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Let's Agree to Disagree
When she’d brought the brute of a mutant to Sanctuary originally, Preston had been hesitant. After some time to reflect, he’d decided it was a good idea to have the General well protected, and at the very least, when those two weren’t together, Strong provided solid protection for the town.
But then she couldn’t even get along with the creature, which created an issue. An issue that came in the form of a very angry Super Mutant that couldn’t be calmed – not by any citizen, and not by the very person who had convinced him to settle to begin with.
“Look, General, I think it’s important that you come to a sort of middle ground with the- with Strong,” he corrected himself. “I understand that you have some differences.” He leaned closer. “Between you and me, I don’t think the mutant has a place here. I have no prejudices, but I don’t think he… has Sanctuary’s interested in mind. If he decides he
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I Will Always Return
The flickers of ruined light reached up to the dark sky; darker than it had been in generations before and as dark as it might be for many following.  
A sound carried, hollow and distant, over the crackle of indiscriminate fire, dotting the wreckage with light like the last flickers of life on the ruined planet. The gentle fizz echoed through the decimated city in a low hush, just stronger than the shallow breaths his lungs wispily drew in; just quiet enough that it rang in his own ears.
Sound came like breaths of wind, growing and then waning with the tempo of Shepard’s dying heartbeat. Distant and indiscernible nouns, adverbs and fervent tones echoed across the concrete, but they grew away from him, the breath of life drawing back like a wave recedes from the shore. It was just the wind; faint and distant.
The feeling of loneliness, cold solitude, sank into his fading mind.
I hear the wind call my name
It sounded as though his name was being breathed by a g
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Word Challenge: Rebel - Herald - Tortoise
The rebel was just too fast. The assassin they were warned against, the one that came in and out of the public’s eye only long enough to take a life, had been faster than he’d ever seen.  
His head lulls idly to the side, and pain shoots down from his throat like fire pressed to his skin. His comrades lie dead and blank eyed on either side of him, but there he was, remaining. The blade of the white cloaked death must have missed its mark by only a breath. But not to its discredit, because he could feel the life slowly draining out of him as his blood seeped onto the cobblestone.
The soldier tries to roll to his side in a futile hope of inching towards his sword, so he can at least die with it in his hand. But his heavy armor won’t let him move an inch and he can feel his strength draining out with every gush of crimson. He almost smiles pathetically at the thought. He’s stuck like a tortoise on his back, and the armor holds him to the ground like it once he
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Don't Call Him a Cowboy
David Kane, you told me with a quick nod of your head. Sounded like a stage name to me, but who am I to judge with a name like mine?
Sunshine Smiles... I'm sure it was cute when I was little.
You weren't a cowboy. Oh, I had seen plenty of them before. Sure, you had the hat and you walked with that signature look to you, but you weren't no Brahmen-busting wrangler. But you weren't a blockhead mercenary either. Mercenary, yes, but you didn't fit the bill for the kind I had seen around here before.
Didn't stop me from keeping an eye on you though.
Because I knew your kind. You think you're the badass of the town and everyone should back off. You think you're the slickest thing to hit the production line, but I'm not buying. I've heard enough cowgirl jokes to piss off a saint with all their patience and I'm not putting up with it from someone with a hat like yours.
All and all though, you seemed nicer. I ended up running into you at the Prospector Saloon but I kept my berth.
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The Lone Courier: Chapter 14
Lone blinked hard in an attempt to break the trance she fell into watching the water. A dull ache pressed insistently against her skull at the action, under the skin of her temple, where she was sure a bruise was forming.
Her hand moved further under the water so it washed over her palm, but the thin layer of dark blood staining her skin remained; even as the clear water turned murky running down the drain. Her other hand raised to rub her skin clean and the water ran a dark, filthy color; her skin turning shades lighter as layers of blood and dust disappeared. She watched in dull wonder as her skin changed from the sickly red to a dull brown, then finally turning a light, natural color under the warm water.
The water running from the faucet was so clear. So clean. Every sink she could remember since the Vault was stained and grime crusted. Running, at best, with dull green water -- which she couldn’t entirely trust her Pipboy when it diagnosed it as relatively safe to dri
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Strangers Like Me
"Are you kidding me? I'm a Model of Selflessness." Sara proclaimed, her easy set eyes not betraying a hint of doubt in the statement. She relaxed back in the worn chair, stained a lighter color by the exposure of time and radiation, and crossed her leather clad leg casually over the other.
"Really?" Lone scoffed in return, her eyes narrowing derisively, but the lightness of her voice didn't show any true resentment. "I could list a thousand different things. Like, for a small example: look how you're always ordering Charon around."
"But he's my zombie manservant, that's what he does. If I take that away, it'd kill him. We all have our lot in life -- his is to be tall, dark and do whatever I say." The other woman stated simply, the corner of her mouth quirking slightly upward.  She suddenly raised her hand to point an accusing finger at Lone as the argument occurred to her, "And you're always bitching at Jericho -- like you're so much better."
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Blurring Lines
It started off as just making a point.
America expected England to see reason after he showed he was capable himself. England always managed to make a statement with brute force -- by not taking anything but results in return.
England thought America was bluffing -- being obnoxious little brat and eventually the colony would get over it. Arthur found it simply annoying. He didn't take it seriously.
Their voices rang harshly in the confines of the small colonial home. America's once meek and innocent voice was now convicted and sharp. "It's just not fair! I have people, I have lives being affected! I have a right to be heard. I have a voice!"
"Stop being overly dramatic." England shot back, his cultured tone unable to mask the condescending air to his response, "This is greater than you understand. I certainly can't come clear across the Atlantic to ask you a question whenever a decision is being made. It's worse enough I have the damn frog to deal with," He added i
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Mature content
The Lone Courier: Chapter 13 :iconaniphine:Aniphine 4 6
Broken Steel, Broken Hearts
Charon kneeled down beside her; the gentle sound of his metal knee braces clinking against the tile flooring going unheard as his ears were all but deaf. Unhearing and unwilling to spare attention to anything than what was before him.  
His hand reached out, moving under the petite woman's shoulder gently as though she would shatter any moment. He wasn't sure she wouldn't.  His hand snaking underneath her, he took her by the shoulder as he had before -- sudden flashes of the memory in his mind; drunken and unconscious, wounded and moaning, tired and lazy.
But it was so different now. He could feel it.  
Sara's body was limp to his touch and her face was fallen with unconsciousness. A blank expression he had known before, but this was somehow poles apart. Her complexion was a ghostly white that made his battle hardened stomach drop -- not from revulsion, but dread. She was deathly pale; her skin tinted a faint green. And somehow her face looked vacant.
:iconaniphine:Aniphine 14 6
Mature content
Quantum And Physics :iconaniphine:Aniphine 8 8
Word Challenge: Church - Fall
All she could do is pray.  Try to scream the desperate plea for divine intervention in her mind; her lungs failing to spare oxygen for spoken words as they struggled to sustain themselves.
It was too late to turn back, too late to apologize and too late to escape.  
Running was futile.  She knew it, but she couldn't bring herself to stop.  Human instinct for self preservation refused to let her slow in her fierce run and wouldn't let her look back to see if the hulking forms of the men who wanted her dead would show like silhouettes in the darkness of the forest.  
Her bare feet pounded like thunder against the mulch-y forest floor, ignoring the sharp jabs of pain that burst in her feet as they connected with rocks, thorns and sticks alike, setting her flesh ablaze with pain as it ripped the fair skin to blooded pieces.  But she didn't allow the pain to convince her mind otherwise, instead fighting the battle in her mind to pu
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Mature content
Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime :iconaniphine:Aniphine 8 17
Mature content
The Lone Courier: Chapter 12 :iconaniphine:Aniphine 7 7
Word Challenge: Shed - Happiness - Sneak
So this was it.  
All she had worked for.  All she had fought for.  All she had lost.
For this.
Chell's breath slowed to silence as her eyes slowly, carefully scanned the horizon.  The warm, gentle heat of the sun high above her, engulfing all senses and enveloping her in its comfort as a dull, but persistent breeze slipped and mingled through the wheat field and cooled her skin.  A vast and golden wheat field spanned for miles before her, making her analytical mind reel from the thought of judging the distance.  The sea of bright golden stocks, swaying peacefully in the gentle breeze with a rhythm that seemed nothing like the man-made or machine choreographed world she had known so well.  
She breathed in carefully, savoring the new and nearly sweet taste of fresh air, and allowing her lungs to stretch further than ever before in an attempt to grasp as much as possible.  The vastness of the atmosphe
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Word Challenge: Scooter - Integrity - Look
"You have got to be kidding me!" Daphne nearly shouted in utter frustration. "I- but- how-" She turned around, glancing down the streets as if they would offer her answers, her eyes darting to and fro, hoping for some sort of reason as her freshly manicured hand ran through her hair, gripping the darkly colored locks in her telltale sign of aggravation.
Her eyes moved back to the place her small rental car had once been as her mind reeled for a proper course of action.  
"Damn it.  Steal my car? Fine. But steal my rental car while I'm in a foreign country - come on!"
She grimaced as she tried to think of who she would contact.  This was her first trip to Europe and frankly, the place wasn't making a great impression on her.  Could she call the airport?  How would she find help if no one spoke English and she spoke very broken French?  Her friend informed her that all the French she would need to know is, 'Where is the bathroom
:iconaniphine:Aniphine 3 5
Word Challenge: Madness - Enjoy
There's an element to this you like, isn't there? Her mind silently toyed with the thought.
The look in his eyes only confirmed her suspicions.  That faint flicker of interest across expression as his eyes flashed with intrigue.  She found his eyes captivating -- not necessarily due to attraction, but rather curiosity.  She could read so much from his eyes and the emotion that would occasionally shine through peaked her interest.
His eyes were a light, piercing grey which added a predatory aspect to his gaze, and the keen, fascinated glimmer mixed within an ill hidden amusement inside of his stare betrayed his cautious emotion.  But there was something more to him -- something strange and unusual in his countenance.  The gentle tweak in the corner of his mouth, silently speaking his curiosity and entertainment with her actions; the way his eyes would dully flicker with interest and excitement, like a predator teasing its prey.
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My Mind Palace.


Affinity: Part XVIII
March, 2018
Under the gray sky, in between the gray buildings, and above the gray pavement, a lone figure walked.
He dressed unassumingly and moved unafraid through the streets. It was noon, and it was just above freezing – this was the first winter in five years where New York Zero didn't reach negative twenty degrees; but the cold continued to cling like dead fingers for eight months out of the year. The atmosphere was still recovering from the sudden Mass Cooling Effect that took place six years ago, and the pollution heavy cities such as the rather infamous Big Apple were always the worst when it came to climate, so many people moved.
Which, coincidentally, was why he came to the city.
The man hitched a pack heavy with supplies over his shoulder and inspected a building – tall and eggshell colored with a torn red banner that might have once held words - and the he sighed in the style of a mourner; or, at least, someone who was disappointed in what he was looking at.
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Hancock by girlandgeese Hancock :icongirlandgeese:girlandgeese 209 25 I can be your hero baby by Pup-The-Derp I can be your hero baby :iconpup-the-derp:Pup-The-Derp 1 1 Gajeel Redfox and Pantherlily by P1nkPumpkin Gajeel Redfox and Pantherlily :iconp1nkpumpkin:P1nkPumpkin 3 0 Levy McGarden by P1nkPumpkin Levy McGarden :iconp1nkpumpkin:P1nkPumpkin 1 0 Chibi Gajeel and Pantherlily by P1nkPumpkin Chibi Gajeel and Pantherlily :iconp1nkpumpkin:P1nkPumpkin 3 0 Chibi Levy by P1nkPumpkin Chibi Levy :iconp1nkpumpkin:P1nkPumpkin 1 0 Chibi Erza by P1nkPumpkin Chibi Erza :iconp1nkpumpkin:P1nkPumpkin 1 0 Pikachu by P1nkPumpkin Pikachu :iconp1nkpumpkin:P1nkPumpkin 3 0 Researching the supernatural by markmak Researching the supernatural :iconmarkmak:markmak 1,418 85 Mabel=Party by markmak Mabel=Party :iconmarkmak:markmak 396 63 This Usually Works by markmak This Usually Works :iconmarkmak:markmak 1,368 198 Wait for it... by markmak Wait for it... :iconmarkmak:markmak 1,473 302 Sappy Movie Night by markmak Sappy Movie Night :iconmarkmak:markmak 972 163 Can not be unseen by markmak Can not be unseen :iconmarkmak:markmak 2,180 345 The day before summer by markmak The day before summer :iconmarkmak:markmak 2,970 257
Some brilliant pieces of art and some dirty guilty pleasures.



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