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Paul and Brad in the Green Room 4 by Anisa-Mazaki Paul and Brad in the Green Room 4 :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 5 0 Puppetry Team 2 by Anisa-Mazaki Puppetry Team 2 :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 1 0 Puppetry Team 1 by Anisa-Mazaki Puppetry Team 1 :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 0 0 Brad Schiff with Puppet 2 by Anisa-Mazaki Brad Schiff with Puppet 2 :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 2 0 Paul and Brad in the Green Room 3 by Anisa-Mazaki Paul and Brad in the Green Room 3 :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 0 0 Paul and Brad in the Green Room 2 by Anisa-Mazaki Paul and Brad in the Green Room 2 :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 0 0 Paul and Brad in the Green Room 1 by Anisa-Mazaki Paul and Brad in the Green Room 1 :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 0 0 Brad Schiff with Puppet 1 by Anisa-Mazaki Brad Schiff with Puppet 1 :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 2 0 Paul and Brad - Stop Motion Class Day 2 AC2018 by Anisa-Mazaki Paul and Brad - Stop Motion Class Day 2 AC2018 :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 1 0 Stop Motion Master Class AC2018 - My Workspace 2 by Anisa-Mazaki Stop Motion Master Class AC2018 - My Workspace 2 :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 1 0 Stop Motion Master Class AC2018 - My Workspace 1 by Anisa-Mazaki Stop Motion Master Class AC2018 - My Workspace 1 :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 0 0 Monday AC2018 Cocktail Session Photo by Anisa-Mazaki Monday AC2018 Cocktail Session Photo :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 1 0 Brad Schiff's Profile by Anisa-Mazaki Brad Schiff's Profile :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 0 0 Brad Schiff and Paul Harrod by Anisa-Mazaki Brad Schiff and Paul Harrod :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 8 0 Stop Motion Master Class Workshop AC2018 - 2 by Anisa-Mazaki Stop Motion Master Class Workshop AC2018 - 2 :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 0 0 Paul Harrod - Stop Motion Master Class AC2018 by Anisa-Mazaki Paul Harrod - Stop Motion Master Class AC2018 :iconanisa-mazaki:Anisa-Mazaki 0 0
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Contains All my Arts Works, Crafts, amateur Photograpy and links to my Animation Vids for Show, from as early as 2003 to currently. This Section may also contain randomness like ID Pics, Wallpapers, Dress-up Game/Avatar Generators Pics and Screenshots, that are not necessarily my own work ^.^ Don't worry, People do get credit If I know who did the work ^.^


Pink Flowers by KmyGraphic Favourites by luisbc Pink Flowers by KmyGraphic

Random Favourites

Yu Kanda by Moonblaster13 Yu Kanda :iconmoonblaster13:Moonblaster13 23 26 Flame Horse of Awesome by Moonblaster13 Flame Horse of Awesome :iconmoonblaster13:Moonblaster13 17 37 Matsuda sketch by Moonblaster13 Matsuda sketch :iconmoonblaster13:Moonblaster13 6 8 Death Note - L by Moonblaster13 Death Note - L :iconmoonblaster13:Moonblaster13 6 8 Raven by VanillaSkyWolf Raven :iconvanillaskywolf:VanillaSkyWolf 205 41 Raven by RingoYan Raven :iconringoyan:RingoYan 452 79 Seregon and Oneiroi by laverinne Seregon and Oneiroi :iconlaverinne:laverinne 1,843 83 Spring Angel by laverinne Spring Angel :iconlaverinne:laverinne 2,276 118 Feliane by laverinne Feliane :iconlaverinne:laverinne 2,019 49 Azalea and Leto by laverinne Azalea and Leto :iconlaverinne:laverinne 4,070 114 Nolan Cambree by laverinne Nolan Cambree :iconlaverinne:laverinne 2,758 91 Suzaku and Euphemia by laverinne Suzaku and Euphemia :iconlaverinne:laverinne 3,022 121 Ink Wash by Lucky978 Ink Wash :iconlucky978:Lucky978 3,089 134 Brushes type for Paint tool SAI by ryky Brushes type for Paint tool SAI :iconryky:ryky 8,701 207
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Contains Various Art Works, Photography, Stocks, Resources, Crafts etc from other Users that I liked upon sight :D Each Artist has their own folder, with their works. It is labelled with a number and their User Name. If their user Name changes their User Name will be added with the old one.
(Sorting System is still in progress cuz well....I tend to fav alot of works lol)


Spring R by KmyGraphic Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double kawaii wink) V6 by Jerikuto Spring L by KmyGraphic


Anisa-Mazaki has started a donation pool!
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Spring R by KmyGraphic Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double kawaii wink) V6 by Jerikuto Spring L by KmyGraphic


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Cheerleader by CookiemagiK Hello :D and Welcome to my Art Page. Cheerleader by CookiemagiK

Lily's Rainbow Box by spring-sky:gallery: Thanks for the Fav by Amazinadrielle > Feel free to explore in my gallery, or if you have zero patience to look at any of the 100+ pages of content or you don't feel like clicking through folders, just go to the left side of my profile here <------ (if you're on you're tablet, laptop or desktop), and check out the work I've got on display. The Display Widget is always updated with whatever I feel is best from all my content, to show off for the time being, per yr, out of 15 yrs I'd been drawing.

Llama jump by Droneguard > Feel free to llama bomb me. I will send you a llama back when I have time too ( and as long as you don't have mature content in/on your account), and I'll also check out your gallery at the same time, (when I get the chance to.)

See RULES below, to know more about Maturity Content Consequences, as well as other important rules.

:+devwatch: > If you watch me, I will auto watch back when I have time, (as long as your gallery is clean ie does not contain mature content such as nudity, porn/hentai, crotch shots, boob shots, ass shots, characters in their underwear etc) - you get the idea, cuz I usually check people's galleries before I watch/support back....

If you're comming from DA Hub, it will take me even longer to get to you, cuz Watchers tend to come in droves at time and it's alittle difficult for me to keep up...

In essence, just try to be patient cuz these days now I spend half my time visiting the hospital for my health issues (or for my mom when she gets extremely sick), 1/4 time drawing (mostly linearts cuz they're easier and consume less time given how things have become) and the other 1/4 of the time I either don't feel like coming online, cuz I'm too tired or too unmotivated (or bleeding out to death/having health issues...) etc or spend it on Facebook. Thanks for understanding.

:points: > Donate points if you want to. Its totally optional to do and its greatly appreciated if you do donate :D I use the points to commission favors from Artists for my work, from time to time.

:FeelingFree: by MenInASuitcase > (Bonus) If you read this entire posted entry and ain't offended or have no nude art or ain't a troll/hater or some idiot looking for an online fight in the wrong place or a "professional complainer" who critiques my work (despite the label saying not to), yet can't fix their work etc, then you have nothing to fear. You are more than welcome and I will try to support you as best as I can, as long as I am here awake and online.

Collaborations Closed Sticker (Teal) by calbhach Art Trades Closed Stamp (Teal) by calbhach Requests Closed Stamp (Teal) by calbhach Commissions Closed Stamp (Teal) by calbhach

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Ribbon 01 by M-seiran:iconletterr-plz: :iconletter-u-plz::iconletter-l-plz::iconletter-e-plz::iconletters-plz: Ribbon 01 by M-seiran

NOTE: (These are Rant like, but they gotta be said, cuz I'm getting fed up of people and their rubbish/issues over the yrs, and then being ignored when I discuss them via miscellaneous gallery rant posts or journals. I'm also getting tired of people shoving their nudity/porn art in my face with zero consideration for my feelings and I'm sick and tired of people looking for a fucking excuse to be a drama queen/king on my account, just cuz my preferences are different from theirs and they can't accept them like mature people are supposed to.

I'm also tired of people telling me what the fuck to do on my own Profile, or starting any argument on my Profile via PMs, on my Gallery Content/Art or in the Comments Section of my account, just cuz they don't like me or don't agree with my personal views or how I choose to control my account on DA, and have to bitch about it like a tantruming crybaby, (particularly the young adults who are supposed to know better).

If my rules make you feel uncomfortable, discouraged etc, then that means I'm doing my damn job, since at the end of the day I have a right to speak up against the things that bother me and set rules to make my internet experience in my personal space on DA, as comfortable as possible, especially considering that I'm very selective of the people I keep company with. It also means, you don't belong on my page/account and you're probably not welcome here if you feel uncomfortable etc. Just saying.

The reason why these rules are here, is because in the last yr or so some people on this site, act like they can behave and do whatever they want, ie be self righteous assholes, on my account then make excuses as to why I should allow their bs or bs from others to happen here. And I'm sorry, I can no longer tolerate that kind of shit. (You know who you are. especially if I block you for your none-sense.)

Here are examples of what I mean, (cuz before 2017 began, my life on DA was generally quite nice, peaceful etc and if people disagreed, they did it in a CIVIL manner instead of acting like Teenage Bratts who got upset when they don't get the "suck up" type of attention they want or even get the typical response they expected, cuz they delusionally think all Artists and Pros are the same or that they should be the same/mainstreamed. Btw, these are from Users who are LESS than 1 yr old, ie brand spanking new to DA, and draw like 5yr old children but complain about other people's work instead of improving their own etc.)
> PT 1
> PT 2

The more aholes appear, the more I add to the rules and longer this Widget gets. (That's how it works.)


Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa

Police revamp by Droneguard Stop by Amazinadrielle or get = banned fella (Reactions) by Ehsartem > If you have Mature Content,
EG: Nudity (exposure of genitalia and or breasts), Porn/Hentai NSFW, Yaoi/Yuri, Ecchi, characters in their underwear, characters with over exaggerated "features" (like a character's breasts, crotch or buttocks regions), Vore, "Tentacle" Porn/Art, sexually suggestive kind of content, etc, in or on your Gallery, you will be BLOCKED from my account and placed on my DA Ignore List, PERMANENTLY. (Please note that this rule only applies to those who interact with my account via the llama service or watch service.)

Sorry, but I do not tolerate nor support that kind of sickly and deprived kind of "work", (regardless of your reason for drawing it and regardless of weither or not you call it "Artistic" or "tasteful/un-tasteful"), cuz there are wwwaaayyyy too many other things you can create with your Art Skills in my opinion.
In addition,
DA is supposed to be a PG 13 site and it is EXPLICITLY against the rules to post such content, but since the staffers here have been caring less and less for the last 18 yrs since the site was launch, you sadly will find that kind of work here. So whilst they might not care, I DO and just because some of you like that kind of content, doesn't mean that I nor everyone else on DA likes it to, cuz it's not ok to shove it in everybody's face.
I also don't care if you use the mature filter or not. The filter only works if you're under 18 on DA and the system knows that you are. If you're older than 18, the filter here is like lifting a fucking covering sheet off the piece. IT DOESN'T FUCKING CENSOR SHIT, (so please stop telling me to "turn on the filters", cuz it's on and still doesn't do shit, and then there are some assholes who don't use the filters, so kindly shut up..)

So please DON'T llama me or watch me, if you have Alot, of that kind of work in your gallery, cuz I'm not interested in viewing it, (regardless of if it's in 2D or 3D format and irregardless of if it's a drawing/3D Model or Photography. I don't care.) It saves both your time, and my time, ultimately If you don't send a llama or watch request.

If you're not sure, save yourself the trouble and don't llama or watch me. Simple.
Literature/texts submissions with Mature Themes don't count, cuz I would never read it anyway. I'm sadly not much of a book worm. I only care about the drawings, paintings, animations, etc. And I'm completely fine with Violence and Gore. (It's the sexualized art I have a problem with.)

REASON FOR THIS RULE: I use llamas as "View my Gallery plz" Requests. It saves both your time (from asking me via comments/inbox messages) and saves me time from reading it -.- I do not Ever, consider llamas as "compliments/gifts." To me, that's kinda stupid and pointless, cuz I can use my Art Skills to make gifts. As for watches/following, I usually watch back people and do watch trades, cuz I have a bad habit of "stalking" artists to fav bomb the living crap out of them for their content over time, (ie show them some support etc.)

I personally HATE sexual/Mature Content/nudity etc, (for many different reasons.). and it is highly UNFAIR, plus INCONSIDERATE for you to submit a llama and waste my time and make me feel horribly UNCOMFORTABLE viewing your gallery of prostitutional filth.
So PLEASE! (For the love of god!) Do Not llama or watch me if you have sexually Mature Content. Thank you.
I'm NOT saying that you can't keep drawing it, cuz it's your choice. All I am saying is DO NOT come onto my profile with it or try to associate with me in anyway if that's what you choose to draw. (There's 7.1 billion other people you can tag onto, instead of me. I'm just saying.)

Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa

Police revamp by Droneguard Stop by Amazinadrielle or get = banned fella (Reactions) by Ehsartem > Please don't send me spam, inviting me to "check out" something like a website or and ad or whatever, especially via my PM Inbox, in my the Comments Section on my Profile or even on my Art/Gallery Content. I most likely will report you and block you, not just for your spam, but for wasting my time. (This includes hate spam and porn spam because it's considered a type of harassment under DA's rules and it can result in the Staff banning you from the site in multiple ways.)

Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa

Police revamp by Droneguard Stop by Amazinadrielle or get = banned fella (Reactions) by Ehsartem > Please do not spam my work or put your troll comments on it, if you don't like it, especially on my old content, (cuz you look like an idiot doing that. I mean it's old content from yrs ago, compared to what I can currently do.)
At the end of the day, I'm not your TV, Net-flicks, or Youtube Entertainment Centre nor your slave, and I don't draw for you.
I draw and colour things for myself, (self expressionism), and to make myself feel better since I suffer from clinical depression, (and I have zero interest in taking pills for it or using other methods since they usually don't work.) Drawing whatever I want, however I want, helps.
If you don't like my work, you can make your own, or ignore me or block me and move on. Simple! I don't spam you or your work (most likely), so don't be a cunt and do it to me. If you insist on commenting negatively as if this is Tumblr/Facebook, you will be reported and blocked from my account.

Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa

Police revamp by Droneguard Stop by Amazinadrielle or get = banned fella (Reactions) by Ehsartem > Please do not critique my work/ make suggestions nor ask/offer to critique or make suggestions, (especially on my old content, or if you don't have much of an art skill.)
And also don't "sugar coat it with the typical "this is amazing/pretty/wonderful" bla bla "but I have a few issues/problems with it", cuz then I'd be an asshole on you even more.

If I don't ask for a critique or suggestion (and you're not a close friend of mine), then don't be rude, (regardless of your intent), cuz I'm pretty sure you would want the same level of respect directed towards you or your work, right. If you insist on critiquing and then get upset when I kick you in the face for it (cuz you didn't read/listen to the warnings put here and on my art), you will be reported and blocked from my account, cuz you're only looking for attention and to cause drama.

If you want to critique work so badly, please go join some groups that specifically do that, or find open activities via the forums that request for Critiques. Don't come here. My depression is enough as it is and I get enough rubbish from my haters and my parents (when they're in a mood) - which unfortunately adds to my current, deteriorating and unstable health condition.
I do not need you adding to it and encouraging me to committee suicide in some way or form, just cuz you don't know how to be considerate, (especially if your drawing skills are lower than mine or my friends/ or some of my fans level - who are higher than me btw. And no, that's not an "ego" thing. That's a honest fact cuz I follow over 5000 artists on the entirety of the internet so far and I've seen what they can do compared to both you and I. )
In addition, I'm extremely HAPPY with MY Art Style - imperfections and all, (cuz I work hard for my art), and as I've stated before, I'm not fucking drawing for "your entertainment"/ I'm not your Netflix/TV/Youtube Entertainment Centre, nor your slave, AND you're not following me nor paying me to draw, so please kindly fuck off.
If any of that's a problem for you, then that's just too bad. Find someone else to harass, because this "black" girl here, ain't got time for your fluzy, hypocrite ass.

And please don't ask me why I don't accept Critiques, cuz I will automatically block and ignore you. Why? Cuz you're only asking so you can cause more drama by starting a pointless argument, on which you insist that you and you alone are right, instead of understanding my side of the story, (especially if you're here because of your friend who's hating.) That's all I have to say on that matter and if that as well is a problem, then you proved my point already - That you're a drama queen/king and you can't accept people being different than you and you're just looking for an excuse (like a typical bully), to pick on someone due to their differences.

Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa

Police revamp by Droneguard Stop by Amazinadrielle or get = banned fella (Reactions) by Ehsartem > Please do not tell me how to run my Account or what I can and cannot upload to MY gallery, especially when I want to Feature an Artist/s to support them and encourage others to also support them. It's very rude, insulting, obnoxious, idiotic and is considered harassment.
First of all, YOU HAVE YOUR OWN ACCOUNT, to do with as you please right?....
So why are you being a dickhead to me or other people for what I/we choose to do on our account/s?? Do you see what I'm saying right? (The hypocrisy)

Secondly, I get that DA states that you can't upload other people's art to your gallery, BUT that only applies to if you don't follow proper Art Etiquette Rules, which are >
1) get permission from the Artist/s (and have evidence on standby just incase for many reasons.)
2) CREDIT the Artist/s,
3) Link the source/s and where you can find the Artist/s of the work you're sharing and
4) Inform the Artist (if you can.)

I have always followed these rules, and they are always found in the DESCRIPTION of the uploads. If this is too hard for you to understand or if it's too hard for you to read the descriptions when I Feature people, then you shouldn't even be online in the first place. I'm just saying.
I am an Artist yes, but I'm also a human/ Fan/Supporter of other Artists, and I've got a human heart and personal preferences. (In addition, most Artists like when you positively promote/support them.) I'm not a robot or a dog for you to control -.- If you insist on being a dickhead, you will be reported and blocked from my account.

Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa

> Police revamp by Droneguard Stop by Amazinadrielle doing this Domo say: No fav and run by Orbitdum1 :Walk-Away: by BubbleShooter : Please be aware that If you un-watch me, after I've watched you aka Watch Bait me, I will find you and un-watch you back, because it's not fair nor nice to Watch Bait people nor waste their time. (This isn't Instagram. People actually genuinely care here.)
Don't get me wrong, It's your choice to leave, and I won't block you for it BUT, don't expect me to keep watching you or watch you back after you've just pull that stunt. The only way I'll keep following you, is if your work is exceptionally well done. Other than that, say byebye. (This rule generally applies to Users who engage in Watch Trading with me. I have no "beef" with anybody eles on this matter.)

Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa

Police revamp by Droneguard Stop by Amazinadrielle or get = banned fella (Reactions) by Ehsartem > Stop accusing me of "tracing" art, when there are WIPs (and maybe credits and source tags depending on the date and time the art was made/posted), attached to the work, IN THE DESCRIPTION BOX, you're accusing, and then sending stupid people to my profile to start some bs drama.
As long as I have any WIPs and/or vid recording content of me working on a piece, as proof that I made something, (as recommended by DA rules etc for insurance purposes, considering how US folks are always Law Suit trigger happy), you don't really have a case nor claim, and you're only complaining and making excuses to hate me and encourage hate, instead of moving on, cuz you have nothing better to do and you don't want to use your wasted time to make your own art better or study in school or whatever. Just saying.

Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa

Police revamp by Droneguard Stop by Amazinadrielle or get = banned fella (Reactions) by Ehsartem > Do not come to my profile, complaining about me giving you back your llama and letting you know I that I did, or accuse me of Spamming you, (cuz I'm not.) If you do, I will cuss you out and block you, cuz you're only looking to start drama for no reason, when I'm trying to be nice.

If I post a "Llama Returned" Comment onto your profile that looks like this
> Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine by Arrelline Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario :skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock light cherry blossoms a by DiegoVainilla Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario LLAMA RETURNED Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario light cherry blossoms b by DiegoVainilla :skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine by Arrelline Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario

, it means that I checked out your art gallery, (as I said I would do, if you gave me a llama and you didn't have nudity/porn etc on your account), and I had kindly returned the llama you sent.
The second reason that notice appears on your profile, is cuz sometimes I do Llama for Llama Trades and sometimes DA Malfunctions and prevents people from seeing their profile activities via the Notifications Tab.

I like to make damn sure my bases are covered, due to those two other factors, and cuz some people do get very upset from not getting back their llama o.o (It happens.) If you don't want the notification, then please say so before sending me a llama, or just don't give me a llama at all, cuz you have to understand that per yr, I usually get up to 450 llamas to return. This yr (2017), I got 800 T.T (and the yr isn't even over yet -.-) I do not have time to treat you like a damn princess/queen, when other people send me a llama to let me know that they want me to check out their art work and I have illustrations/art to finish myself, etc. I value my time, especially when I don't have to do any of this for people. So, Please learn to be considerate instead of being a ahole.

EDIT: It's a few months into 2018 and the gallery review request is now about 1000 llamas. Some people have waited for 2 yrs to get back their llama, because I keep getting more llamas, which bury theirs and it's hard to get to everybody when I'm in the mood to go exploring. Remember, this is my time I am using to trade back llamas, favs and watches. Just another side note, you should be mindful of, if you're coming here to be an asshole when I give you back your llama.

Same goes for the "Watch Earned" or "Watch Returned" comment on your profile, (which has the same decor theme), when you give a llama and I become a fan of your stuff during the Gallery Request Review or you Watch Trade with me.

> For the B-DAY Greetings, the Celebratory Art pieces that are attached, is my personal and special way to give back to the Global Society for free, (cuz I ain't rich enough to give away money yet o.o) and to promote positivity and kindness around the Internet, (especially on people's birthday), cuz I don't know if the person on the other side of my screen/s is having a shitty day or not. or if they're suicidal, or angry at the world or, is a victim of internet trolling/hate, or what and cuz there ain't enough people being nice to each other no more these days and I want to do something about it.

It is NOT and NEVER will be "an excuse to showcase my art/advertise", (as a couple of you people out there, accused me of doing - you know who you are), cuz I keep my personal art separate from my other work and I tend to do things alittle differently than other Artists do.
This is my Work Structure generally:…

For more info on what Celebratory Art is about/for, view the description in this Project Folder >…
If you don't like the Celebratory Art cuz it's FREE for Everybody in the world, you can always wait till I open my Art Request Services or Commission me to custom make something specific for you.

As for Welcome Greetings, the only reason I use Plz decor, emo-cons and my personal Art is cuz I don't know how to make a flash file (period), that demonstrates a good Welcome Sign and I'm an introvert/ not the type to "introduce themselves upfront" like extroverts do.
In addition, it's an Art Site, so I figured instead of giving someone a boring looking greeting of plain text, (like everyone else does), why not give them something creative to view and make them feel that they deserve to be welcomed here, (especially given the fact that DA is now buried 6 feet deep with aholes and trolls who try to bully Users off the forums or the site -.-)

That's it for the Rules for now. Thanks for reading :) and hopefully understanding.


PS: (This is for my haters/trolls etc) Please note that if you think I have an "ego problem" or you think I'm a bitch/toxic person or you have to attack and mock me just cuz I don't like mature art or cuz I have depression and you think it's an excuse, then understand something. I don't care about your view generally, cuz 1) you're judgmental, you don't know what someone with an actual ego behaves like, you choose not to understand why I hate mature/sexual art, (because you don't want to use your brain nor empathize with other people different than you) and you didn't bother to take your time to get to know me, as my fans have done over the yrs they'd been following me, AND it takes a bitch/toxic person to know one, (last time I checked from my experience). So f**k off! As for the depression aspect, you're a straight up a-hole for making fun of that or thinking it's an excuse of any kind. Last time I checked, pushing someone and stressing them out enough to the point where they want to committee suicide, when they already have suicidal urges, does not make you a hero/saint/good person.

2) You're the one who's making it a big issue like a crybaby and pointing it out constantly, especially to get other people to ride on a hate/drama train you started. That says ALOT about you generally.
Atleast I accept the fact that I as a human being, have flaws and preferences and I'm honest and "brave" enough to speak of them and speak about how I feel and inform people about myself, before they associate with me, (because I wasn't born on this planet to suck to anybody nor be their slave in any way or form.) Can't say the same for you.
In addition to that, I'm NOT the only user of the internet or this site, who has problems with all the crap that's been going on, including about unwanted critiques or certain types of art. I just choose to be more.... "vocal" about it, because I care and have a right to speak up against it, (especially since the majority of DA's own Community has complained about issues on this site, including about nudity etc, over the past 7 yrs I'd been here.)
And 3) I'm not here to suck up to you or beg you to watch me etc. Following me or even liking my work is your choice. I can't control that. The best I can do is give you an informed warning of whom you're gonna associate with if you do watch etc, cuz I do value my time etc.

You like my art and want to see more of my work, then cool. If you like my art but can't or won't watch me cuz of your mature art, then hhhheeelllloooo (common sense), Bookmark my account to your browser OR follow me on a different social platform such as Facebook, Instagram etc, cuz DA is not my only active Social Hub, (if you care that much.)
Don't like me or my art? Cool still, cuz it's your choice. Nobody is begging or forcing you to follow/watch me or to even like me or my work (especially if you're not a fan or you're not paying me to do the work I choose to do in my own way), and you're not as special as you may have considered yourself to be. (Just saying the obviously.)

At the end of the day, I'm not interest in pleasing everybody in the world (considering that that's an impossible goal), or doing what other people want with my personal work (verses paid), and I'm not really interested in being famous either. I originally came to DA because an Artist (who had associations with Dream Works Studio cuz of her family), that I used to know in Highschool told me about the site and said that it was a good place to post and share your art if you wanted to, besides it being a Social Media outlet.

And stop telling me to "calm down" and that I "shouldn't be on the internet", just because you don't like my choices or preferences. Like grow the f**k up. If you don't like my choices etc and you have to make a big deal about it, then you can ignore me or block me. End of story. Nobody is begging you to be here on my page -.- Geeze.

Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool Star by Kakiwa Ribbon 01 by M-seiran Star by Kakiwa

Extra Note: For all you aholes out there who have a problem with me not liking sexual content, nudity etc because you''re ok with it and think everybody should be too, do me a huge favor, Kindly STFU and please STOP asking me why I have a problem with/hate it. (And yes, I'm gonna block you guys too.)
All you're doing is being a drama queen/king, looking to start another pointless argument where you and you alone think you're right. If my preference bothers you so damn much you have 3 options - A) Accept that I have preferences different from you, and move on with your life, B) Ignore me and move on, or C) Block me and move on. End of Story. Why are you making this such a big f%$king deal? (Steups)

And for those of you who want to judge me for either not accepting critiques or not accepting certain types of art, f**k you too, and I will block you as well. Why? Cuz just like the first two examples above, you as well want to create unnecessary drama and make the excuse that "this is the internet" etc and I'm very sorry, but that is bs I won't tolerate. You don't control the internet and cannot dictate who should and shouldn't be on it. I don't have that ability neither, but atleast I can use my account as my PERSONAL SPACE away from the public areas and I do get the right to decide who comes onto it. (That's one of the whole points of a User account in the first place, cuz this isn't 4chan -.-)

And I don't care if you want to get all "salty" and cruel and wanna shit talk me behind my back or if you don't consider me a professional artist cuz you think "I'm a horrible/toxic bitch/person" for talking about my honest views/feelings, or for giving you back the same shitty treatment you have given me, and you think more people should hate me as you do. That's your choice and opinion.
At the end of the day, I still have my own life to live, my art/work to finish, fans to support and tend to etc and you generally don't really get to decide who or what I am. If you want me to stop replying, and being coldhearted/realistic,(or as you call it "being rude"), then stop treating me like shit, (especially if I don't know you and you're just coming here to complain or start arguements/drama, expecting me to care.) It's that simple.

Oh and before you go "well if we can't ask you questions, then how are we supposed to understand you?", let me just say that over the yrs, I've tried to be nice and explain my side of the story about my choices and perferances, and instead of getting an "Oh I understand" and being left alone, I usually get backlashed, hated on, attacked and insulted/argued with just cuz the other person (who asked) didn't want to read what I had to say cuz it was too long or it "offended" them.
And I am sorry. I am fed up of getting kicked in the face or had my time wasted for responding to questions like "what do I have against nudity etc" and "why don't I take critiques." I am not gonna obliged them anymore, cuz you people have a brain. Start using it for once.



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Paul and Brad in the Green Room 4
Here is shot (upon many), that I took on Wednesday, Day 2 officially for the Stop Motion Master Class at Animae Caribe 2018, with Paul Harrod and Brad Schiff. (It's day 3 for those who came the Tuesday to help finish up.)
This was in the afternoon where, we had transferred everything that was built, back into building with the glass panel class rooms. One of the rooms was converted into a Green Room. 

In this shot, Brad is trying to set up his Tripod & Cam, and fix the puppet and Barah Box to adjust for framing before animating. Paul and my team mate (Stanley), were setting up the background we worked on (with Paul as our guide), so that we could animate the BG. We were gonna animate the BG first and then animate the puppet, and merge the two together during post production, with sound.

Continuation of my AC2018 Experiences. This is Day 3. 

Below is Day 1:

And Day 2:


So it's Wednesday and I found myself walking into the Art Room/Workshop, feeling upset/angry and unhappy - (cuz I was an entire hour late from the original time - 9am.
I honestly never understood why even after 3 yrs, POS, STILL had fucking traffic issues during the morning. It's expensive to travel there these days, yet the road conditions hadn't changed much -.- Aaaaaarrrgggghhhh!)

The room was busy and crowded with lots of new faces. The first person I met at the Canvas Table where my BG team was at on day one, was Stanley - an elderly gentleman who was in the BG Team. He noticed I was upset and questioned it, so I had to explain. At some point I was looking down at the BG Canvas that Paul had helped worked on for the last 2 days and for some reason, the feeling of being completely useless seeped in. I then tried to locate my Food Props, only to find that they were missing, so I walked around the room, and found them completely dismantled and being remade over, by a bunch of skinny, overly talkative, east indian girls - (newbies). 
Internally, I got even more upset and thought that maybe they were asked to remake them over because they weren't good enough to Paul and Brad's standards....
And instead of trying to cause any uproar/drama due to not knowing the full story of why this was happening, I chose to hide my feelings/ remain composed/professional, and returned to stand next to Stanley. Unfortunately my sour feelings got worse  when Brad stepped in, saw me, and was like "Good Job on the Props you did. I liked them." (I think Paul also agreed with this too.)

I felt instant hate towards Brad - because I thought he was being pretentious/fake. All I kept getting from the two of them was a bunch of praises, that eventually I started getting fed up of it.
By the time the Live Action Reference walked in (which was a Double Vendor), set up his stall and started making Doubles so Brad could film him, while people all over the Campus block poured in, made orders and ate, my feelings became too much to bear.

I took my phone, went outside, tried to listen to some music in an attempt to "calm down", but instead I was chatting with Joel via my mobile in text, crying my eyes out - because I got bitterly angry, since some old wounds from my past, got re-opened. Not only that, but I thought Brad was a dick.
After 5 mins, I couldn't take it anymore, so I composured myself again, and made a choice - either suck it up and go after Brad - (since I had a few bones to pick with him too), OR, take my bag and leave/not return to the Festival - ever. I chose the first option out of civility & rationality. 

I  got up, walked back into to the room, put my phone back into my bag, ignored poor old Stanley for a moment (cuz he was talking to me but I didn't pay attention T.T) and walked straight up to Brad at the other end of the room- (who was kneeling on the floor, trying to connect his laptop to a TV Monitor and get it working, in preparation for a short lecture on LAVs he gonna give later.) Despite having some slight fear of the man, I stared him dead in the eyes, and the first thing that came out of my mouth (from what I can remember at moment, a month later), was ' Sorry to bother you, but why do you keep hugging me? Am I the only person you hug?" (because it's starting to bother me alot.)

His response was "I hug people I like" and "No, I hug other people too." Despite being disappointed with his response - (because I don't think he understood what I meant by my second question - assuming he had a wifey and kids, and I met excluding them ) - for some reason I started to calm down alittle - mostly cuz his eyes seemed calm and sincere - (and weren't creepy glowing like last time.) He then proceeds to say that he realizes that (the hugging) is making me very uncomfortable and that if I wanted, he would stop. 

For no logical reason, I decided to continue analyzing him (like I'd been doing since he started questionably hugging me) and again,  I thought about his feelings if I were to be in his shoes - (like I did on Monday at the Cocktail event.) The impression I got, was if I had agreed to his offer, he would get upset/unhappy - so I replied "No it's ok, I just wanted to know (understand) why, but you can go ahead".

Aaaannnnddddd then that stupid dejavu feeling started comming back again.... and I accidentally but softly said "you make me feel better"  (because I started feeling calm and at peace for no reason, while standing next to him) - followed instant regret Sweating a little... , because I realized how super creepy that sounded. Like I was never ok with when guys tell me that or anything similar if they liked me, and here I was being a hypocrite infront of Brad.... Sweating a little... :( (Sad) Waaaah!  (what an embarrassment I must be lol.)

To counter so he wouldn't get a chance to respond, I immediately changed topic and questioned him on his "compliment" - because I confessed that it seemed fake to me. He then said that he was being genuine, to which I responded "If that's how you feel, then why is are they (the props) being re-done (more like destroyed) over?" At that point I think he got alittle alarmed at that, cuz he immediately rose... I directed him where, to the table with the newbie girls doing over the food props. Having seen what was going on (which I kinda think he didn't expect), he asked why they were being done over and one of the girls tells him "they just weren't working for us and there were spaces in it" (muffled voices) and I was like oh and I walked off, returning to my original work area, in the BG dept with Stanley. 

I was still bitter, though - mostly cuz 1) I worked on those things alone, where here there were 4 of them together (ie they had help lol).... 2) I made spaces between the plaster scene, to give the illusion that each cup was full - despite limited resources - (hey you gotta work with what you got. I didn't have a choice lol. Plus Brad did something for one of his films. If he could get away with it, why couldn't I?) As long as the top looked good and Brad could dip the laddle deep enough (at the top) to scrape what he needed for the puppet animation, it was fine and 3) I was just trying to follow Brad and Paul's instructions, on what they had requested lol.
In the end, I just had to let it go - though occasionally I would hover by and check on their progress (cuz we really needed those props for later that day - given that Wednesday was the last "official" day for the Workshop and all. So yes, I was alittle worried. I did like their Channa prop though. It was way better than mine, but I was extremely happy that they didn't touch my Cucumber Prop I am a dummy! I loved that Prop like it was my own kid Love(despite the fact that I don't have kids nor want any.)  

Once again I stood by Stanley - feeling better cuz of Brad, but then feeling useless again, until we (Stanley, Paul and I), had to try to make the wave element, animate-able for the Sea aspect for the project. I think by accident, I spoke out about how useless I felt Sweating a little... Sweating a little... Sweating a little... cuz Paul had asked us to  do something else and I was happy about it - lol. He also wanted us to paint the Sky Prop - since he had finished re-enforcing it, and was teaching people how to, then allowed it to dry. So he asked if I could mix some blue paint (now that they got good blue and white acrylics to use). The newbie (who I liked and got into our Bg team that day), wanted to mix paint cuz she wanted to help in some way, but then kinda backed out cuz she wasn't confident in mixing paint. I wasn't either, but it had to be done, so I poured in some dark blue and  white acrylic paints, and water into a plastic cup and mixed it, then we asked Paul if the colour I got was ok. He took it and started painting with it with the newbie girl.
For some reason I was like...."are you sure that isn't too dark?" :o (Eek) "I thought a sky was supposed to be in a gradient?"
Paul > "No it's fine." (happily paints away.)

In the end though, after I had taken this photo >…
and turned around, I saw the prop and just went " :o (Eek) holy fuck!" - simply cuz the thing matched Brad's damn T-shirt. I tried to pursued Paul to add something eles to the colour, but (shrugs.)

During all that, I met about 3 new people & had conversations with them :) I can't remember their names atm, but I remember their faces - especially this one guy  with a parasol on his back like a sword - (Paul noticed it too), who kept on insisting that, I looked like I was into Cosplay or that I should do it - while my response was always, Cosplay wasn't my thing.
> (Truth be told, I'm not really a huge fan of Cosplay, especially female Cosplay - because most of the people who do it, are unoriginal and uncreative, in the sense that they will see a character from a show and try to dress exactly like the character, which for some, includes characters that are scantly and or "male fantasy" clad like in Kill la Kill etc. Personally I prefer seeing people's twist ideas on other people's characters, like how artists make unique Sailor Moon Fan Art in their own style or even like how Pokemon Gijinkas are, away from the norm/standard. With Cosplay you can do the same, but not alot of people do it.... I mean, if you gonna spend all that money for a Costume, might as well go the extra mile and add your own thing to it, you know.)

Anyway, there were camera people around, taking pics, the place was even busier, cuz people were comming and going/visiting, my entire team showed up and we made clouds out of Cotton - we even had a couple newbies help us out ^.^ - it was great.
The UTT Student's team also showed up, but they appeared to not seem to like his umbrella prop and they started criticizing it. I saw that/heard that and spoke loudly "Well I like it" - in attempt to re-enforce some confidence in the group. (I think too much of Brad and Paul started rubbing off on me lol.) It was a pretty good prop, especially since I don't have the engineering capabilities to make what that boy worked on all day - by himself - (cuz nobody from his team showed up on Tuesday - which in my opinion gave them no rights to complain about the project.) 

By lunch, the Workshop room had started emptying out cuz people needed to go eat etc. I realized it was 1pm, so I decided that I should go eat to prevent myself from getting another headache. Last I remembered, the Cafe run time for lunch was from 11:30 to 12:30. After that, your options were limited to pies, fries, junk food and paste sandwiches. I was lucky enough to get a beef and chicken pies. I never had them before from my Uni's cafe. They were pretty good.  The beef tasted the way that it should. I had missed that flavor Heart , as it had been about 10 yrs since I had consumed beef with a rich profile.
I thought the Art/Workshop room was empty, so I had lunch there. Paul and Brad had gone upstairs to have their lunch as well (I assumed.), but then somehow out pops in Brad, walking in to get something, and then he realizes  that I'm in the room but got confused as to what I was eating, he turns and asks me "What are you eating??"

Blush Sweating a little... Sweating a little...   - (Music Hello awkward feeling, my old friend. Hug Welcome back yuh bastard! Music  - was my thought at Brad's question. I really don't understand why, but I always feel awkward and blush shyly alot whenever Brad interacts with me. I've found that this bothers me alot, since I don't react the same with Paul or anybody else o.o)
Now I get confused and I'm staring at him, and he repeats the question XD, so I had to explain in some detail, what I was trying to eat, where I got it and why two of them Sweating a little... Sweating a little...  (And then for some reason, I got a strong urge to go buy him a pie so he could try it for himself. But then I had to stop myself to be considerate further, because I realized I didn't know if he was vegan, had a sensitive diet or what.) 
Satisfied with my response, he continues down the room, grabs what he needed and slips out the room again XD  After he disappeared, I had conversations with a few passers by. 

Eventually the session resumed, and I got confused to where the "green room" was located, so I as usual I tagged along with someone who knew where to go - in the sense that I had to help Paul carry the clouds and sky board prop over. Everybody eles brought in the other props too. I almost tripped over the dang floor board at the door/entrance to the room, despite Paul telling me to watch my step. I didn't understand what he meant before walking forward, so I mis calculated my step o.o Sweating a little... Sweating a little... Sweating a little... (Well I guess things are back to normal, since I was constantly feeling awkward so often again Sweating a little... Sweating a little...)

At this point, Brad, Paul, Remy, Stanley, and few volunteers from the crowd and myself, started setting up the Set, Puppet, Lighting etc in the room. They had bought in a Canvas Art Board to use as a Table - (it was what was available to use as the time.)
Paul, Stanley and I had to stick the cotton clouds onto the sky prop and then Stanley and I had to wrap, Cling Wrap around a couple thick wires and had to use that to animate the waves on the shore line - under Paul's guidance.
I wasn't paying much attention - cuz I started reflecting on the days of my old Stop Motion Classes from Uni, and then Paul announces to the crowd of onlookers, and volunteers etc in the room, what was going to happen/what they were planning to do with the BG and that Stan and I were going to be the volunteer animators for the BG.
I snapped out of my thoughts and exclaimed - "Did you just Omar Lewis me!?" (my mind was on my old tutor for my Stop Motion Classes and because I wasn't paying attention, I let that slip out. People in the room didn't understand the reference, but they giggled Giggle  at my sudden exclamation - which ironically, made me feel better :D (Big Grin) Sweating a little... .) 
Paul > "Yyyeeeessss, you're gonna be the animators cuz it's your project you worked on."
Me > (silently accepts - cuz he had a point...)

So we took our positions, Brad checked his framing/composition, cuz he was gonna vid record the Bg Animating separately and Stan and I tried twisting the rods via both Paul and Brad's instructions. It was alot harder that I thought it would be, cuz my fingers started hurting trying to twist the wires. They seemed to stop feel super flexible and became rigid for some reason. While we were doing that, Paul was behind me, while a volunteer from the crowd was on the other side, behind Stan, and they were gently brushing the cling wrap covering the sea - trying to give the illusion of water movement. I actually liked Paul's Idea and animating more than mine, lol.  

Once that was a wrap, Brad decided that he wanted to hot glue everything down - from the table, to the lights themselves XD, to his own Tripod XD LOL and set up the puppet etc and glue that down too, cuz he claimed that sometimes when he was animating, he would get clumsy and knock over things sometimes, or shift the puppet out of place accidentally XD. I have no idea if it worked though. He needed a Hobby Knife and we didn't bring any, so I volunteered to go get it from the Art/Workshop Room. Usually it was Rem or Paul, but I decided to take the initiative for once o.o I did find one, but then I started looking for the extra blades, cuz I wasn't sure if he wanted those too. I was about to head back to the Green Room, when this weird thought popped into my head - asking "what would happen if Brad just happened to walk in?" 2 seconds after, guess who literally walks in <.< Sweating a little... Sweating a little... 

LOL - Sometimes I hate my brain when it does that shit. Surprised I exclaimed "How did I know you were gonna show up?"
to which he replied that he was looking for a black casing with a bunch of tools and knifes in it, cuz he couldn't find it in the Green Room. (He was looking for a poker tool, to adjust the puppet's eyes, since those where animate-able too.) 
So, I decided to help him look for it. Since we couldn't locate the case nor the tool he wanted, we decided to return to the Green Room - me trailing behind him with a hobby knife in my hand. He returned to the puppet and I gave him the knife, which he thanked me for >…
I accidentally looked into the lights twice, looked away only to see everything black, and exclaimed to myself - "Oh, I'm blind now..." (great)
To my surprise, I hear soft spokenly, Brad going > 'Yeah I know, cuz I looked at them too" When I got my sight back, I realized he was standing next to me :o (Eek) smiling quite a bit. (He seemed to be in a really happy mood all day, which I found kinda amusing tbh) I then  moved towards the crowd and continued taking Photos of him while he made adjustments and preps to the set before animating. After this, we decided that people should take turns animating two or 3 frames at a time, until we made like 10 seconds of puppet animation, using Brad's Camera, Laptop and his Frame Capture software. 

Eventually I realized that the soles of my feet were killing me. I stopped paying attention to Brad for a minute - (which I think he noticed, cuz for some reason, he kept looking into the crowd occasionally, smiling alot, and doing some light, happy, head noddings - which was weird for me, cuz I'd only seen 1 guy I know from 5 yrs ago who behaved the same way to demonstrate that high level of confidence and happiness they had. At one point, whilst observing Brad, I asked myself - "....what kind of mess up bs happened to him in the past, that now results in him being the way that he is today??" - 3 weeks later, I found out, but anyway...) For some reason, I applied light pressure on my right knee and found that I was in alot of pain :o (Eek) . I kept touching it, thinking, "yeah - this shit is really hurting....AaaaaLOT... why????" - (because I was surprised that I didn't feel anything before :o (Eek) )
As a result, I temporarily stole Paul's stool, when he stepped out. I asked him if he wanted it back when he returned and stared at me, which he said yes to, and then he tried to explain why. (I didn't exactly need the explanation, cuz on Tuesday, he didn't notice that I was watching him and found he was limping. I had meant to ask him about his injury back then, but I forgot.)
So now I'm standing and I'm think, "ok, I gotta go to one of the classrooms and grab a chair", but before I could move, out of nowhere Brad gives me his stool. 
I stared at it like this Wow! and felt my heart "melt" for some reason. I realized I was staring in disbelief, so to hide my expression, I just sat down, next to Paul and looked on as people animated the puppet with Brad. I was about to worry about Brad, until I started seeing him happily kneeling or sitting on his shins on the floor, next to his laptop, whenever someone had to shoot frames o.o (What strange dude...)

Once my feet rested up, I started to take more photos again - this time trying to avoid getting blinded by the lights again - (Seeing all black is no fun folks, and I'm already half blind, lol) I got a shot from behind him. I was originally aiming for that, "Host addressing the audience" feel for the photo, like they take of celebs on stage. So he's talking to them/giving them a lecture, and I'm sneaking off quietly behind him to get the shot. For some reason he became aware, turns around - mid speech and I lightly smile and  wave at him with my mobile cam held up. The crowd giggles at this I am a dummy! (It wasn't intentional, but it made me feel better :D (Big Grin))  

We only had like a couple hours to do some animating, so we decided to re-schedule one final day (Day 4 - Thursday), to get the animation done. People were welcome to come back :) 
After that, we had to leave the Green Room. But before we did, I wanted to take a photo with Remy and Brad, since we all came for 3 days straight, to work on the Stop Motion Project. I was looking for someone left in the room to take the photo via my mobile, and a Committee Staffer volunteered, but then when she returned my mobile, I didn't like the photo cuz it came out badly - which translated into my facial expression. Brad also looked at it at the same time, and before I could say anything, he spoke to the Staffer, the exact thought I was thinking - "Hey can you re-take this photo?"
I was alittle shocked at him tbh (because that's the fourth time he seemed to read my mind for the week AND act on it before I could say or do anything to cause him to act) - , but the Staffer decided that she was gonna take the pic with her phone instead and then send it to me (or Brad) when she got a chance. I was about to protest, - (because I had learnt from the past about other Trinis when it came to asking them to take photos of me in anything - they don't fucking keep their word - ever - and even if you ask for the photos (because you value them to an extent more than them), they make excuses) - but Brad was already posing next to me, so I just went with the flow, lol. 

Upon exiting the Room, Brad made arrangements to have the room locked and schedule for the next day (Thrusday) at 9am. Some guy was talking to him alot, about Stop Motion. Brad gives him his Insta account, which I took note of mentally for later. At the end, he was giving people high fives, hand shakes and hugs. When it came to me, he didn't know how to respond, cuz of the discussion we had earlier, so he held his hand in the air to try to give me a high five.
I figured that this time, he earned his right to hug me - (all because of the one act of kindness he did earlier) - so I responded "I prefer hugs" - thus he gave one. For some reason, some people saw this and reacted with "Awww" I lightly freaked out at that, lol.  And well....this is how we (Brad and I) became friends - cuz I started messaging him often after that evening....and I added him via LinkedIn, and Facebook as well. Paul too, cuz he I had chatted with him quite a bit during the stop motion animating session, and for some reason, he gave me a hug too, before he took off. 
Puppetry Team 2
The Puppetry Production Team (part of it) - Remy aka RemBunction  and Brad. I took two photos to get this lol.
Puppetry Team 1
The Puppetry Production Team (part of it) - Remy aka RemBunction  and Brad. I took two photos to get this lol.