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There's a terrific contest 2born02b.deviantart.com/journa… hosted by my friend 2BORN02B.  You might wanna go check it out!  The grand winner gets a year's subscription to dA!

Oh boy... I jumped the gun a little bit.  I wasn't supposed to do this until tonight.  I thought yesterday was today. Oops.

Presenting... The features!
Dreambirds llustration by BlueBirdie ..:: Nenneke 1 ::.. by anachsunamon Unicorn's Journey- sketchbook by BlueBirdie
Snakes and Ladders by 2BORN02B Phoenix by justravelin Insectoid by justravelin
.Red simplicitY. by anachsunamon Crab apples by alanbecker ..:: Nenneke 2 ::.. by anachsunamon
Augustine by milleniumsentry Flower Child by laurengary Rorschach Test 2 by laurengary
Wild Sunflowers of the Sunrise by kkart Dam by highmountain4 Pretty In Pink by highmountain4
Witching Tree by justravelin natural by donnalorelei celtic cross by cyberxaos
TO THE SEA by GeaAusten SAME ROCK SUNNY DAY by GeaAusten:thumb61507837:
FEATHERS 2 by GeaAusten Distortion by cutesaru18 Disco Ball by cmptrwhz
Mirrored Birches 2 by Kchan27 Army Cicada 41 by Molliemon A-doe-able, WIP by Kchan27
Apo2007 183 by Xantipa2 Titled Glassy Ball by Sterlingware Garden of Eden by TomWilcox
Evening in Niagara by IgorLaptev Flight Over Niagara by IgorLaptev DAWN DEWDROP FOREST by CorazondeDios
Tiera-Star by RM42 Medallion by Platinus TG0259 by ToxicGirlfriend
INKY DAWN by CorazondeDios First Falls Lake Buchanan Texa by CorazondeDios Meditation on the pond by BlueBirdie
Alice's Asters by skellorg New Age Fantasia 4 by Kattvinge Polyps in my intestine macro by CorazondeDios
Water Lily innards by justfrog The Last Daisy by cycoze Longing by MarjoleinART
Julian Pictrue frame purple by CorazondeDios Blue balls of chaos by Kattvinge:thumb61753440:
Can You Keep A Secret? Detail by MarjoleinART:thumb61770965: Lightthought 455 by lightthinker
Chaos Flowers 3 by Kattvinge A Dream in Progress by 2BORN02B Waiting by 2BORN02B
Army Cicada 61 by Molliemon Livin' On The Edge by kkart Water at PPG I by greenchyldes-stock
Love, In Vein by 2BORN02B After Midnight by SethraLavode S - Flower Ball by Sterlingware
Army Cicada 69 by Molliemon DEWDROPS by CorazondeDios K is for Kat by OdderByArt
A Ripple In Time by LonesomeFaery DOILLY by GeaAusten:thumb61929460:
Spring Slumber by LinzArcher Bike by kris-wilson Tiff with the Birds by LinzArcher
Blossoming A by Xantipa2 Spirals On Stage by zsteve
Raven by ImaginedMoments Pink Lilly Flower by DD7990 Butterfly Geisha by MisticUnicorn
squaring by cyberxaos A Wrinkle in Time by Beesknees67 Radical Ribbons by Actionjack52
Memoirs Of A Geisha... by FlyPi Nudo by zeldis Almost Heaven by inthename
Heart of Darkness WP by Dark-Angel-90 Celebrate by Actionjack52 The Circles of Life - For Anj by LonesomeFaery
GEAS FIFTEEN MINUTES by GeaAusten Waiting for Sunset by PatGoltz My Lagan Love by NatalieAnne24
Rainbow Twist by Actionjack52 A Month of Sundays by 2BORN02B They Only Come Out at Night by terrye634
check mate by cryingsorceress somewhere... by un-Said eye contact by hyperballad22
Faeries Wear Boots by Actionjack52 Heir Presumptive by 2BORN02B Aimless Empire by Platinus
Northern Rainbow by FreeMeadows Northern Lights by jjnaas:thumb21088195:
Dance Floor by one-tough-one Spring by neonrauschen Autumn by neonrauschen
White Charger by estellea Follow the Path by artsyone39 Trichoglossus haematodus by livinginoblivion
Mind Set by 2BORN02B Christmas Afghan by pantherwitch4982 A Different Light by terrye634
Norfolk BRIDGE 13_quaddles by quaddles PLACES English 133_quaddles by quaddles

Mature Content

Risque 06_quaddles by quaddles

Fables of Light and Darkness by 2BORN02B Piercing Pain by Kattvinge Intertwine by im1happy
Rose Dusk by CorazondeDios GARDEN  05_quaddles by quaddles flower by zeldis
Marble34 by cmptrwhz Witchery by laurengary Ambassador by CabinTom

I hope you enjoyed these features!
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