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girls design (Closed) by AnjuDere girls design (Closed) by AnjuDere
full name: Suzumi Ahiko
nickname: Suzu-chan (friends and classmate)
personality: Suzu is a cheerful girl, she have a lot of friends, she's the class representative.
She his a great student, she have plenty of high rank.

like: studying, go out with her friends, romance, pretty clothes, sport.

dislike: dogs, dirt, horror, violence.

crush: one boy in the opposite classroom. A lot of boys does love her.

full name: Amy Satsuki
nickname: none

personality: Amy is a discret person, she doesn't have any girl friends, she's kind of bullied.
Amy have always high rank (note)
Amy is always alone, she don't smile a lot, but when she does she look beautiful.

like: books, birds, flowers, quiet place, wedding dress, sew.

dislike: bullying, harassment,violence, stupid person.

crush: doesn't have but plenty of boys does love her and confess to her

full name: Chiaki Matsuko

nickname: Chi-chan (classmate and friends)

personality: Chiaki is a bit dumb, she's really clumsy, she's easily fluttered. She's a bit shy.
She's loved by almost everyone.
She's a cute girl, her friend call her "Chi" because she look like adorable when she pout.

like: friendship, happyness, cooking, fluffy thing, romance.

dislike: scary things, harsh person, sports.

crush: none. But a lot of boys does love her.


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