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time to die, roy batty

1.5h photoshop study of that damn replicant that makes me question my humanity....
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What an amazing death scene
Great interpretation. Thanks for having desktop size available! My screen now looks stunning :)
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this scene is pure and powerfull mind blowing... i love this movie so much, very awesome art yo!
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Very well done.
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Absolutely a masterpiece !!!
Blade Runner is one of my favourite movies, since i saw it in 1982, when i was 11 y.o.
This artwork is one of most beautiful i've ever seen related to this epic movie !!
The colors and atmosphere in this pic make it look so badass. :D
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This remind me of the Sorrow From Metal Gear 3. Very nice colors to it :clap:
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Incredible....I've seen something my friends wouldn't believe...
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That... actually looks like him. Amazing!
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The most memorable scene in the movie, isn't it? I still have to watch it but I'm going to read the book first (already in my eReader, btw!!)
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One of my most favorite moment in film.
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Never saw Blade Runner. All I know it's a science fiction movie with Harrison Ford and I think Ridley Scott directed it.
I think I heard it's based on a book.

But all that aside it's a pretty cool drawing
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I thought EVERYBODY had seen Blade Runner! It's based on the book 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' by Philip K. Dick. give it a read/watch!

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Well I haven't. I've heard of it though.
I always got it confused with Blade. :/
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This is just simply amazing!!!
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Great scene from one of the greatest movies ever made
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so awesome!!!! :D
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I absolutely love this.
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Man, this is great. Glad to see I wasn't the only one with a messed mind after that movie.
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