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I wanna talk about my thoughts about NFT and crypto stuff that keep showing on in my timeline. If you don't know, NFT stands of Non-Fungible Token. It's like a part of blockchain and cryptocurrency, where you have this token with this sense of "uniqueness" and can't be replaced with something else. There's like trends about it like gamification of NFT and art NFT, about how to make NFT more "fun" than just a business. There's a lot more going on about it, but i'm not going to talk about NFT. I'm not an expertise in this subject, so i'm going to talk about people who talks about NFT instead. Honestly, crypto people is kind of people that i probably can never understand. I have experienced talking to one, and no disrespect- they are really smart, and one is my best friend i had back when in the school days. We talked about philosophy and beliefs, and this person is someone i'm truly respect. But when we somehow talking about technology and crypto stuff, it gave me this sense of
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Continuation from my previous tweet Do you know, the hardest part about this whole ordeal isn't about saying goodbye. I've met a lot of different cats in my entire life and made alot of memories with them. I'm already familiar with this feeling of grief, although it doesn't get any easier, of course. I still cried everytime i faced it and it takes a lot of process before i'm able to accepting it in the end. . The hardest part is when i finding new parent for my kitten. This responsibility to be the one who decides for my loved ones' future, it's such a nightmare of a test. My worst fear is to having to deal with people who treat other beings like an object. They treat others with no compassion and respect at all, and i absolutely hate to give a piece of me to that kind of person. I initially used Facebook to find adoptive parent, it's a quick solution because of so many people are using it, and god it was awful. I hate
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I think those cute drawings that i made is like an embodiment of my emotion in the present that is full of love. I'm glad i still continue to be alive, to see myself evolving whether it's my skills or just myself as a person. I keep reminded of my past self of what i felt a year ago, and really all i wanted is just to hug him. To tell him that it's alright, i'll accept the fact that he was broken and really all that he needed in that time was love. I wanted to be there and always~ 💞 . I've been healed so much and i felt so much love inside myself, through friends, songs, and arts. Of course things doesn't instantly be better, i still have so much going on and sometimes i still hate myself. But it's just, i can't give up my drawing. It's what i loved to do. And i can't let anyone going through the same way that i did, because... it's really a heavy burden to have. It's hard, and i don't think anyone ever deserve that. Especially not to my loved ones~ 😟 . I knew how does it felt to be
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Thank you for watching :heart: I’m happy you enjoyed my art, and I hope you will enjoy my future work. Have a nice day!

You're art looks awesome!:D

Awww thank you friend! :happybounce:

A furry! That's a surprising visitor :aww: What made you interested in my art, i wonder?

don't remember exactly which drawing I saw, but I think it was the ears that intrigued me the most :D

Ah, ohhhh. I see! :happybounce:

Well nice to meet ya lofi! Happy Squirtle (Should i call you lofi?)

Sending some warm hugs and energy <33 :huggle: