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Kabara sketches

Some old stuff I forgot to share.
Kabara are my original species from my setting. Other Ismaar stuff you can see HERE
Also you can read some information about this species HERE
I will be grateful if you support my art:
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Interesting. So, part Maisaurus and part horse?
harpyeaglegriffin259's avatar
are there any aquatic creature in ismaar
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Of course! I really have to go back to my drafts and do something understandable for the audience. I have a lot of ideas for a variety of creatures C:
Eldertyrant682's avatar
Will you continue with more species maybe even lore?
Anisis's avatar
Of course! I just need more free time for this :C
Eldertyrant682's avatar
Turan are my favorite are they the top predators of ismaar
Eldertyrant682's avatar
harpyeaglegriffin259's avatar
cool and are there any avian creatures (birds etc) also do kabara migrate or no or do any of the ismaar creatures do 
sorry if i sound rude and if im asking alot
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It's okay, I'm glad to answer some questions about my setting ^^

Yes, there are definitely an avian creatures. At the moment I'm working on the concept of the Ismaar birds. 
And yes, kabaras and most other animals are forced to migrate in order to have an sufficient amount of food depending on the season, since warm periods of abundance in Ismaar alternate with periods of cold and hunger.
harpyeaglegriffin259's avatar
glad to know and thanks 
comixqueen's avatar
These are such cool creatures! Like iguanodon-horse-kangaroos! Very original!
Anisis's avatar
Thank you!^^
DragonDrawer14's avatar
Is that an...

ElenPanter's avatar
Looks so adorable *0*
KTLasair's avatar
These guys are so beautiful!
EatsPillsAndDie's avatar
“Now Class,this is what the deer look like before than the one from today times.”
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