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Sonnet's Wings of Freedom - Bday Thanks Gift


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Candy-free Wallpaper 2 - Full



Brad Schiff's Gardenia Shoes - Lineart



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Bejeweled Keychain Collection: Surviving from 2006

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Red Cross Bow INTRO Red Cross Bow

:wave: Hola and Welcome to my Creative Profile :D

I'm a GLASSES - ANIMATED - Emote semi-blind, :rainbow: bi-sexual Da Vinci Fella (Artists) Artist from Flag of Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago, (suffering from sever :cry: Clinical Depression, :scared: Anxiety and Freak OutTrypophobia), who creates mostly SFW, Illustrative Content in either Hard Cell Shading (which is the use of solid colours) eg >

Give The Gift Of Art Contest Entry - ANGEL HEART

or Soft- Cell Shading (which is a mix of both hard and soft cell blending/colouring), eg >

Sonnet's Wings of Freedom - Bday Thanks Gift
Shatishamararie's OCs Laptop Wallpaper

in combination at times with texture photo manipulation eg >

Royal Lily Swan
Super Coloring's Garden Crocus - Done


Star Ribbon 01 Star I've been drawing since 2003 ie for 17+ yrs of my life. (The first 10 to 12 traditionally and mostly offline, while the remainder I converted fully to Digital Media, after I joined University in 2013 to study animation and had full access to digital technology of international standards - at the time.)

In all that time I've taught myself how to draw alot of things alone, (and today I am still self learning/ experimenting and practicing cuz there's always something new to explore), but the most significant lessons for me were Anime/Manga Character Designing, Drawing real people as Portraits, and learning how to use Photoshop.



Star Bow MY ART SKILLS Star Bow

light pink heartStar Pixel: Rainbow Heart Star light pink heartMy Specialty/Main Skills in the Art Field are:

Manga Character Designing, (both original and fan art), drawing Still Life and Nature Illustrations, creating Beaded/Crystal Jewelry Crafts and making Abstract Art.

Brad Schiff's Gardenia Shoes
Tiffa Project Abstract Series 1
Bejeweled Keychain Collection: Surviving from 2006

Star heart balloons Star heart balloons My Secondary Skills are:

Basic Comp Design (Graphics/Fancy Logo Designs), Drawing on Glass, creating Calligraphy, drawing Pencil or Digital Portraits, creating Vectored Works & Resources, drawing Mehindi/Henna Designs, creating Caricature Art (comming soon), Furry OC Designs (comming soon) Gijinka Designs, doing simple 2D Animations (comming back soon) and modeling objects in 3D.

Trinidad and Tobago's Logo Design 1
Tiffa Lei Lineart Portrait

Blade of Death and it's Drawing


Red Cross Bow TOOLS OF TRADE Red Cross Bow

Pixel: Rainbow Heart Star light pink heart Star Pixel: Rainbow Heart For the Traditional Medium:

it's usually 8 x11 computer paper, pencils (including coloured and shading) and Faber Castell Markers, (but I also like using chalk & oli pastels, textured paper and gel pens too - both the glitter and non glitter kinds.) For non coloured illustrations, I use Fine Point Pens, Ball Points and. the Faber Castell Fine Point, Ecco Pigment, Marker Pens.

I use the Sharpie brand for drawing on glass and other hard surfaces.

Photo 1 of Manilla Folders
Original Mehindi Design 6

Star heart balloons Star heart balloons For Digital Medium I use:

Autodesk Maya (for 3D Modeling), Adobe Illustrator (to create linearts, make gradients and vector resources), and Photoshop (to edit, composite, apply coloring and photo-manipulate) via the use of my very old and malfunctioning Windows 8.1 Laptop XD, (now replaced in 2020 with my Acer Nitro), in combination with a Keyboard and Optical Mouse. For my Abstracts, I use a series of "Kids" Art Apps that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store (that comes with Windows 8 and 10 Machines.)

Please note, that the Screens on my both my Laptops are tinted and specifically designed in mind for a person with eye sight problems like mine - (so ie if you are having some kind of issues, please adjust your screen's brightness/ contract to suit. Thank you.)

3D Abstract Vases 1
Realistic Heart Crystals 1


Star Ribbon 01 Star As for my Hobbies: I enjoy digitally colouring people's Linearts eg>

Kristen MacKenzie's Fake Artist's Tree - Coloured
Moonlighthawk's Gastropod - Coloured
Clownfish by Chayt - Coloured

light pink heart Star Pixel: Rainbow Heart Star light pink heart while on other occasions, I enjoy taking (amateur) Photography of things that look interesting to me in my country (either for still life illustration studies later on, just for the memories or to show "some" Americans, that my country isn't as " hut and canoe civilized" or as "tiny and insignificant" as they stereotype it to be) eg >

Ornate Floral Clock 2015 Shot 2
Christmas Decor 2
POS Wrightson Rd 10
Water Taxi 6
Boat in Harbor 1
Industrial Company 1 - POWERGEN
Monday AC2018 Cocktail Session Photo
Wild Lilac

Avalarian Orb When I'm not doing either of these things, I watch non-commentary gameplays via Youtube (for research purposes), I view films and animations (also for research purposes & entertainment), and/or chill to music while:

-> Reading DA User's Bios and going through their gallery (before communicating with them.)

-> Greeting Newbie Users to DA in my emoji patterned and art decored style

-> Sending Birthday Wishes (also in my emoji patterned style)

-> Responding to Llamas sent to me as requests to check out the sender's Art Works & resending those llamas in return when done.

-> Faving users Art Works (both during the Newbie Greeting Process and Llama Trading Process.)

Here is a list of img Emoji Decor Images you might come across from me, if I have visited your Profile or Forum post: (Please note that NONE of the Emojis are of my Art. I just borrowed them from the respective DA Creators to help me make decorative messages for the sole purpose of my style of communicating.)

pastel heart This one is to welcome Newbies to the site. In the Forums, Users may receive the animated version of this gesture. (Implemented since 2016.)

Welcome to DeviantArt

pastel heart This one (or similar) is for those who sent me a llama for the "Check out my Gallery" Requests - (implemented since 2015.)

Original Llama Back Reply

pastel heart These two are for feedback responses to "Thank yous" (about anything), basic compliments etc. Traditionally they used to be animated also, but Eclipse doesn't allow copy and paste emojis on Profiles, so I mostly stick with image I composited now, cuz I don't have the patience to manually type in each emoji, one by one all the time.... (Both styles were implemented in 2016/2017.)

You're Welcome Greeting
Thanks Greeting

pastel heart and finally, this one is for people celebrating their Birthdays.

(The original didn't look like this, but with the Eclipse System in 2020, the design was re-vamped. The original version was implemented in 2014, at first with friends, and then integrated to include Users registered via the DA Birthday's Listings in 2017 in combination with my Gift Basket Project Concept at the time.)

Happy Birthday Greeting

Other Img Greetings that will be created soon, will show up below here.




Star Ribbon 01 Star My purpose with Art (in regards to my personal works, personal fan-arts, freebies, replication experiments, digital colourings etc) is mostly a therapeutic kind (for my mental health.)

All I want to do is draw all the things I've always imagined/ thought about, dreamt about and viewed from my perspectives - irregardless of the work's accuracy, mistakes, style, quality or similarity to someone eles's work etc, - (because I never really got the opportunity in my younger yrs.) Drawing (in a nut shell for me), is my way of expressing myself and my escapism, (for things like dealing with trauma from abusive, irl situations.)

I originally joined Deviantart to share my works globally with my fans, friends and family, via the use of Social Media - (as most of them reside and/ or work outside of T&T).



<div class=spoiler><div>

> That said, (and while I understand that this part comes off as unprofessional - I HAVE to say it for the very specific one or two "Karens" / "Kevins" / "Triggered Snowflakers" and "out of context" people etc, that I does get anytime I have something factual to say or speak from my own life experience about the work that I do):

-> if you're the kind of person who likes to randomly "critique" people online - (disregarding if it's wanted or not by the artist you're targeting and yuh like to disregard descriptions, time/date stamps on pieces etc or use narcissism and excuses like "it's the internet", "don't post your art online if you don't want critiques" or "it's freedom of speech" or "I just wanted to help" (when nobody asked for said help), to justify the disrespect you committed),

-> OR you're the type who assumes/ accuses me of "tracing" and insists on it (despite evidence on my Social Media that shows otherwise),

-> OR you like to take my old content and mock/ criticize me for it (for manipulation and hate propaganda purposes),

-> OR you're offended that I'm extremely Anti NSFW and want zero association with you/it,

-> OR you're offended my comments sections aren't for critiques, hate/ verbal abuse/attacks, spam etc and you think I should turn them off just cuz "you're not getting your way" etc,

-> OR you're the TDLR kinda person who complains that my Descriptions under my work or that my Bio is "too long/ worded/ preachy? and "seems unprofessional so you need me to "change it"",

-> OR you're the kind of person (like the one described in my Journal "Anime Troll on the Loose") who gets offended/ triggered at my comments/ the way I word things - (especially if you get offended on someone else's behalf and I nor the other person, never contacted you in the first place nor requested Social Justice Warrioring to be done) and/or you turn around to use (weaponize) autism, depression, religion etc as your "excuse" for why I should give you "extra special privileges"/ be "nicer" to you, (whilst at the same time you further disrespect me by doing (any) calls outs, comment spamming me with insults either via mentions or on my profile with another account etc - particularly for blocking you after responding to your "I'm offended" comment)

- > OR If you're the kind of person who likes to block evade to comment/ message me your response back, (after I've blocked you for being rude/ disrespectful to me in the first place - especially on my profile - which btw breaks DAs Rules to do,)

- > OR (this also breaks DA's Rule) - you made an account to specifically target me or others for reasons (such as you're offended at Anime/Manga Artist, you're offended at Artists for drawing black/ brown skinned humanoid concepts, you're looking to "police" Art Thieves and people you assume "traced" art - even if the person has proof they didn't, You try to engage in chat with people and attack them for ignoring/ blocking you, etc) -

-> OR you're the kind of person who gets triggered by Emoji Decor greetings/ notifications such as those listed above in Hobbies - (enough to angrily DM me - instead of using the delete button or hide function or ignoring me),

- then please IMMEDIATELY ignore or Block my account before contacting me in any way.

(( cccuzzz sorry/not sorry, I just don't the have time or energy for you or your bs and I ain't into drama - mostly cuz I'm very I'm happy/ satisfied with my work's qualities (old or new) and I am not afraid of reporting you to the Staff on ANY website either if you contact me with malicious intent.

And if I greet you but my art is attached, just know they're just decoration.

It's not there to "beg you" for likes/ attention, followers or whatever messed up ideas you want to attack me with. If attention was my aim, I wouldn't use Dawn or Candy or any of my Gift Basket Project Freebies meant to spread positivity (and that is open to all to collect/ download and use for personal needs if they want to), nor use my most popular works to do it. Just saying.

If you're vex (for whatever reason - such as at what I just wrote), then - again, I encourage you to block me, learn to practice some Wabi Sabi if you're feeling too outraged, and move on.))


> And finally for the other types of people - the "professional complainers" (as we like to call them here in Trinidad):

-> If your complaint is that my art isn't good enough/ isn't perfect enough (to your standards) EG - "your work has anatomy issues/ colour issues", "some of your work is too bright/ too dull", "only some work is neon", "your lines are too thick/ too thin" etc,

-> OR you troll me with stuff like "ur art is shit", "ur colouring is horrible", "your art is inconsistent" - (whatever the fuck that even means), "study anatomy", "u have an ego"/ "you're not a professional", "learn about lighting", "maybe that's why your work sucks", "you'll never improve without critiques", "go to art school/ art class", "ur colouring hurts my eyes", "you act like a teenager/ you act like you're 13 or14 yrs old" etc - all in an attempt to shame me, defame or degrade my character and undermine my mental health - especially if you sugar coat your comments with "I like this/ that and it looks great.... BUT..." or you say something along the lines like ..." if you're looking/ hoping to improve" or "even a cook knows burnt food when they see it" - then please:

I DO invite you to create/ colour your own version of my work, to satisfy your issues, inputting your "corrections" in your version - ESPECIALLY if your work looks like the egs (shown below) and you still insist on commenting/ complaining -

Trash Art from Trash people

If not - then block me and move on with your life.

((cuz in my opinion, if 1) you draw like those examples (shown above), and you get mad when I tell you to "take your own advice" before commenting, or you get bitter/salty that you didn't get a "thank you" response (because you're trying to brand me as being responsible with your voluntary choices), and/or 2) you're not the client/ requester who contacted me with specification on how they wanted their work be done for them in my Art Style, OR 3) you won't do my challenge/ get mad at me when I advise you to go draw it if you don't like my version and still complain, then considering all these factors - you have NO business going around telling people - (including me), what you think "should be improved" (especially about anatomy or colouring) - irregardless of freedom of speech, if it's the internet or that if you're a "potential client"/ someone trying to "help" - (or whatever other excuse you want to give to continue to be a "Karen"/ Kevin."))

Avalarian Orb I'm sorry to say this, but at the end of the day - I nor my work is for everybody - due to differences on tastes , so I don't expect everyone to enjoy my work or in the same way I would, nor at all for some - (hence the reason why I encourage blocking me without contacting me, if you have a problem). Trying to force/ bully me to conform to your ideas and insisting on it (especially when you're not positively supporting nor paying me to work) - including when you insist that I "tolerate"/ accept you - is not constructive.

Additionally to me, Art is Subjective, the concept of "perfectionism" doesn't exist as both subjects vary per individual's taste (artists and consumers/viewers alike), not everyone makes and posts art for the same reasons, nor is everybody here for "entertainment" and there are many ways to produce a piece of work. It doesn't have to be done "your way", or done in the "one way" that you consider is the "ultimate/ right way."

I'm not drawing my personal content to please just you (the one of two complainers), I'm not gonna change me entire work style, brain/ body function nor my bio to suit just you neither - (such as those who prefer "realism" over what I produce or people who think a blind person should work the same as one who isn't etc), and I ain't gonna stress myself out mentally just to "debate/ prove" anything to you nor tolerate your negativity - especially when this site alone is home to 42 million other users, (ie you have options to follow people who do produce your preferences of content, so there is NO need for you to attack me if I don't suit your tastes/ "standards".)

Bottom Line is - my mental health maintenance comes first.

If you're vex for that, well too bad. I don't care.

You cannot force me to engage with, nor tolerate something that isn't mentally conducive nor constructive to me or my well being.

Also - if have nothing good to say, then don't come here to start bullshit drama or beef, and then play the victim like some "Karen" after I give you a piece of my mind. As Will Smith said in MIB - "Don't start nothin' Won't be Nothin") If you're vex for that, well you can hull yuh ass too (as we say here in Trinidad), cuz I'm not here to "baby" people or be your teacher/ mommy or whatever. If you looking for "Karen Privileges", better go somewhere else yo. I don't play those games. If you're on my Profile, consider yuh ass grown, and take responsibility for what you say and do, instead of blaming me for shit you chose to start.

And for those "outta context people" - if read all this and you think I'm trying to ask people for a "safe space"/ "echo chamber", then you my friend, have missed the point.

If you assume that I'm branding people who draw a certain way, you still missed the point there too, (cuz in the example I provided, those are 10 real Users on DA - most of them adults - who attacked/ bully me in 2017 with things like my "anatomy sucks", "your drawings suck", "draw realism", "you have an ego" etc or got mad at me for speaking about my personal life experiences openly, just cuz I happen to also draw the Anime/Manga style and I didn't agree with their views on several things in Art or in real life - since I tend to speak from personal experience, rather than on "hearsay"/ stereotypes of what Popular Artists or Tutors say/ believe/ re-enforce - especially if it's outdated concepts not fit for 2020 life.

And also as you can see, none of them specialize in ANY of the work that I do, nor do they bother to take time to work on their content to make it better - even though some of them have been here since 2014. They don't even take and apply the advice they give out to people freely either, onto their work to say "yes this is true" and have anything to back them up. So the point is, I'm not a fan of hypocrisy or the condescending, two faced attitude - especially when they try to normalize bullying creatives who draw the Anime/Manga style (disregarding anything else the Artist does.) You can't draw like the samples I showed, and then tell me that my anatomy sucks or say that I have an ego etc, when you ARE exactly what you're trying to label others as, whilst demanding to be respected by the person you're labeling and bullying.)

And finally if you're thinking that I don't take critiques ever because you think, that I think my work is "perfect" - that's also not true. (I do accept criticism, but I have very high standards for them and from whom I get them from. If you draw like a 2 yr old and talk alot - like the 10 users I showcased above - you can't expect me to take you seriously for anything you have to say - sorry. Additionally, I am my own worst critic to my work - [ because that was how I was trained to be in my Art/Animation Education] ie I don't really require additional outsiders that much, to tell me what's wrong with my work. Whatever you think is "wrong", I most likely had already took note of it before and damaged my own mental health further by fussing over it silently - [hence the reason why professional Animators, Artists etc from the US Industry - when they run into me - they try to be more encouraging.] )

Irregardless of these things though, due to the nature of the world today being the "enrage to engage" type, all I am asking is for people (who visit my Social Media Platforms) to be considerate and THINK before messaging me for any reason - especially if the intentions are malicious (and even more when I'm being nice to you, but you get triggered.)

If you can't be respectful, then, again - please feel free to block me and move on with life.

Meme Drawing of Candy by KalaniTheMistake



Star Ribbon 01 Star As for my goal with my Art - It used to be where I wanted to be one of the Artists who can literally draw anything (and produce my own Anime/Manga content), but since I'm nearing that, I now hope to show people that they

1) Don't have to be perfect (or pretend to be) when it comes to drawing.

It's ok to make mistakes in your work etc and not be anxious and self critical all the time. You can always come back to your concepts (personal works), with new perspectives and things you've learnt on your own etc in redrawing challenges. No concept is ever in it's "final form."

2) They don't always have to 100% create everything by themselves all the time - if they know they're struggling with something (such as making backgrounds or comming up with "original ideas" - which often result in art or colour blocks)

Knowing how to do everything is a good skill to have, (particularly if you're a or planning to be a Freelancer/ Full Time Creative) and practice/ experimentation is always commedable, but for those who feel pressured - (especially hobbyists who don't take art that seriously) or people who take mental hits or want to quit because they feel discouraged about "not being good enough" (due to comparing themselves to others or allowing others to compare them with other people etc) - It's ok to use references and FREE resources to help you - (just make sure to credit back) and it's ok to have fun with your work.

3) They don't have to have a fully functioning body to make art and

4) They don't have to force themselves to "fit in a box" (aka other people's expectations) or "follow rules" just because someone told them they had to, in order for them to make good/ decent art or to even be successful with their work. I mean, It's 2020, not 1900. Rules are just guidelines/ stepping stones. It doesn't mean they can't be broken, changed or revised nor that they will work for everybody in the world. And even though it's ok to imitate those whom you feel inspired by, at the end of the day you still have to find your own identity with your own Art Work- irregardless of who's style you choose to carry with you. Just saying.

It's ok to be free with your creativity and run with it - even if a few people might not like it or you.

(( I say this cuz I'm tired of seeing people both in the Anime/Manga, Fanart AND General Art Community Groups on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Tumblr etc being mis-formed about their work from someone else - (who also happens to be mis-informed too), and they feel discouraged from continuing to create work >

like the time when some "moo-moo" told this lady that she's "not an Artist" and that "Abstract Art isn't Art because it" was "too colourful"

or the time when someone told another lady that Liquid Pouring/ Fluid Art "wasn't Abstract Art",

or the other few times someone told some creatives told that "Photography isn't Art",

or like the many times people think digital art isn't real art/ you're cheating

or the times when people attack Artists for not making Fanart in the exact way as the show (eg when people attacked silverjow_art via Twitter over her version of Sailor Moon, where she used her Sister as anatomy reference or when people attacked Gashi-Gashi for drawing Garnet from Steven Universe as a "white girl" or the incident with Paige Paz (aka Zamii070) or the debate/ Twitter war about Nessa's (from Pokemon) skin colour or the pointless debates about Anime being "Cartoons for Kids that have no good Storyline" or that the art is trash and a multitude of other bs incidents - that disenfranchises and stereotype a mass group of creators (including Animators who work hard to make the content we see in Media everyday or use as entertainment etc.)

Everyday it's a "new Artist/Creator" - same rubbish and I've honestly reached my limited with it all.

It's 2020 and I find issues like these should not be still happening, so I want to take a stand to help fight this nonsense - despite my deteriorating health.)


Star Ribbon 01 Star At the moment, both my Commissions, Art Request and Trading Services are currently closed. (Sorry.) Star Ribbon 01 Star

If you feel the absolute, utmost need to contact me (for projects, ideas etc that you'd like me to work on, or to chat), I'm on Facebook, Instagram, Here (via the DMs), or on my Curious Cat Profile >

(Please do not send Art Requests to Curious Cat. I've got another profile, specifically for that, as well as an Art Group >

Police revamp Please do NOT use my DMs or Comments Sections to send hate, verbal abuse or spam. You WILL be reported directly to DA's Staff, who will take immediate action.

Bow cake My Birthday>

Donation Pool

Angel Wings Charity Collection

Rainbow Slide EmoteWave Hi & Welcome! pastel heart

If u enjoy my work, wanna be nice or

wanna pay for a Commission etc - use here

If not, feel free to check out my friends:

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