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Draffectionates - Tom and me

9 Years Together by VixenDra, visual art

Draffectill - Aryena and Billie (project with anti-racist vibes)

Burden by VixenDra, visual art

My projects thrive on Patreon

Future's What We're Fighting for - PATREON teaser by VixenDra, visual art

Appearances are highly misleading, look beyond what you see

Draffectill - appearances are utterly misleading by VixenDra, visual art

Spooky Pumpkin

Precious Egg

My Content

🔸Do not post my art anywhere, unless it was made specifically for you to depict your characters 🔸My characters are fixed and are the main outlet for my autistic brain's needs - misrepresentation is NOT ok. 🔸To find me elsewhere, check VixenDra or Draffectionates (if the avatar/gallery contains a selfie, it's 100% NOT me)

Hope you have a nice time viewing my two couples^^

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My Llama back by BubbleCloud I Llama Back! by KasaraEm13
*unless I notice you break DA's ToS

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Flowery Draffectionates by VixenDra
I'm in Draffection with my white Dragon:
:heart::icontomsshape: :heart:
Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Fox emoji - yay! by MartithWould you like to draw us together?:aww: :la:: :heart:
I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin Official forms of Anna and Tom-SIZE CHART by VixenDra I HRT to Get Gift Art! by x-Skeletta-x
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And thank you all for all favourites and comments. And Llamas too;)
Please, don't thank me for any of those things:aww: I usually don't write "Thank you" not to spam anyone, so please don't take offence if I don't do it to you. I answer for explicit questions if there are some and only BTW thank.^^;
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Favourite Visual Artist
those who draw Draffectionates or Draffectill^^
Favourite Movies
Disney and Dreamworks animations
Favourite Games
The Witcher II&III; Dark Souls I-III (multiplayer); Gothic Iⅈ Isaac (multi); Spyro 2; Phasmophobia (multi)
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC and PS
Tools of the Trade
Wacom, Windows 10, custom PC, Gimp 2.6, occassionally alcohol-based markers Kurecolor fine&brush for Manga on Promarker paper
Other Interests
Draffectill, Draffectionates, watching some science-related videos


>>My Links<<

Future's What We're Fighting for - PATREON teaser
Draffectill - Innocent Dreams

My art is focused on 2 loving pairings:

Draffectionates Draffectionates - shapeshifting artselves of my irl partner and me

Draffectill Draffectill - my dear old Dragoness and human story project which I'm mostly working on behind the scenes and on Patreon

The above pairs are my long-term autistic special interests.

(I currently focus on these and I no longer offer regular commissions, I'm only rarely open for $10&+ Patrons)

Post Spotlight

Where else to find me/my art by VixenDra, journal

DA is killing itself, please +watch on FA: Draffectionates -
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Earlier this week, I had my last diagnostic appointment with a well-rated psychiatrist whom I carefully chose by the end of last year. So... if you ever wondered why am I like this *points at the whole of me*, my brain is officially autistic and ADHD. And my psychiatrist told me I'm evident on both (for experienced eyes tho!). This is just what I am and will always be. [if you care to read a little more, here's my (now public) Patreon post] bonus videos: short on ADHD basics from one: short on autistic spectrum basics from one: (neither of these videos is exhaustive tho! nor do all autists or ADHDers have the same constellation of symptoms (not to mention those who are both, when things get even more complex!) but it's a better starting point than relying on common misconceptions you randomly heard somewhere at some point of your life) PS. This also means my story's human protagonist, Billie, is
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When it looks like I'm not doing anything or much because I have nothing or little to show for it^^; : (where: and
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Donation Pool

I focus on my 2 Special Interest couples

Draffectionates: my husband Tom&me (sapient shapeshifters)

Draffectill: Aryena&Billie (sapient Dragoness&human)


Regular Commissions are for Patrons only _____________________________

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