forest gives me shiver."
Neil asked embarrassed. "D-do you know anything about Alexia ?"

The policeman answered. "Oh, yeah..she's another of the kids that disappeared...I believe it was 12 or 13 years ago? Her parents asked us for months to search for her but even after all that time, there is not even a single hint...or bone to give them"

The group get out of the police station thinking about their next move
Obviously, the "legend" was strange, it started not long after that day and maybe was she still there after all? She was still alive...?

They decided to go into the forest, just to see by their own eyes.
What happened exactly to Alexia 13 years ago? 
And Sophie, did she survives? Why do people say that she is inside the forest? What for? 

The following day, they all go to the forest, it was early in the morning and the forest was a bit foggy....after almost one hour, turning again and again...they saw her. Actually, Dorothy said that she saw a child running.
They were all quiet and frozen. Ethan started walking until he saw her.
He could see only her back, she was standing there. There was no doubt at all, it was her, she was wearing the exact outfit...
After a brief stop, he called her.
His friends were just behind him, also calling her.
They were all scared, her face was still haunting them after so many years.
Against all expectations, when she turned around, she had the same pretty smile on her face- her face was the same as before.....
She smiled. "You finally came back, I was very excited to see you again."
"I really missed you all so much you know!"
A brief appease gone through them- before they react to her appearance.
She was still a child, actually, she was exactly like the last time they saw her...
What in the world happened here....?
Even if it was hard to believe, it was actually Sophie.
They could touch her and she could touch them too-
She was able to talk about their past and she was exactly the same as before. And so, the days go on and the afternoon was coming slowly.
Sophie didn't want them to leave and asked them to not let her alone again.
Dorothy and her sister weren't really fond of the idea of staying inside the forest more, they decided to go back.
Ethan felt really bad leaving her. She explained that she couldn't go out of the forest for some reason. Ethan promised to come back the next day and they all left. Once out, the two sisters explained that they feel really strange...not because of how supernatural it was, but they feel like there was something bad around Sophie. She may be sounded like her, but they did saw her in a bad state 14 years ago. How could she still be like this? 
The two sisters said that she may be a demon. Ethan said that it couldn't be true. There was tension in the group...
The next day, Ethan come back alone and stayed with Sophie who was wondering why the others didn't come back. He explained that they were scared. Sophie didn't say anything.
"We will have to leave the next day..."
Sophie was shocked when hearing this. "H-how? promised that I will not be alone anymore! I waited so long for that day !"
Ethan couldn't say a word... Sophie asked him to promise to make the others come before leaving, at least...He agreed.

The next day, all the team was together, even if Deborah and Beatrice weren't really fine with it. Neil stayed quiet.
They all go to the forest to meet Sophie who was waiting for them.
"Let's play a game like we used to," Sophie said.
"And then, it will be a bye-bye I promise, I just want to play a last game of hide and seek.."
They couldn't really refuse. They accepted. 
Sophie said that she will be the one to count and so everyone left to hide.
Since the forest was huge it will be hard to make a quick game and so hours passed and the game continued. Ethan at some points start to head back at the first place they were before the start of the game. It was almost afternoon. He walked again and again but couldn't found anyone.
He finally gets back and Sophie was sitting on a big rock when he arrived. 
She smiled. "Congratulation! You win! You are the last one "
Ethan looked around wondering where were the others.
Sophie smiled again. "They all lose and so they are waiting for you"
Ethan started walking in the direction Sophie was pointing.
They walked a bit and he asked her.
"What did I win Sophie" .just joking around.
Sophie laughed. "The rules are simple-"

Ethan walked and when he finally arrived at the place.
His stomach hurt. 
He saw a gruesome scene, there was numerous hole in the ground, some were filled already. Some were already prepared and empty.
At the center of the area, there was several mutilated corpses or only part of bodies...they all didn't have any face, as if they were smashed.
Ethan stepped back. But Sophie was just behind him and pushed him into one of the holes with a coffin in it.
"- the losers die quickly-"
Ethan tried to get out but couldn't even move when he turned his face to Sophie. Her face, she ripped off her own face with her nails and kneeled.
"the winner die slowly."
She stood up and hit with the back of her axe, the head of Ethan who fell unconscious. When he woke was all dark around. He panicked and tried to hear Sophie.
"I will let you feel it too...."
Ethan panicked and screamed. "Let me out !!"
"The pain of not being able to breathe, the darkness and the solitude..."
Ethan replied. "What are you doing !"
Sophie laughed. "I'm burying you idiot"
Ethan couldn't say a word that some dust fell on him. He used his phone and discovered that he was inside a coffin.
He screamed, he tried to open the the end, there was nothing he could do but to stay silent.


Sumire [design]

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 6, 2019, 10:09 AM

design l by AnjuDere
I put it here because I somehow can't link it to Sumire's Reference sheet as a gif (
I will try to figure it out why it doesn't work but I really want to show you her DreamLand outfit !
-F2U- Trippy Rose Bullet -F2U- Trippy Rose Bullet -F2U- Trippy Rose Bullet -F2U- Trippy Rose Bullet -F2U- Trippy Rose Bullet -F2U- Trippy Rose Bullet -F2U- Trippy Rose Bullet -F2U- Trippy Rose Bullet -F2U- Trippy Rose Bullet 
Henry stop 

Raffle #2 (600 watchers) CLOSED

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 22, 2019, 1:44 AM
Art and CSS Yuminn

Bunny Emoji-73 (Wondering) [V4] RulesBunny Emoji-73 (Wondering) [V4] 

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] To claim your ticket just fav this journal and add a comment!
Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] You must be a watcher. Don't watch me then unwatch me !!
Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] New watchers are always welcomed!
Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] You have until 24/02/2019 from journal post time to enter this raffle.

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Tag 2 deviants. (+1 ticket)
Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Choose 1 picture on my gallery in your favorites. (+1 ticket)

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]I will use this… to choose the winner.

  if the winner doesn't reply within 24 hours I'll choose another winner!

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]  will be close if there are less than 3 participants. 

.:Bunny chuu:. There will be 1 winner.:Bunny chuu:.  
the winner will choose between;

-a half body

{AT} Break. by AnjuDere


pixel pagedoll!
[Reference Sheet] HNK OC (gif) by AnjuDere

Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] 


Snip 20180520184391 by AnjuDere


Good luck
  Happy Bunny Wave - Beemote Happy Bunny Wave - Beemote 

Thank again for 600 watchers !!

Little Moon [Update]

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 19, 2019, 2:49 AM
  • Watching: you hohoho

{Concept design} Little moon by AnjuDere
(first concept)

(really quick sketch//)

light cherry blossoms e Zzzrz by AnjuDerelight cherry blossoms f  

Okay basically, I worked a bit on this story ! Since the plot was a bit messy I wanted to rewrite it....and I quite like the new plot that make more sense......
Lotus Flower 

Basically what you need to know about the new main plot !
Sorry, I will try to make a short explanation :

light cherry blossom Once upon a time, there was an emperor who met near a lake a beautiful woman, she had white hair that was as bright as the moon, her skin was pale and her eyes clear as the water. He fell in love with her.
Everything about her looked too perfect to be real, even her personality was sweet and gentle.
"I am no fairy, goddess or mystical being....this body is not a gift from Gods, no, it's a curse to live with"
Her name was Ming Yue(=Bright Moon; Radiant and Luminant Moon).

light cherry blossom The emperor loved her so much that he wanted to take her to his kingdom.
She disapproved. He couldn't force her to accept and so day after day, he came.
 The emperor had already a wife, a noblewoman.
She heard about Ming Yue's existence and fear that she could be a threat to her position as the empress. She decided to make sure that she will not be a threat, the only solution was to give birth to a child before her. But... what she didn't know is that Ming Yue was also pregnant.
Since the emperor was not at the palace a lot, he was unaware of the queen's pregnancy and so when Ming Yue was about to give birth, she was taken by the emperor to the palace.

That day of winter, two girls were born. One has white and soft skin, blonde and clear hair...the other one has a dark hair and pale skin. Ming Yue died not long after giving birth to her daughter and the emperor was desperate.
The queen knew that he will favor Ming Yue's child instead of her own child and that's why she asked her personal maid to switch her daughter with Ming Yue's. And so, Mei-yin (=very beautiful or beauty) was considered as the "diamond" of the kingdom, she was the emperor's treasure and Ming Yue's daughter which means that she was blessed by her and will be later the most beautiful princess ever.
Ming Yue's daughter, who had been swap to the empress's daughter was educated to be always inferior to her sister since she was the first princess. Despite how they were educated, when they were young, Mei-Yin liked her sister, Ming Yue (=reflexion of the moon, this name was given by Ming Yue before she died and the empress accepted to keep the name since it was her last words.)

light cherry blossom 10 years later, Mei-Yin became the most famous princess, she was beautiful and clever and had a lot of pretenders...but she didn't accept any.
The relation between the two sisters deteriorated with time since the queen made sure that Ying Yue will stay as a "personal maid" either than a princess. Because Mei-Yin was spoiled since she was little, she became arrogant and cold with Ying Yue. But Mei-Yin kept her as a close confidante (and maid). Ying Yue was lonely, everyone looked down on her and she had no friends, her father never looked at her and her mother despised her.
even if she grew beautiful, she had pale skin, blue eyes, and long dark hair...nobody approached her.
But, Ying Yue have a secret, the only person who knows about it is Mei-Yin since she saw her when they were little.
Ying Yue is "curse", while there is a full moon her appearance drastically change. Her hair turns white, she looks like the moon...
At first, it scared Ying Yue, she couldn't explain this but after some time, she accepted her fate as a cursed child.
Mei-Yin asked Ying Yue to keep it secret and that she should never let anyone saw her like this. Of course, if the emperor knew about it, he would have guessed that Ying Yue was actually the real "diamond" and so Mei-Yin would not be his favorite anymore. She couldn't accept it.

light cherry blossom One day, the palace received a letter from an allied kingdom. The prince wanted to greet the great "diamond". Actually, a marriage between the two kingdoms would be actually really interesting and so, a meeting was settled. The prince, when he was younger, came a lot to the emperor's kingdom since his father was a close allied and friend of the emperor. He met there Mei-Lin and was since young asked to get along with her.
Mei-Yin was really excited about the prince's arrival, the truth was she loved him since she was a kid and so this meeting could lead to a wedding.
Ying Yue was aware of Mei-Yin feelings and so had to do her best to show her sister's best side to the prince.
The day of the meeting, the prince was actually really surprised when he saw Mei-Yin....he was disappointed. She was beautiful indeed, but that was not something extraordinary.
Disappointed he asked to leave as soon as possible but in the evening he met her, the woman he came for. Near the kingdom, there was a lake, not that far but one would ever go there at night. He wandered around, quite bored and see a bright light.
There he found a maiden, her long hair was shining as bright as the most beautiful diamond.

light cherry blossom at first, shocked by the fact she was seen she asked the prince to keep it secret. The prince, bewitched, asked her name but she just ran away.
Ying Yue and the prince met numerous time after that when the moon was full....and even if she knew her "place" as Mei-Yin's help....she couldn't help but love him.
Mei-Yin had a discussion with the prince where he asked her if she really was the moon fairy. Mei-Yin troubled knew that he must have seen Ying Yue and so she called her.
"You must help me, he loves the fairy and so you have to confirm your identity, tell him. Tell him you call yourself Mei-Yin."
Ying Yue couldn't refuse, but she felt as if her heart was going to be torn apart. It was much more difficult the day she met the prince, so difficult that she couldn't stop her tears.
"My name is Mei-Yin.."

What will happen to them, Mei-Yin will surely marry the one she desired and Ying Yue will only have to accept this fate because after all, she is cursed... right?

ook me a lot to write everything!
thank for reading and I hope you like it!
I think about drawing more about the~

About Lacie...Lacie comeback ???!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 20, 2019, 9:40 AM
  • Watching: you hohoho

For my new watchers (or people who don't know her // I didn't draw her in a while),
Lacie is my very first Oc-
|RAIN| by AnjuDere Happy Birthday Lacie ! +(video) by AnjuDere

Actually, she is the most developed Oc of mine since I planned to make a story of her...
But it's been a while now that I finished the story (writing and plotting...etc) 
and I started a few other things since I didn't want to start this HUGE comic when I didn't even know how to make a good comic (that's why I started with something less difficult -> 364 days left)

 I developed my other Ocs a lot-
But, I've been thinking a lot about her, I don't want to stop drawing her either Azalee ! That's why I wanted to maybe cancel Lacie's comic and just keep drawing her with all the Ocs related to her such as Az' and Isaac or Heaven and Alice! 

tho- it is not my final word and I just want to continue 364 days left for now.... and that's already a lot of work.
I will try to draw much more about Lacie and Azalee (because I seriously love them) 
I'm a bit disappointed for the story since I worked so much into but I feel less and less motivated to make a comic about Lacie even if I do love the story...

Thank for reading anyway ! 
have a nice day.

Weeping Woman's reference sheet

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 16, 2019, 8:40 AM

:redalert: ____________inspired by the urban legend 'la Llorona'_____________:redalert: 

Name: (The) Weeping Woman

 Full Name:  Julia Ramos
*the witch
*cursed woman
*Weeping Woman

 Age: 26 y/o (when she was arrested)
27 y/o (burned alive)

 Gender: female

 Place/Type of Residence: Spain

 Species: a vengeful spirit 

 Languages Spoken: Spanish

Lamp divider by MykalaBlue

 Personality: She was a shy but bright woman.
She was a loner but was really caring and intelligent.

Soon after her arrest, she was filled with anger,
it continued even after her death.

Pixel Rose Divider - Black 

 Date Of Birth: XX,XX, 1667
 Date Of Death: 12, September, 1692
(25 y/o)

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 Eye Color:  brown (originally)
  black (now)

 Skin Color: White 

 Hair Color: Black

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her children.
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*can't found her beloved children.
*the screams of her children (she still hear them screams).

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Appearance : 

She looks like a young woman with a really beautiful black hair wearing a dark purple dress and a black veil.
She usually doesn't show her visage but her black eyes can be see through.
She doesn't seem to wear shoes. 
Her entire body seems wet and cold.
She has a pale and sad visage.
She is weeping most of the time and her tears are black as coal.

Weeping Woman- Happy Halloween !- by AnjuDere Weeping Woman. by AnjuDere

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-Picture of her or her children. 
-Fire/candles (scares her).
-she isn't that strong and she usually doesn't even attack people. It's not her goal.
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she 'technically' can't be killed (she is already dead) but she can be repelled.
the only way to make her leaves this world is to found her children, sadly their corpses remained unfound.

*she brings misfortune and sickness to future mothers and their husbands. She doesn't want to harm children.

example of the 'sickness' observed: 

1st state *can see and hear the Weeping Woman (when she was burned alive) can hear her children screams and cries.
(which lead mostly to a severe terror and fear )

--> (Weeping Woman- Happy Halloween !-)

2nd state *the victims suffer as if they were burn alive
/!\ a mental pain there is not actual physical injuries.

3rd state *in an advanced state can bleed from the nose a lot.

some people died in their sleep because they bittened their tongue and died
other after losing all their sanity commited suicide while drowning into the lake.

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*she was a kind and gentle girl, she never had any problem with anyone. She was independent and enjoyed the fact that she could help people.


She grew up in a poor family, her dad died quite young and so lived with her mom that raised her alone. Her mother died of tuberculose when Julia turned 16 years old.
Julia had to take care of herself and found something quick if she didn't want to starve to death or to die of a cold.
She started to help people by washing clothes, harvesting fruits and vegetables, taking care of children when their parents were harvesting...
She was appreciated because even if she was still young she was already doing so much!
She learned thanks to her mother how to make some medicine and used her knowledge to help people who were suffering from illnesses she could heal or at least help them suffer less.

18 y/o: She met a man, a bit older than her and fall in love with him. They did love each other and after 2 months he told Julia that he had to go back to his hometown to see his parents who were really sick as a lot of people at this period ...but that once he will come back he will marry her for sure.
Julia discovered two things, first of all, she was pregnant of this man baby. Secondly, the man never comes back. She never knew what happened to him but she was heartbroken.
That's during that period of time that Julia felt so much lonely.
She wasn't prepared to raise a child alone, she knows that it was difficult for children to survive because of the way they poverty and surrounded by decreases that could kill you in a little time.

19 y/o: Julia did give birth to her first child, a healthy baby named Samuel.
She was scared before, but since the moment she saw her baby, she loved him more than anything else, she had to be strong for him, like her mother was for her. It was difficult at first but Samuel was a strong baby and allowed Julia to continue to work to gain some money.


20 y/o: Julia moved to the nearest town to allowed Sam to be surrounded by other children when he will get older. During that time, she continued to help people by giving them medicines or by helping them with crops...
She lived a simple but happy life with her son.
Sadly, the news that an unmarried woman with a son moved near the town spread quickly, it was said that she must have been a prostitute or that she was seducing men to get money (they couldn't believe she was able to survive without a husband and with a child).
Julia was unaware of those gossips and she continued to live her life as healthy as possible enjoying every little moment, she was always really scared that Sam would get hurt or ill that she always wanted to know where he was and that he should not leave her side.

21 y/o: It's been a year since she moved and the gossips quite stopped, Julia became a famous woman thanks to her appearance, her kindness and her knowledge in medicinal herbs!
That's during that time that she met that man, quite flirty, but really nice to her. Because of her bad experience with her first lover, she felt quite awkward and didn't want to be fooled.
But more the time passed and more she enjoyed the company of the man, even Samuel liked him and Julia thought that for Samuel who never had a dad, it would maybe be a good thing if she actually married him.
The fact that the young man was flirting with Julia spread around the town and people asked him to leave this loose woman, that he could find better, after all, she has a child already and probably had relationships with other men! The man didn't listen to them and wanted to marry her publicly.
They all lived happily together and Julia was pregnant with her second child. She dreamt about having a big and happy family and she finally realized her dream!

22 y/o: She gave birth to a weak little girl that she called Abigail.
She was always really scared about her keeping her close to her and couldn't sleep for almost 1 month...
She had her husband who helped her to take care of Abi and Sam but she was a very protective mother and was always worried about them.
Sam was a very brave boy, he enjoyed to go outside and play with his dad but loved more than anything his mommy.
During that period, Julia didn't go out a lot, she stayed at home to keep an eye on the baby.

23 y/o: Abi's health got better and Sam was in very good health.
Julia was less worried and felt proud to see her two children healthy and happy, she couldn't ask for more.
Since Julia started working again, her husband told her that he will have to go to the closest town from here to work and help some of his friends.
Julia was really worried at first but knew that she will not be able to stop this stubborn man! It was difficult for them to be apart, they were always together and it scared Julia.
She didn't want to lose him, not again.
But her husband kept his promise of coming back all 2 months.

24 y/o: It has been 3 months that Julia didn't see her husband, she was absolutely panicked and wanted to go as fast as possible where he was to check if everything was okay but she couldn't leave, she had 2 young children with her...she cried a lot, she wandered in her house and waited, days after days. Until the day a man knocked at her door, she jumped and run and saw a man, dirty on him, with a sad face. He explained to her that he was at the closest town from here and that he met her husband. The man gives her a ring, her husband ring. She didn't respond at first and the man explained to her while tears rolled down his face:

"Miss Julia....I-I was there and I met your husband, he helped us a lot, there were so many sick people, it was horrible, there were dead bodies everywhere! People died from a terrible sickness! We couldn't do anything! He tried to help ill children, h-he tried to help them all but at the end, he contracted the decease! We saw him suffer every day, it was the end, there was only him and me but he couldn't walk anymore, he asked me..he asked me to give you this and he said that he was so, so sorry and that he will not be able to keep his promise....he said that he loved you, Abi and Sam too...I..I'm so sorry Miss...may the lord be with you....oh dear....forgive me----"
The man left sobbing while Julia fell on the ground and start crying. She lost him...again.

The next month was difficult, Julia couldn't smile, she had to work, she had to take care of her children, sometimes, Sam tried to help his mom which led her to cry and said that she was so sorry.
Sam was too young to understand why his mother was crying, he knew that he had to protect his mom and his little sister since his dad "goes to heaven".
Time passed and the injury left by her husband's death healed a bit.
She knew that she couldn't cry all the time, she had to be strong for Abi and Sam!
She wasn't really focused on what happened around her and started to stop talking with some people which led to some gossips about her.

End of the year, the "deceased" reached the town and killed a lot of people. In the nearest towns, the "Witch Hunt" was quite famous...witches were hunt everywhere and of course, Julia, an unmarried woman with two children that didn't have the same father...who were perfectly healthy unlike the other children or people in the town, was suspected to be a witch.....

25 y/o: The decease grows stronger and more people died every day.
The Witch Hunt was severe and a lot of "witches" were already discovered and executed.
Finally, after losing so many children, pregnant women, men....people got mad, they lose their mind...that was the witch fault...for sure.
They knew that the only woman who fitted the "witch" role was Julia, the very picture of a witch, long dark hair, white skin, dark eyes, bewitching...It was all that they had to know to execute her.
During a cold day, they broke into her house, took her by force and dragged her to the town, there, she was insulted and people asked to execute the witch, they found every little detail to say that she was a witch. Julia, totally lost, begged them that they were mistaken. Nobody listened to her. Women yelled at her:
"why did you kill my poor children !? why !!"
All the hate is thrown at her....she kept her mouth shut...they wouldn't listen to her anyway.
They dragged her near her home and made a stake, the witch had to be burn.
Julia cried, she begged them, but everyone was shouting at her.
"Burn the witch !" "Burn her !" "With her, the deceased will leave !!"
She cried while she was tied up to the stake.
But suddenly, some people yelled.
"Wait! Don't kill her yet, she had children right ?!"
Julia shouts when she saw two men dragging her two children.
She begged them to leave them, they were only children, she said that they could burn her if they want, but, not to touch her children.
She kept begging and crying.
There was a long silence until one of the men said:
"She is trying to save the children because they are witches too! They are cursed I swear with a witch as a mother !"
Some people stopped yelling and whispered but the fact that most of them shouted.
"Kill the bastard kids too !".
Made the last people not really sure at first, shout at too.
Julia yelled, she tried to cut the ropes, she tried everything she could do, her voices was so weak that she couldn't even scream...
her eyes ran out of tears to shed...

The two men laughed like they did something brave, while they drown the boy first.
They were more hesitant with the girl, but they finally dropped her into the water and drowned her until she stopped crying.

Julia who was still tied had the horrible vision of the death of her precious children.
She wanted to react but her mind goes crazy, she couldn't talk, she couldn't cry.
The people started shouting:
"Burn her !" "Burn the witch!!"
as they started the fire, it started to devour her and suddenly Julia raised her face and start laughing madly.

"I WiLl MaKe You ALL PaY !!! I WilL MaKe YoU ALL SuFfEr TwiCE NO...ThOusAnD TiME WoRSt WhHAT YooU DiDD"

people get scared and whispered while Julia was looking at the sky.

"If that's a witch you want, I curse you all.....I will come back, and make you pay for sure. You will regret what you have done, be sure of that"

Julia's body burned. People get really scared of what she said and decided to bury her burned body near the forest, where no one will ever go trouble her.
What people do of the children bodies is still unknown, it says that they added rocks to there clothes to make they body drown.

Almost, 100 years later, a famous legend spread.
If you go to the lake near the town after the afternoon, you can hear sometimes a crying woman... it says that her children were drowned into the lake, even after her death, she was still looking for them, she couldn't accept the fact that they died long ago so she continues to wander around this also says that the woman sometimes walk into the town, searching for her children and if by mistake you meet her, she will curse you, her painful cry will turn you mad and you will drown yourself into the lake ! Or that you will bite your tongue so hard that you will suffocate into your sleep...
Whatever it is true or not, people living into the town believes in the Weeping Woman legend and they are careful not to leave their home at night or not to let the children approach the lake.
And you believe in this story ?

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-her mother: died
-her husband: died 
-Children: Samuel Ramos (aka. Sam) died at 6 y/o.
Abigail Ramos (aka. Abi) died at 4 y/o.

(Ennemis)*people who killed her and "injured" her beloved children.

Victims: *pregnant women (jealousy).
*parents (mostly mothers).
*people who hurt children (remind her of when her children were hit and injured)
*children and newborns (those who looks like hers)

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"If that the case, I shall become a real witch that will curse you all !!!"
"I promise I will return and haunt every single one of you !!!"

"My beloved children....where are you ?"

"Come...come little children..."

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*Weeping Woman take the children that look like hers in a way to finally be in peace with them (her children)
she can't find peace otherway.
*Weeping Woman usually wander on the lake where her children were drowned, she still tries to found them.
*Weeping Woman jealouses future mothers because they will soon give birth, it's jealousy and anger because people had taken her children.
*You can hear her cries and calling her children during the night near the town where she used to live, she sometimes wander inside the town.

How to protect yourself from her ?

*using 10 candles can repel her ((6+4) ages of her dead children) around houses.
*using salt can slow her but this isn't something that will stop her. Candles and fire are more powerful against her.


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Goretober 2018 fuck youhey guys so ive concluded that every single goretober list sucks
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enjoy little demons 
1. Nosebleed
2. Bruises
3. Lacerations
4. Teeth
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7. Knives
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9. Skewered
10. Eyes
11. Amputation/Missing limbs
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Heyyy ~

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They didn't have a lot of money and decided to rent a house that my grandmother's nephew buy;
They can live there until her nephew's retirement.
Sadly, my grandmother's nephew's wife is a really annoying person and they had to live together when she comes with her husband on the holidays.
(not in the same house but in front of)

My grandparents were really annoyed at first, but slowly the situation becomes quite difficult and they thought about move to another house if they can find one.
My grandfather waits for some money from his deceased mother,
but it's been almost 1 years now.
(it's a long story but the inheritance is split and there is more for his sister than for him)

So basically, 
I want to gain even a little bit of money to help them.
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