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Features from my favorites gallery #5

More features from my favorites gallery I hope y'all enjoy them!  


Features from my favorites gallery #5

The Psilocybin Rag by 2BORN02B The Soul - Searched by 2BORN02B
Nudnicks by 2BORN02B Stepping Stones by xMaykenx
:thumb46144817: ACHOO by 2BORN02B
:thumb46031516: TOO WILD AT HEART by 1arcticfox
Ice Cliffs by one-tough-one Imperial JuliaN by Kattvinge
Totally Tubal by xMaykenx Fuzzy Logic by Actionjack52
Fire Galaxy by Actionjack52 NEW APOPHYSIS by GeaAusten
:thumb45436415: Linxy by OdderByArt
Crop Circles by laurengary Pink Oblivion by Trenton-Shuck
Fields of Green by one-tough-one :thumb45351374:
Entanglement Spread by ALP-Dreams Apophysis: PRECIOUS by 1footonthedawn
Cacoon by Trenton-Shuck Prayer Wheel_Kekehabhu Tribe by zsteve
Fantasia 103 by Kattvinge Double Effect by Kattvinge
Two Hearts One Love by RM42 FMisc110 by Fleur555
Drinking Deep 2 by 2BORN02B Before the Freeze by 2BORN02B
:thumb45518906: Caught In A Bunch by Actionjack52
You Figure It out by Actionjack52 Apophysis: FIRE by 1footonthedawn
Opalescence by zsteve :thumb45721001:
:thumb45735792: :thumb45867008:
:thumb45913268: :thumb46159323:
Hazy Eights by Quwinzymoto A Habit Resisted by 2BORN02B
:thumb46229181: Arizona Sunset 3 by PatGoltz
:thumb46255234: Fantasia 143 by Kattvinge
VAN GOGHS GRANDMOTHER by GeaAusten :thumb46330269:
Heart Echoes by laurengary Final Frontier by RM42
Fantasia 145 by Kattvinge :thumb46212844:
Dark Contaminants by 2BORN02B Neon Snails by Actionjack52
Spinning by Guarani STRAWBERRY DELIGHT by 1arcticfox
SPACESHOCK by GeaAusten Contrast in Artistic Styles II by clotilda-warhammer
:thumb46351627: Global Chaos by one-tough-one
Third Dimension by JoelFaber :thumb46408677:
Plastic Wheel by zsteve :thumb46372899:
Dancing Feather by Wishmaker-kc Spring Fling by Actionjack52
Golden Spinner by Actionjack52 Purple and Green by ShylerShy
Bad Dreams by RM42 Fisure in Time by Quwinzymoto
:thumb46504799: FMisc184 by Fleur555
Spiral Ballet by Fractoid Forget Me Not Bouquet by Fractoid
Flame Vortex by Actionjack52 Abstract rainbow wood by CorazondeDios
Cheerin me up by Kchan27 Into the Out Of by 2BORN02B
:thumb46585848: carved 4 frater by donnalorelei
:thumb42168599: :thumb41489313:
Foggy Beach by Kchan27 Feathers by RM42
pop by donnalorelei :thumb46942042:
Truce by 2BORN02B :thumb46929657:
:thumb46920041: On the other side by Kattvinge
no reason really... by OdderByArt Overture Dome 5 by FlashKid105
Crazy Eight by RM42 Harvest by Fractoid
Undulattice by Trenton-Shuck ORGANIC BANANAS by GeaAusten

The end of #5.


:thumb58016716: EXPOSED STAMPIE by DWALKER1047 Ripped Art Task Force Team by LyinRyan I Report Art Theft by PrettyGirlsWithGuns:thumb56783800::thumb48421720: Protected by RATF Stamp by Almoace Featured Stamp by ImagersFractalDDs
January 28, 2007


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Thankss for the feature! xD
Fleur555's avatar
Thank you so much for the features, Anj. I appreciate it. :hug:
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Thanks a lot for the :+fav: and feature. Great other fractal works included :clap:
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:clap: Great features have added to my faves :clap:
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thank you so much for the features anj :) :w00t:

:hug: :rose: :cuddle:
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thanks for the features!
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Beautiful features Anj :clap:
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Thank you so much for the features, Anj. Greatly appreciated. :hug:
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Thank you so much for the features, Anj. Greatly appreciated. :hug:
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Ooh Anj, these are such beautiful images you've featured, and I am truly honoured that you chose to include my fractal 'Connected', thankyou soooo much :):):)
:hug: :heart: Thelma.

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How do you make you journals look soo awsome?? lol :) :hug:
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To make the journals look like that you have to be a paying member and then use a CSS (cascading style sheet) to get that effect.
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im confused hehe :)
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Thanks for sharing - I've fav'd some new ones!
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thanks so much for the features anj!!!

:love: :hug:

pat :D
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Thanks for the multiple features Anj.. and I always find some fine new ones to look at! :hug:
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Very nice features!
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Now, talk about coincidence ! You featured an image by my good friend Larry, ~Actionjack52 & also featured my birthday gift to him.... Heart Echoes ! Weird, huh ?!

Thanks for the feature, btw. :hug: :giggle:
anjaleck's avatar
That is pretty wild my dear! How are you doing? I so busy I don't get time to talk like I used to. <sob>
Love you,
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Slowly better thanks. :hug: How's by you ?
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Some very cool works!!
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thanks a jillion, anj!

these were very very beautiful features. I faved a lot of them, some from newly found dA friends.

your gallery and features are always uplifting and healing.

thanks for featuring Abstract Rainbow Wood -- that was a watercolor I did a looooong time ago in the 90s, and scanned in a few years ago.
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STUNNING!!!!!!!! OMG! Just stunning!!! Love the cats ;).
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beautiful choices!!!!
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