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Features from my favorites gallery #13

More features from my favorites gallery I hope y'all enjoy them as much as I enjoy adding them to my favorites!  

Puppy pics for those who asked have been posted to my scraps.  I need to take some more updated pics because two weeks' difference is a LOT in puppies.  They were five weeks old yesterday (Saturday).  At least with them outside now I won't be doing laundry all week! *grin*

Sorry I haven't been able to be here much lately.  The puppies are taking up all of my time!  Well, and work takes up a tad bit too. *grin* I tried to get this posted last night but the old body would not cooperate.  I had to go to bed and now am finishing it up.

Here are more features for you to look through until I can get here more often.


Features from my favorites gallery #13

1. The Tablecloth Twirler by fractalcow Pearlesence 3 by Kattvinge
2. Apophysis: BOMB by 1footonthedawn Modus Operandi by 2BORN02B
3. Sunny Side Up Nightmare by Quaddles-Roost Infested Requiem by Quaddles-Roost
4. Too Sexy For My Tail by swandog
5. heron in pine tree by CorazondeDios heron on dead stump in river by CorazondeDios
6. Crimson by Kangxter
7. Spiralia 2 by Kattvinge Snowy Sunrise with Saguaro by PatGoltz
8. The Wyurm In The Hat by Quaddles-Roost North Pole Nightmare by Quaddles-Roost
9. :thumb55212269: :thumb55213146:
10. Shroom 02_quaddles by quaddles Shroom 03_quaddles by quaddles
11. NATURE Shroom 01_quaddles by quaddles Door speedpaint 3 by tom-b123
12. The Oscars by Fleur555 Into the flames by Fleur555
13. My Beautiful Pain Completed by Quaddles-Roost Sweet Sensations by Quaddles-Roost
14. Gift for Anjaleck by Fleur555 :thumb55191077:
15. :thumb55203391: F120507 by faboarts
16. ART NOVICE by GeaAusten Artificial Intelligence by Actionjack52
17. :thumb54098412: flying baloogas by jpli
18. Enduring Sorrows by Quaddles-Roost Trippy Paisley Mania by Quaddles-Roost
19. :thumb54817048: :thumb53821692:
20. LOVE TRUE AND PURE by coolbreezelady Green-Leafed Star by zsteve
21. A Comforting Lie by 2BORN02B Inverted Candles by Fleur555
22. Death of the Autumnal Tree by ClaireJones The End of Fall by ClaireJones
23. Flowers In the Wind by Quaddles-Roost :thumb41959109:
24. Reminiscent by ClaireJones CRYSTAL CHIA PET by CorazondeDios
25. MAGIC CRYSTAL BIG by CorazondeDios kryptonite by CorazondeDios
26. :thumb55390824:
27. :thumb55316733: :thumb55320462:
28. Quintessence the Second by Quaddles-Roost Clarices Psychedelic Nightmare by Quaddles-Roost
29. East Bridges West--Totem Card by swandog
30. Chaos_Atom by Rogervd where I was this evening 2 by lightspot
31. Blue Universe by Kattvinge Sueve by Kattvinge
32. Winter Day by Nestalgica Crazy Colors by PatGoltz
33. Mare nostrum by Louisolah Vade retro by Louisolah
34. Koji by zeldis Frosted Pink Star by zsteve
35. NowHere 2 by 2BORN02B Magii's Emblem by Platinus
36. Catch A Falling Star by ToriB Sunflowers morning by Louisolah
37. Dichotomy Pie by milleniumsentry Brangloid by milleniumsentry
38. Baigneuse by Louisolah Somewhere in Corsica by Louisolah
39. Black bird white bird by Louisolah The messenger by Louisolah
40. Hidden dreams by Louisolah The end of way by Louisolah
41. To home by Louisolah
42. :thumb55542526: :thumb55542648:
43. marbled landscape by donnalorelei PG-Subtle Waves by DWALKER1047
44. Carbon 1280x960 by milleniumsentry
45. Dark Spring by Beesknees67 :thumb34036807:
46. :thumb55605328:
47. Jaded by milleniumsentry
48. Set by milleniumsentry
49. Oxidize by milleniumsentry
50. :thumb55207602: :thumb55208042:

The end of #13.  I hope y'all enjoy them!
Love and hugs to all,


:thumb58016716: EXPOSED STAMPIE by DWALKER1047:thumb48421720:
Featured Stamp by ImagersFractalDDs
January 28, 2007

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Thank you for the feature! Your selections are wonderful :hug: