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Rainbow Striped Spinning Star > (2019) OK, so I'm gonna edit this Description to make it clearly for future reference cuz the younger me wasn't well versed in trying to express my words well at the time and , cuz I'm about to post some new stuff in a bit that's related to this piece (ie the detailing here is kinda important.) So first thing's first, some ground rules, cuz of some shit I got in 2017 via trolls/haters on this site, (and then the about section etc):

1) For all future non fans/non-followers/non friends, (who mostly live in the USA & feel lately, "freedom of speech" privileged - if you know what I mean), and randomly come onto my profile with ill intent purposes (or cuz your friend got this image and you're upset you didn't) PLEASE DO NOT CRITIQUE, or you will be "flamed" and blocked. If you ain't one of my pro friends/associates who work in the Animation/Film/Art/Media Industry, I don't care.)

2) Kindly - ( DO NOT ASK ME WHY I DON'T WANT A CRITIQUE or I will block you and flag your comment as Harrassment, under Spam because A) You're just looking to cause drama by trying to start an unnecessary argument (that I didn't ask for) - about why you think unwantingly/randomly critiquing people's work (obviously without their permission), is a good thing/justifiable to "just" you. 

 B) I don't know if you're one of my haters - (who tend to use alot of fake accounts to get at/troll me) or if you're one of their friends who bought their bs hate propaganda or if you're phishing for info to attack me with (since 99% of the time that's usually the case.)
It's always funny to me that these people will claim what is and what isn't allowed on DA, yet they're willing to break it's anti-harrassment rules, just to make their point heard - (which is why you shouldn't expect me to even take you seriously in the first place.)

C) Most of you who unwantingly criticize others' works - (usually claiming things like "it's the internet", "it's called freedom of speech" and "I only want to help"/ "I came with good intentions cuz I want the artist to grow" or say "If you don't want people to comment/critique then don't post your work online" etc) -  usually don't practice/apply what they preach onto their own work, dont follow/support the artist they "claim" to "want to help", nor bother to put themselves in other people's perspectives first, before speaking/typing. You just want to opinionate with your preferences and bias on shit you can't/wont do - (especially if it's more popular than you) - because you think you're "entitled" to - (which is the Wrong way to offer critiques/advice to people you claim to want to help.)  
(And before you jump off saying Oh "she thinks critiques are harassment, then you've missed the point entirely.)

At the end of the day, I am not interested in your drama or stereotypical views, just cuz you can't accept people being different and doing things differently than you or because you're jealous, or you expect me to make the exact type and style of art that only you like - (when that's not even what I'm aiming for) or you think I'm trying to do a certain style to "perfection" (when I'm not cuz I don't care and you never asked about what my art goals, before commenting), or whatever stupid issue you have with me.
I don't care if you say you're "not one of them" either (cuz usually it's a lie.) I also don't care for your view of "her bold text, makes her look un-inviting" - cuz usually toxic minded, insensitive people (who's company I tend to dislike because they encourage me to committee suicide), say this and I really don't want those kinds of people in my life, so, yeah - sorry you feel that way, but, a girl with depression has gotta do what she has to live - (ie protect herself)...

Personally, I'm a direct kinda person. If I didn't ask for a critique/your "advice", then please have some professional courtesy and move on - (irregardless of wither or not you think I'm a pro or not.) 
If you can't consider this, then consider the concept of being in the shoes of someone else other than yourself. If you know you don't like being treated a certain way or you don't like when people do certain things to you- (especially online, irregardless of wiether a site is public or private), then don't come on my profile or art etc with the same shit attitude you dislike getting or ill intentions, and expect me to smile and treat you nicely in return. I'm just saying.

There are 27 to 42+ million other Users on DA, you can "critique" on - (some of whom are very open to it - you just have to find them is what I'm saying), and groups/forum threads you can join for that activity.
There's even more on Facebook and Instagram.
If you don't like my art - (and by that I mean you're the kind of person who thinks its "shit/vomit/puke/"sub par anatomy, typical" - whatever and you're willing to go out of your way to say such, especially at my FREE Content, old art or Commissioned/Paid For and custom made to client's specs Art),  or you have to ask why not to critique, or you decide to post a critique anyway despite me asking you not to, then obviously my content is just NOT for you/your taste.
Please move on and find someone else to harrass/argue/troll with, because the rest of us have a life etc. Just saying from a Common Sense perspective. Let the rest of the planet enjoy the art as is please. Thank you.
And no, I'm not saying you "have" to like my art. All I am asking is that if you hate me or my work, that you keep it to yourself, because what you say does affect my depression. (ie I decide to attempt suicide, you are responsible because you triggered it.)


Rainbow Striped Spinning Star  > FULL DESCRIPTION/HISTORY 2015 (and history of the Gift Basket Project): (for group sharing purposes)

Finally! I have at long last completed the colouring of my Candy OC in full after so many months have gone by since I'd started it back in Spring Season. I think this is the biggest piece I have ever done digitally, as well as the largest my Laptop can handle without crashing, (so long as there is sufficient RAM Space.)  There was alot of lagging, occasionally some freezes, but I finally finished ^.^
It's original size is 7565 by 8767 - ( 4.8 MB)

Initially, Candy was made for a Rainbow Mascot Contest held several months ago by user Rinnzu (Rimuu...I think she keeps changing her user name on DA. Either that or I keep getting her name wrong) , but unfortunately Photoshop kept crashing and I had to miserably forfeit. The loss was so painful, that I actually went into a bad Depression Episode without realizing, which prevented me from drawing or colouring work normally (ie I stopped drawing/living for a while. I had depression before cuz of my classmates and their drama bs in Uni, but trying to partake in the contest in short notice made it worse, because really wanted to put my best foot forward for Rimuu - given who she is, And then of course a friend of mine who worked in the Animation Field, died from a type of Brain Cancer and I didn't get to find out till Sept/Nov - so my Depression got even worse to the point where my bones/muscles would hurt alot, my tear ducts were dry constantly - cuz I cried too much and eventually I got sick. Point I'm trying to make here is to state the kind of condition I was in, whilst working on Candy in an on/of state.)

After she (Candy) was complete in Oct/Nov, I felt kinda lost/didn't know what to do with the work (because she no longer had a purpose), so I took to Facebook to find me some inspiration. It was there I found out about Artists who did "Free Art Fridays/Mondays", where Traditional Artists would paint something and leave it out in public for someone/anyone to take it home with them (along with the artist's info on a card attached.) I didn't know people could do that & thought that was a cool idea, so I thus bookmarked it as a type of project I wanted to work on in future - (which is how the concept for Gift Basket Project was initiated at the time) and thus then proceeded to make Candy my first Public "Gift Art" Piece.
I started giving it out to those (805 "friends") who had followed/added me on my 6 month old (at the time) restarted/re-freshened FB Account and whom also once defended me against a white girl/troll who tried to harrass/attack me online with 3 accounts > all because she didn't agree with my view/comment on an Art Meme post and proceeded to take my art - (this same piece) and degrade it with comments like "rainbow puke" - inorder to incite her "10/50 friends" to join in on her hate propaganda.

It was the first time I had ever experienced the true meaning of what fans are for - support (especially in your darkest moments - cuz they knew about the depression and everything, while that girl didn't and didn't seem to care.) And since then, I kept giving my Candy piece out to anybody on FB - especially those who wanted like wallpaper art for their phone/tablet etc. It was my way of trying to spread positivity back on the internet at the time (cuz FB etc had always been shit tbh. Somebody is always getting hurt there.)  And I found that each time I made someone happy with my freebie work, my own depression got less intense. 

In the yr 2016, I then entered this piece a into Local Anime/Manga Fest's, Popularity Contest in my country and I won, (thanks to all my fans on Facebook at the time, who kept growing. :) (Smile) 
(This made the second contest, in general that I'd won over the yrs, beside this one >… and this one >…)
The thing that made it worthwhile/satisfying for me the most, was that I won against one of the haters - and his "friends" from my Uni class. The reason why it was worthwhile was cuz he was one who thought that I should take "joy/happy pills" to deal with my depression and for some reason, couldn't grasp the concept of how "joy pills" was a pharmaceutical ploy, designed to manipulate it's "host" into spending alot of cash for something that kills them faster, rather than help with their problems and he hung out with other people who didn't like me who all thought "I didn't have a life or friends" or that "I would never make in life", and the contest was a way to prove them all wrong.)

But anyway, after all that, I realized the style of work I wanted to get into the most (since I draw all kinds of stuff) - because of the amount of support I got in 2 yrs via FB, and I felt confident enough to move forward with it (hence why I have no interest in "critiques" unless you're one of my pro animation friends) and then started developing the Gift Basket Project Concept even more - (cuz people were liking the idea of the whole "positive mentality" thing that I was doing at the time and so I just ran with that and eventually took the concept to here on DA - (which is my original home for many yrs.)
I thought of the idea of giving people something for their birthday (because I was tired of leaving emoji comments like these after 2/3 yrs  (ie this > "Airborne Trophy Dance! Juggle Boogie!  Party :squee:Free Avatar - CupTardCake Sun HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sun Free Avatar - CupTardCake  :squee: Party Boogie!   Juggle Dance! Trophy Airborne ")

and DA had started to become a rather un-friendly place - especially to those who had mental health issues etc (like myself) - because quiet often when I opened my account and browsed through journals etc, there was always someone complaining about how life is unfair and that "person x" did this to them and "person y" said this and how they want to committee suicide or quit art or they're talking about some bad experience they had for the day - and I got fed up of that too, (mostly cuz I can no longer tell who's on/over the edge anymore these days) so...
I started giving Candy away to people here as well, cuz it's all I got (for now.)


Rainbow Striped Spinning Star  > ABOUT THE CHARACTER (2019 Edit):

So some people in 2017 on DA were like "she looks like a Mary Sue."
Didn't know what the heck that was, so I looked it up back then, and all I have to say is A) You're rude and thus shouldn't expect people to take you seriously/treat you nicely, cuz making assumptions about characters/designs being "overly powerful and unbeatable", when/if no bio was posted - or you were too lazy to read the Description on a piece -  is wrong and B) Constantly labeling things that look a certain way, under a stereotype, is your contribution to insulting and killing an Artist and their ideas, because you're not considering their perspectives or understanding what their perspectives on characters/designs are. Quit doing that please (especially on DA, cuz I eventually got to find out that people "calling characters Mary Sue all the time", became a troll trend which I am not ok with.) Yes, there will be people who will make "typical powerful anime characters" ie a trop, but some of you forgot that I studied animation ie I know better and thus know how to make characters properly. Just saying. I tend to take my Original Character Art/Designs and Developments very seriously - (unless it's Requests, Contest Entries, Trades etc.)

My concept for Candy (at the time) was that she's just a regular girl who likes to cosplay in colourful, magic girl like outfits and loves to spread cheer/joy to people where-ever she goes. (That's it.) I didn't think much into her design or development besides what Rimuu wanted as an entry for her Mascot Contest.

I came up with the name "Candy" as a reference to American Sweets - which often came in bright, rainbow-esque colours, eg Skittle, M&Ms, Gummy Bars, Twizzlers, Chewing Gum, multi-coloured loli pops etc, 

Later on during a series of Uno Games on Facebook in 2015/2016, I got the idea that she should be a mascot who also gifts people Teddy Bears that she makes - (cuz I had the img of Candy as my Avatar at the time and one of the gifts you could give to people were bears - cuz chat doesn't exist in the game. The experiment was well received) I furthered the concept to they type of bears she would give: Brown Teddy Bears have chocolate & candy treats in them, Orange Bears have Fruit, White ones had Art or Jewelry and Colorful ones had rare items in them - (no idea what. Hadn't thought that far ahead yet, cuz Candy isn't a character that I'm gonna be using mostly for my mangas or animations in future- ie, she's not really that important.)


Rainbow Striped Spinning Star > PRODUCTION PROCESS:

Candy was drawn in Illustrator in a couple of days, on and off
and then transferred, cleaned up, edited  textured and coloured entirely in Photoshop CS6, using all of the colouring techniques I had learnt so far at the time for digital media in my style: Cell Shading, Gradient Texturing and mapping, Glow Effects... and alittle of Cell-Soft Shading (which I am currently still learning how to create.)

Candy's Dress and Thigh High Socks, are a gradient texture made from a Paint Software called "Draw Free!" It's an Art App for toddlers, but I downloaded it 2 yrs ago and thought I'd mess around with it anyway, and for this occasion, I used that software to make/Paint the Template Textures for Candy's Clothing, as a form of experimentation, to see if things would work out... Ironically, as you can see it has ^.^

The Background for Candy is a Vector Rainbow BG, done in Illustrator. It is not mine, but it's FREE to use. *(Link below)
I used the Free Background, because I tried to make something similar in Illustrator myself at the time and ironically/ miserably failed, cuz I was still new to Illustrator, since all I use it for is drawing Line Art, (when it can do so much more o.o) 

Using the Free BG as a base, I added my other Effects elements, and played around with the Brightness and Contrast Settings in the final phase of the entire work, overall.

This piece here btw, is an edited version of my Candy OC Free Wallpaper from Oct 2015. I was curious (a month or two later) as to how the stars would have looked if I had added them, since the line art did have stars in it o.o I think it's alittle over killed, but mmmeehhhh, no big deal. It's also still free to use if you want a colourful screen saver for your computer or mobile or you just want to colour blind someone as a joke lol XD
So enjoy. If you want to use this piece as decor for your home or to bring colour somewhere or you just want to give someone a quick gift or greeting - anything like that, you can do that too. I don't mind. That's what this piece is for generally, cuz I don't have any real purpose myself for it <.< (it's 2019 and I still don't lol.)

Line Art Here >…
Full Version without the Stars here >…
Star Vector is here >…

Want a version for your Desktop, Laptop/Pc Screens, Go here >

*The Background for Candy is a Vector Rainbow BG, done in Illustrator. It is not mine, but it's FREE to Use and you can go here to get it for Free >…

EDIT: I've uploaded a smaller version of this piece, cuz apparently it's original size is too big to share in some of the groups I've joined o.o

For the sake of other contests in future, here are the WIPs…………

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