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Off [OUTDATED] by AnjuDere Off [OUTDATED] by AnjuDere
- 17/12/2017 : note
- 25/12/2017: Interest + note + friends
-02/01/2018: add little thing like weakness
This Creepypasta OC is a kind of parody but it's of course a real killer, because of his personality he act like a b*atch haha Hope you enjoy !
The fork is only use to stab a victim and make him fall (duh)
Name: Oliver

 Full Name: Oliver Frederic Farewell
 Nickname: Off (second personality)

 Age: 22 years old

 Gender: male

 Place/Type of Residence: England

 Species: human

 Left/Right handed: ambidextrous

 Languages Spoken: English (before) now he is mute

 Personality: Oliver have a double personality so, on a side he is shy, kind, he stay alone... he is kind of afraid of people (he is mute now so it's difficult to have a relationship)
                        on the other side he is violent,completly insane, he like self-mutilation, he don't know how to manage his emotion so he is always "borderline"

 Sexual Preference: Pansexuel (he's a bit confused about it~)

 Relationship/Shipping: Smexy skull 

 Date Of Birth: July, 1, 1995

 Date Of Death: N/A

 Height: 1m78

 Eye Color: black

 Skin Color: white

 Hair Color: black

 Interests: -books    -writing    -drawing (sometimes)         \\          -kill  -self-mutilation  - hurting people  -do whatever he like and want    -Ray

 Favorite color: yellow and black

 Favorite flowers:  La Bidens

 Favorite weather: Spring

 Theme Song(s): N/A

 Fears:  -Hemophobia   -Mysophobia (a bit)  -Fear of hurting himself (or someone) [only Oliver]

 Special items: -a mask

 Powers/Abilities: -completly insane (second personality) -run fast (when he want) 

 Weapons:  -FOOOOOOORKS STOP   -small thing he had stole (knife/fork)
                   -an iron bar
                   -machete (sometimes when he don't forget it)

 Weaknesses: -all human weaknesses  -not a lot of endurance cause he's a lazy potatoe

 Strengths: -can use almost everything around to kill someone (not too much eavy) but it's only when he forget his weapons somewhere.....

 Cause of Death: N/A


-Childhood: Oliver born in a rich family in England he grow up with a older brother that he admire, Oliver have some mental dicease such as bipolarity (not too high) and kleptomania.
He still live normally thanks to his parents who did their best to help him.
He was shy and quiet in general and doesn't have a lot of friend ...

-Adolescence: He managed to had friends and was appreciated by a lot of kids of his age, they close friends know for his problem but doensn't really care.
When he turn 16, his parents, his brother and himself goes in vacation but they had an accident because of an another car which was too fast, the accident was really brutal, his mother and father die instantly, his brother took a hard hit on the hand .......but Oliver received a big sharp of metal which slice his throat (he losed a lot of blood)

Thanks to witnesses....Oliver and his brother was taken in emergency to the hospital, the doctors said that Oliver should be dead because of his blood lost and that they doesn't know how he survived......he only lost the way of talking, he become mute.
His brother survived but stayed in a coma.

After this incident Oliver start to have a psycologist to help him (he wrote what he wanted to say sometimes he used sign language)
He developped a skizophrenia, a paranoia and a violent bipolarity.
He start staying alone he depressed a lot...his friends try to help him but that was hard and he doesn't want any help.
After this....he start becoming kind of crazy, he couldn't sleep he had nightmare...he developped a fear of blood.

-Adulthood: Oliver turned 19, some of his close friends forced him to continue his studies...after some times he accepted, thanks to his friends who helped him through his difficulties.
Oliver sanity deteriorate more and more. The medics which was supposed to calm him doesn't work anymore...he had more and more nightmare and one day, he woke up with his body covered of blood, he was terrified of course, he start washing, again and again. He started hearing someone saying he kill someone, Oliver turn completly paranoiac...
He continued to go to his psycologist...he talked about all this but of course the psycologist thought that it was his trauma.....
He took more medics .... he thought it was better, he finally slept but...when he woke up his body was either mutilated (little scratchs) or covered with blood....
It become unbearable for him, Oliver doesn't know how he don't become totally crazy...
One day, during a consult, he wrote that there was something bad inside of him, something who wanted to do horrible things.
When the psycologist red until the end......there was some words writting differently......."DIE" ...surpsised, he took a look at him and saw for the first time Oliver smiling ...but smiling evilly, at this moment Oliver (?) took a pen and stabbed him in the eye.
He stabbed, again and again .... Oliver (?) stood up and with a lighter that he found on the table of the psycologist, he burned the room.
Oliver (?) came back home as nothing happened. He woked up later and found what happened....he couldn't remember....but, one thing was sure,
that was that he knew it was him.....or at least the "other".

Extra (about crazy side)
Oliver (crazy side) was passionated by suffering, he like hurting himself and hurting other....but hurting was not enough, when he killed the psycologist he found a new interest.
(He create himself his mask) The crazy Oliver was as Oliver a kleptomane so that's why he always have things on him (he developped a passion for forks we don't know why dude)
Oliver took a surname, OFF .
OFF is a hunter....he track people (he doesn't have a favourite victims) who are alone...
  • At first, he follow his prey
  • He come closer and they with a fork or a little knife between the ribs (he can stab a lot of time)
  • When the prey fall on the ground, OFF finish him violently : -he smash they head until death -he break his neck smashing it   -he can use a machete to slice his prey 

OFF can sometimes show some note with something writting on it:
"Are you afraid of death ? You should."


-Parents: Father (dead), Mother (dead) 
-Siblings: a brother (coma)
-Children: N/A
-Relatives: N/A
-Partner: N/A
-Familiar: N/A

 Friends: - psycologist
       - Rayna

 Allies: (OPEN)

 Rivals: - himself

 Enemies: - psycologist 

-HE CAN'T TALKjiopuahijhjspambait (but he can write smile )

-Oliver is a cleptomane (kleptomaniac)
-Oliver is paronoiac / schizophrenic / bipolar /
-Oliver have some compulsion such as : -cleanliness excessive
-Oliver have sometimes glasses.
-he like using slippers (they had two different color because he stole them + he lose one of them)
-OFF scratch his neck when he is stressed /!\
-Oliver is really close friends with Ray, OFF is more brutal with Ray, but he does like the fact that she don't feel pain (that's why she's not dead yet)

Sorry for the mistake I hope everyone understand !!

Collab between Lynxruisseau423 and me

Design belong to Lynxruisseau423 and me
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Awesome :D
AnjuDere Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you ! It was really fun writting and drawing this f*cked up guy xD
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