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Graduation project time.

Managed to convince the teacher that I could animate my comic.
Least that'll keep my interest more than making a bloody pool commercial (I'm looking at you, stupid assignment).

And that's why nobody drew Requiem that night.
For weeks.

I'll get to it, sometime. No more promises with dates, I'm a lazy bum.

Still looking for a school in the area to continue on, because none of the jobs around here are appealing.

Why do people frown when I just wish to work at a quiet place like a bookstore for example?

Society, bah.

As you might notice, I'm hopping on the Photography Train lately.
Collecting figures is an expensive hobby and shooting silly photo's of them is just fun.
Because "Fun things are fun", as Yui says.

So I might think of going for Photography.. (Because Animation and Graphic Design has literally ruined my childhood dreams. DAMN YOU SOCIETY) I just can't find anything around here that does that though. I don't want to sit in a train four hours a day again! No more! I demand sleep!

Also Chibicon in July.
My suit arrived this week, perfect fit.
I'll be going as Neuro from Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro and a friend as Yako.
Go look for us that day. I promise I won't bite your head off.

I was that Team Rocket Member who was hiding an "Awesome-Face" mask in his boot.
Came back with white pants and black boots, instead of the other way around.
Don't trust paint. Ever.

Being a lazy bum sucks.
Requesting a Reset of myself and stuff my points in Strength, Luck and Agility. Almost everything is in Intelligence, Dexterity and Vitality I think.
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Busy busy month.
Lot of projects running and I hope I'll finish them "someday".
So here's a list of everything thats brooding in my head. Highest priority on top:

Tsunacon 2010 AMV Contest
- Almost done with this one.
Deadline is January 1st so I gotta hurry hurry hurry.

Guild Wars Wintersday Art Contest
- I have an idea in my head. Will work on it in the vacation (if I get any).
Deadline's December 31.

Tsunacon 2010 Cosplay
- Not much luck finding the remaining stuff I need..

Fgurine Christmas
- I bought a mini tree yesterday.
Through several days I'll make funny shots of the figures decorating the tree and having general fun.
Also a certain red person pretending to be Santa when we get to Christmas Eve..

New VN (Visual Novel) I'm making. Title still unknown.
- Still in the writing phases.
Though I'm planning an Anivoy T2 comic to introduce some of the characters.
Don't worry about the Requiem VN, that one's still in the making too.
But I'd rather finish that one when I at least finish the Prophecies-part of the Comic.

Fate/Genesis Nagato
- Still not decided to photo-comic this or stopmotion it.
At least I got a Shirou body now.

Beyond all the above, I still got stage/internship, my birthday, Christmas and Newyears to worry about *shrugs*

I guess people have noticed I'm digging the whole "make pictures of toys" thing lately.
It's just so much fun, I can't help it. You should try it!
You can find most of my stuff at…
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All well, ends well.
Last Sunday was Abunai and I got to finally wear my Kamui cosplay.
Emblem was 1/4th the size of the original though.
Last time I'm leaving that to other people..
You can find pictures of the convention on my site here:…

Anyways, for Tsunacon I'll go terrorize the grounds as a Team Rocket member and Chibicon as Fate/Stay Night's Archer. Still gotta figure out how to make his twin-swords and find an appropriate wig, too.

Drawing.. Yes, drawing.
I'm sketching and playing around with characters for the revival of a concept I made many moons ago.
Alright, I'll fill you in.
I made plenty of fanfics in my young days *cough* some were good, others were horrible.
One I even tried to animate, but the HDD crash threw that down the drain.

It'll be a new take on my old fic "Crossed Tears", which was about a social outcast who got dragged into a supernatural game, after his parents were mysteriously murdered.
I'll put some scribbles online this or next week.

Still on my quest on finding a place for internship *sigh*
After 3 weeks of waiting.. They send me the wrong costume.
Chibicon is this Saturday already, so I went spamming their mailboxes.

Sum it up:
- I got 3 apologies
- One said they'd ship it this Wednesday
- One emai came in saying they've shipped the item
- One confused mail asking what he can do
- And zero replies whatsoever, about if they shipped the right one now or will do so Wednesday.

It's stressing. I'm about to break. And I'm confused, too.

Update: Now they're saying Friday..
Guess I'll have to move Kamui to Abunai.

So atm, we're making a Syaoran (TRC) Cosplay.
Cloak materials were cheap (50cts a meter) and we found some materials to make goggles. Won't be the exact same ones that Syaoran wears, but it'll have to do.
Making a copy of his would look too fake.

And I got permission from the con staff to bring along a plastic katana I once won on a fair for Syaoran. Fun. My White Mokona Plushie will also join in, the Black Mokona will go to a friend of mine.
Well, I haven't started on those stopmotions yet. It's been a busy month.
I got to learn how the schedule better..

So, "Mou Ikkai". I can start working on this in the weekend. The one next. Would depend.

"Fate/Genesis Nagato" is on the edge of just turning into a photo-comic.
I'm also scared to death with breaking those Figma hands!! :<
Will start on that one after I get some new figma's in. Signum's bow is kickass for the Archer-class.

In cosplay news, I ordered my cloak so the Kamui (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle/Tokyo Revelations) can be more.. recognizable.
All thats left would be to make the necklace. Thinking of clay..
Got to visit the barber a week before the con, so I pray as hard as I can that the cape arrives on time.

Else, well.. My backup is Yume Nikki's "Seccom Masada".
Can recycle the clothing I already have for him. Just need a lot of white face paint and a pair of 6_9 eyes.

Despair! The start of my cosplay career has left me in despair!

Edit - because I played D:

Taken from :icontsunamithedemon:

1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you which song or movie you remind me of.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you.
8. I'll tell you my favorite thing about you.
9. I'll tell you my least favorite thing about you.
10. If you play, you MUST post this on yours.
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So I got two things to start with in April..

But before we get to that, let's say I've been buying too many trading figures, pvc's and Figma's.. Thank god I get paid.

Back on topic.

I have two stopmotions planned for April (Which means, production will start. Don't ask when they'll finish).

First one will be a stopmotion of the infamous "Mou Ikkai!" Fate/Hollow Ataraxia parody. Well, search on youtube if you want to see it. Either way, I'll be making a figure variant of it because.. I got exactly those chars as figures. Don't believe me? See that Anivoy T2 comic I last uploaded.

Second, a stopmotion *serie* if it goes well enough.
Fate/Genesis Nagato (May get a name change)

This parody will follow the story of Kyon as he accidentally summons the strongest servant, Saber (Nagato). This follows with him being dragged into the Holy Grail War of Kam's (aka: Mine) Bedroom.

Prepare to face the usual SOS-dan screams of agony, rampaging Evangelions, Megazords and more! Coming soon, in Fate/Genesis Nagato!

..I just hope my camera will survive.

Here's a promo poster: Click
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So.. 1337 pageviews.

Only I would make a special mention of that..
*For shame*

Anywho, busy busy busy..

Redesigning my website, entering a mascot competition and I am *gasp* working for a GFX company for the next 6 months.

I'll upload stuff as I finish them. Till then!
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Wow, I never expected to get 1k views in ~year+some months :o
Thanks to all who have the dedication to come visit! ^^
I'll surely make a deviant-ID, someday.

Now back to prodding Maio and laughing at Spinzaku jokes.
So after finishing the Ecard thing for school (Featuring Pirate E. Ducky and Charles the Potato, Attorney at Law!), I had to use my remaining time to make some comics before we head out for a trip to London.

While making one of these, I drew (what is already rare) an animeish scene for eh.. Coolness factor? It's actually one of the few normal drawings of Tsukimiya that came out good, more or less. Sometimes I just draw her too manly :S (Least it ain't Macho!)

And I thought, why not make a journal log, since that winter thing was last year ^^"
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Myes, I've entered a Secret Santa and a calender thing a while back, so I'll have to draw up some Christmassy/winterish pictures for those soon. Of course, I'll put them on here as well. Can show.. Some activity..
In the meantime, replaced the desktop picture. It was outdated by months!
More Key-love <3

Kinda sick at the moment, and tired. But not so much to go to bed yet. I'll be content with playing a few rounds of EFZ (Key/Visual Arts fighting game) for now. Will see later.
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Added a few more wallies I made of my webcomics (or use as desktop) and a signature I made yesterday. Will probably add some more later this week ^^
Can't seem to add in my flash movies due DA rules. Bummer =|
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Well, finally made a Deviantart account after years. First time making one of these, be gentle ;)

I'm Carlo G. (Better known as Kamui / Karuro on the boards I post), the owner/designer of
I draw the webcomics Requiem for Sanity and Webcomic "Anivoy" (As both usernames were taken, I settled with anivoy)

I'll post some art of mine asap.