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Hello there people! Brown Kitty Hello by neko-kumicho-chan

I just wanna say thank you so much for visiting my page and gallery. It's such a honor for me to see you taking time for looking at my arts. I really love to make some friends, so come talk to me and don't be shy. :love:

To make things clear, i don't do :
x Llama for llama,
x Fav for fav,
x Watch for watch.
I don't appreciate the act of seeking attention.

But i really appreciate it if you came here wanted to know me, or at least following me because of my arts. I love making friends, i want to know your story, i want to draw beside of you as a fellow artist :dummy with a sword: by iDJPanda

Come say hi and let's be friend! :happybounce:

There’s one main reason of why i write this journal : I want to keep in touch with you guys! 
Squirtle Yay 

So i’ve been a lot less active in Deviantart. It’s such a bummer, i know. But the reason of why it's happened isn’t because i moved to another social media and put my arts elsewhere. It also isn’t because i’m unhappy being here. It’s just because i’m barely drawing and i don't have anything to show that’s all. I also barely writing something, and i don’t have anything to post it in here at all. My friends isn't that active either, and i don't have any reason to be active in here. It's not that i become sad because of it, but i wanna tell you this piece of fact and moving on.

Deviantart isn’t my only home now; i have a lot of social medias and following everyone whom i interested to following their progress or wanted to have fun with. I don’t particularly care about particular community; i care about that person inside of that community. So whether it’s Instagram, Pixiv, Twitter, Tumblr, Discord, Line or anywhere (except Facebook, there’s a lot of propaganda and politics shit going on there), i’m always be there if you want to contact me! :w00t:

So i’ll just share my account if you want to talk, sharing, and having fun together! You can also tell me your social media (whatever it is) so i can keep in touch with you guys. If you only active here in DeviantArt i’ll also accept that, just note me whenever you like to talk! Or even better, tell me how are you feeling today in the comment! (Or don’t, ‘cause i'm suck. I wonder how many of active watchers that still here ^^;)

Also disclaimer first : I don't have intention to doing "follow for follow" or "doing RP together" or "watch me here and there" or anything that about asking for attention or that kind of things. I just wanna keep in touch with you as a person wherever you are, and hopefully i can still support you wherever you be. You can follow me in these place if you want, or if you don't wanna then that's perfectly okay. Suit yourself, do whatever you like, live your own life. I don't really mind at all :aww: (I just don't wanna lose my friends that's all)
So here it is! : 

Deviantart DeviantArt :
Instagram Instagram Icon :
Discord Discord (color) Icon ultramini : Anipzis#3418
Pixiv new Pixiv ( icon / logo ) :
Battlenet (2) Icon ultramini : Anipzis#1709 
Twitter Twitter : 
Tumblr Tumblr Icon :
PUBG Mobile (Asia Server) :rifle:Anipzis 
Art Amino, Furaffinity, etc : I don't have one xD
And no, no Facebook please. I really don't like that place, please spare me :stare:

I'm active in all of these social media, so don't be afraid to poke me and say hello! :happybounce:
One thing about all these social media is : You might not see me being active and posting things. But if you send me a DM in any of these account i'll be fast to respond! Because i'm very active silent watcher who lurking around to seek every inspiration source :ninja:
Also a brief commentary about my favorite artsite : Pixiv Logo icon Button Pixiv is such an AMAZING art site, there's SOOOO MUCH of wonderful arts that exist within that site. I'm always going there whenever i seeking inspiration. Because i swear, it's very easy to find great arts there and there's so many too! This place also have a lot of fandom arts and the quality is MIGHTY GOOD too! I really enjoyed watching arts there (sadly it's uses Japanese language tho, and i can't understand xD)
Seriously, that place is HEAVEN- Go check it out and find some inspiration there! 

I’ve been reunited a lot of my friends in Instagram, so maybe i’ll post some art in there too!
Also Discord is a nice place to chatting and having fun, although i’m still super awkward whenever i talking to a person in real time. (I've talked to some of DA friends in Discord, and it was VERY NICE i missed them a lot).
If you’re even in the same country, we could doing some meet and greet and talking in a person (awkwardly, obviously xD).

On a side note, i still mainly reside in DeviantArt. You won't see a lot of content in those site mentioned aside from DA. This place is my main home, where i can find some peace in solitude and it's like talking to neighbor (because they're few, but having them makes me happy), and you'll find that the only place that i've ever update whether it's art or rambling or ideas is DA and only. :huggle: although to be honest i rarely watching arts in here anymore tho, whenever i feel like to watch some arts i always run away to Pixiv xD

That’s all, friends! Please don’t misinterpret it as if i’m going to leave DeviantArt! (It's not even close!). This isn't ranting journal either, because i'm still enjoying myself the way i am right now! :D It would be nice if you still want to talk to me, and that’s all i wanted to say. I wish you still not bored sticking up with me, and i hope you have a great day! 
Scream Squirtle

and please hug me i missed your hugs ;-;

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Art Knight Anipzis
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| Lvl : 03 | Element : Crystallized Water | Alignment : Neutral |
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I am Anipzis, a little kid who wants to learn and create wonderful drawings. I live in my imaginations. I have thousand inspirations and have a dream to be able to pour all of this inspirations into drawings, writings, and musics. I love mythology and fantasy, i wish i can tame a dragon someday.

You there, you are unique being. I know you don't have any duplicates. You keep being you. Be my friend, and i shall give my loyalty to you.

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My journals here are my everything.
I poured my thoughts and my heart inside of them.
And it's for everyone, not only friends and someone who close to me.
Please read it. :heart:…

And i really appreciate faves, it's a way for me to know that you've read/watching my arts. I know commenting or making word is hard, so i'm all okay with it and i just wanna know people who actually following my progress, because it means a lot to me :+fav:

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“I believe in friends and laughter
And the wonders love can do,
I believe in songs and magic
And that's why I believe in you!”

Heart for you by Krissi001

Pollyanna - Catherine Warwick…

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Dedicated member of the :iconcharity-guild: lead by The Guildmaster :icontommygk:
Partner In Crime :iconsenpaiturboblaze: (She’s literally like my twin here :heart:)
(Anipi) Shiny Marill by MidnightsShinies Shiny Chimchar by MidnightsShinies(Marion)

:star::star::star: SMILES GO FOR MILES! :star::star::star:
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Icon created by my friend Dibalikawan :icondibalikawan:
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(Both are Indonesian, coincidentally xP)
Real name : Hanif A


Hullooooo!!! Squirtle Yay 

I wanna check how many friends are left here after a couple of long time hiatus' i blame my college for that :giggle:
I bet it's very quiet here. But well, doesn't matter! :happybounce:

So i missed charity-guild project and holiday card project, which is a bummer. Also been quiet for months, leave 42Ly's collab hanging, and a lot of birthdays that i've missed, i think i pretty much messed up here ^^;
But well, DOESN'T MATTER!! i hope

Then what is important? I'M BACK!!! :squee: *playing trumpet voice effect in background*
Here's the important question : How are you? How's your days? I hope you are all happy right now! Happy Squirtle 

Sooo I'm back honestly it's not big deal i'm gonna disappearing and dying again anyway but my drawing skill is kinda rusty, especially in the coloring part. It's still WIP but i'll try my best!
Imagined Flight by Anipzis

Also any of you have played Deltarune? That game is lit! [Emote] - Ralsei Had Enough 
There's suddenly a blackout in my neighborhood, and i was alone in home. Then i coincidentally played a lovely music that has the band named "In Love With a Ghost". Somehow darkness become less scary with it (still scared tho Sweating Roma)

There's something that quite bothering me recently. :confused:

Actually i think Deviantart is slowly become like old thing now, and people slowly fading away. (Not every people actually, spesifically my close friends here.) There's just nothing new right now. I still remember when there's a lot of exciting things like challenges, contests, card project, groups, meme and tagging games. These things become rare thing nowadays.

Don't get me wrong, i still love Deviantart. This is my home, i visited this site everytime i could. But really besides sharing arts there's just nothing to do here. A lot my friends here are leaving, and another in hiatus, and others are just sometimes online. The interaction become rare nowadays. The "fun" i'd like to seek just isn't there.

In the end it's just become all about fav, compliment, and exposure games. But that's not my intention at all, i'm not here to just showing my art.
I want to chat. I want the two-way conversations. I want to talk about my art, your art, their art, and everything that happens inside a piece of art. Because i believe there's something bigger than the quality of the art and quantity of the views. It's the personality and passion inside that i really seek. It's that something that i find "fun". It's the gem Gem 

Is it actually a problem about this site, or it's people growing up then moving on from this old place, or it's just me liking too much of the past? I wonder Sad Squirtle 
Hiyaaaa friends, i'm back! Squirtle Yay 
My exam is over now, and i'm gonna be active here again and gonna drawing things! :happybounce:

How is it going? I hope everything is going fine for you. If not, then i'll be here to be your company! Tell me all your problems~!! Happy Squirtle 

Btw i wanna show you my progress from my newest works, Heartful. It's been a passionate personal project for me, it's kinda like it's my dream to finish this drawing, and honestly i am really happy with it. Both the process and the result. I really love how it turned out. :love: 

Heartful by Anipzis
It's a "please hug me" kind of pose btw. Wait, why i need to explain this

So it started with something little like a spark of imagination. I wanna draw something cute, small, and fluffy. It's kinda weird, but i wanna draw furry form of my OC. Fox emoji - cuddle It's heavily inspired by a music by Mili, titled Summoning 101. How the story is telling about the summoned werewolf's perspective with his master who sacrificed herself to save him. The music was so amazing and emotional, and i'm kinda "flowing" with this music, and really this music is inspire me alot. .:Bunny in love: (I kinda abandoned my exam a little just because how inspired i am to draw this piece xD)

I felt this piece is very special for me, especially with the progress (I dunno if it's interesting to read, but i'll tell my feelings about it anyways). I'm gonna write each one progress' detail/phase inside the stash, so if you wanted to know i'll include a piece of my story inside of it. Take a look! :happybounce:

Overall in short i wanna say that i really take my time and passion to draw this piece. Each phase that i mentioned above in digital contain 15 layers more or less, and this drawing is taking about 70 layers more or less. As you know (maybe you recognize it) that i'm all about learning and experimenting. I'm not that skillful as an artist and i'm not that fast at producing arts, but i do have my passion burning inside me and that's all i have. I felt like this drawing is the finest that i've been draw so far. I give my all in this drawing, i have blast drawing it, and really i'm soooooooo satisfied with it.

Lemme know what you're thinking about it! :aww: (I kinda wondering too should i write description/journal about it? I have a lot of say but i feel dumb writing long journal just about a piece art, which isn't even that amazing and probably nobody will read it anyway :shakefist:)

So yeah, that's it. A bit too long for a status update, so i'll end it right now. ^^;
I hope you have a great day! :squee:

Oh also, this new profile urls update sucks ;-;
Sometimes i wanna escape the real life so bad, because at a point it become so tiring and stressful ;-;

I really wanted to take break and just drawing and having fun in DA right now. but of course i can't :saddummy:
Can i at least have some virtual hug, please? Crying Squirtle 


Anipzis has started a donation pool!
85 / 100
Hey, i have an idea! :happybounce:
Put some points into this donation and i shall give you a random surprise! Let's see, it might be fun!

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