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I really need core again haha
I'm kinda inactive here ;y;

:heart:My partner /waifu/best friend::heart:


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Journal Entry: Fri Sep 7, 2018, 7:40 PM

The commissions are open! Also I change a little bit the prices,and I add a couple of new things,so check it out please <3

Bullet; Red I DON'T DRAW Bullet; Red
Mechas,yaoi,gore,couples,yuri (for the moment),femboys(traps)  (maybe I can do a few exceptions), FAN ART 

Bullet; Green I CAN DRAWBullet; Green
girls,boys,lolis,shotas,echi,fan characters,Sonic style OCS,Furry,NSFW,original characters cute things

For the NSFW the prices may change a little.

i accept PAYPAL ONLY,for the points maybe later 

if is in paypal please note me and i'll send you my paypal account. 
Send me a note with the details of your order,also a good reference please.

The delivery time is around 1-2 weeks (it depends on the order,if is only one or two drawings,but if they are more of 2 drawings in full color it will take me even more time )

Note: An extra amount if the character have a lot of details
-Also 2.00 usd extra for the paypal commission/tax 

I post all the commissions here :iconannette-dreams:

anyways here is the prices and examples~


Color Style1
590Points//5.90 USD

Alisha Thumb by Anini-Chu Arcio Thumb by Anini-Chu :COMM: Aj9425 1-2 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: aRBy125 2-2 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Lluxury by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Parnash121 2-4 by Annette-Dreams

:COMM: tb-arts 2-4 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: tb-arts 1-4 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Parnash121 1-4 by Annette-Dreams

(the canvas size for the 1 and 2 is 500x500 or 600x600,i drew better in a little canvas :iconocryplz:)

Color style 2:

790Points// 7.90 USD 

:COMM: MitaTell 3-5 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: MitaTell 5-5 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Maiyukikitsuki 2-2 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Alphablob by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Chako-Adopts by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Ankrea 1-3 by Annette-Dreams

Color and Style 3

1300Points//13.00 USD
Alisha by Anini-Chu :COMM: lulure by Annette-Dreams

Cut inn:
890Points//8.90 USD:

Flanaki com 3-5 by Annette-Dreams Aj9425 2-2 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: GreatCave 2-2 by Annette-Dreams :COMM:  greatcave 1-2 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Mitatell 1-5 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: GreatCave 1-2 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Mitatell 6-6 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Parnash121 2-2 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Parnash121 2-5 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Parnash121 3-5 by Annette-Dreams

:COMM: tomahawkman666 2-2 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: tomahawkman666 1-2 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: asura852 1-3 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Parnash121 4-5 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Parnash121  2-2 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Parnash121 1-2 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Parnash121 2-5 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Parnash121 5-5 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Parnash121 1-4 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: asura852 3-3 by Annette-Dreams

Chibi headshot:

Color and style 1

750Points//7.50 USD

Chibi Adrien by Anini-Chu

Color and style 2

1500Points///15.50 USD

tea time by Anini-Chu:COMM: Ankrea 3-3 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Ankrea 2-3 by Annette-Dreams


Chibi coloring and style 1: 
950Points //9.50 USD 

Chibi Fauxiel by Anini-Chu
extra character: 200Points // 2.00 USD

Chibi coloring and style 2:
750Points //7.50 USD 
extra character: 300Points // 3.00 USD

(of course the canvas is more big but this is the only examples i have :iconpapmingplz:) CLOSED

Fralueh by Anini-Chu Faina by Anini-Chu

Chibi coloring andstyle 3:

800Points/// 8.00 USD

Extra character: 350Points//3.50 USD CLOSED

Chibi Marinette by Anini-Chu

Chibi coloring and style 4:
2300Points///23.50 USD
Extra character 1200Points//12.00 USD

Alisha by Anini-Chu :COMM: Tomahawkman666 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Flanaki 2-3 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Anemos1 2-3 by Annette-Dreams

Half bodys

Coloring style 1:

1350Points///13.50 USD

Extra character:850Points///8.50 USD

:COMM: alphablob by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Asura852 1-3 by Annette-Dreams

Coloring style 2:

950Points///9.50 USD

Extra character: 500Points///5.USD CLOSED 

AT Aiden y Layla  by Anini-Chu

Coloring style 3:
2800Points//28.00 USD

Chat Noir by Anini-Chu Smash team! by Anini-Chu

Extra character:1500Points//15.00 USD

Full body:

Color style 1:

2090Points///20.90 USD

Extra char: no extra char here

Cososinnombre by Anini-Chu Alisha unprinny blue  by Anini-Chu :COMM: Parnash121 4-4 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: tomahawkman666 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Ankrea 1-3 by Annette-Dreams

:new:Color style 2:

3500Points///35.50 USD

Extra char: no extra char here

Wea1 by Anini-Chu

 Color style 3:

5050Points//50.50 USD

Fallen Angel Sicily by Anini-Chu Comm Dokutamama by Anini-Chu :COMM: Thaxann 3-3 by Annette-Dreams :COMM: Flanaki 3-3 by Annette-Dreams

:COMM: Overlordknives by Annette-Dreams

extra character: No extra character in full body,sorry. 


5500Points///55.90 USD

:COMM: Ankrea 1-2 by Annette-Dreams:COMM: Ankrea 2-2 by Annette-Dreams:COMM: Asura852 by Annette-Dreams

:COMM: Ankrea 2-2 by Annette-Dreams

Each one have their own price,send me a note by the number of the ych you wish please.

:YCH: :OPEN: by Annette-Dreams:YCH 02: :OPEN: by Annette-Dreams:YCH 03 :  :OPEN: by Annette-Dreams:YCH 04: Chibi couple :OPEN: by Annette-Dreams:YCH 05: -OPEN- by Annette-DreamsYch 6 by Annette-Dreams

Finished examples:

:YCHCOMM: Mitatell by Annette-Dreams:YCHCOMM: Ankrea by Annette-Dreams:YCH COMM: Mitatell by Annette-Dreams:YCHCOMM: lyric-two by Annette-Dreams:YCHCOMM: GreatCave by Annette-Dreams:YCHCOMM: Asura852 by Annette-Dreams:YCHCOMM: whereismyheartsbeat by Annette-Dreams:YCHCOMM: Mitatell by Annette-DreamsYCHCOMM badc4t by Annette-Dreams:YCHCOMM: keeper-ofthe-dead by Annette-Dreams

{Red Skull} Divider by Mesperyian {Red Skull} Divider by Mesperyian {Red Skull} Divider by Mesperyian
{Red Skull} Divider by Mesperyian {Red Skull} Divider by Mesperyian {Red Skull} Divider by Mesperyian
Kingdom Hearts 3 Stamp by Zocho Kingdom Hearts Series Stamp by nakashimariku I love Roxas stamp by HavickArt
Last of us stamp by giinga Mr Scratch stamp 2 by Coley-sXe:thumb245978633:
:thumb245539894::thumb256106542: Laharl Stamp by Mayu-Hikaru
El Dorado Scream Stamp by TwilightProwler Tulio and Miguel - Think by Strange-little-cat Adell Stamp by KumoriDragon
Glee by laselwoo The Show Must Go All Over the Place...or Something by endler Glee by SABRlINA
Train Heartnet Stamp by lightpurge DragonBall Z fan stamp by wLadyB91 The Walking Dead - Shut up. by XionStamps


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