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The Unit Game, episode 1 by Animus-Seed The Unit Game, episode 1 :iconanimus-seed:Animus-Seed 5 1 The Unit Game logo by Animus-Seed The Unit Game logo :iconanimus-seed:Animus-Seed 0 0 Cheddot kiriban by Animus-Seed Cheddot kiriban :iconanimus-seed:Animus-Seed 0 3
Bellaya QUEST Races: Kobolds
Few races have endured as much as the lizard-like kobolds. A brutal and violent race, kobolds are often seen by others as bestial and of low intelligence. Frequently this is true, but those kobolds who have overcome their bestial sides can be quite ruthless and cunning. Small but making up for their size with ferocity, kobolds are often used as mercenaries by those looking for cheap labor and cannon fodder. This isn’t seen as exactly honorable by kobolds, but most grit their teeth and work quietly, deciding that some work is better than none. Mercenary kobolds who are successful in their campaigns are given some respect, but the wild kobold packs running naked through the woods and preying on livestock tend to bring the race’s reputation down. A few older, wearier kobolds have resorted to capturing and training their feral brothers as beasts of burden or attack dogs, if for no other reason than to feel as though they have some control over how their people behave.
Though ofte
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BellayQUEST Races: Dorfs
Resourceful, hardy, and perseverant to the point of stubbornness, dorfs have endured in the world for countless centuries. Long-lived but keeping their vitality well into old age, dorfs are the most populous of all the races. They reside in most major cities, and so many dorfish strongholds are scattered throughout the land that many have fallen into disrepair, becoming homes to various squatters. The average dorf stands about four feet in height, though the infamous Barboden, at ten inches taller than that, is regarded as the tallest dorf in history.
Dorfs are simple and rustic in their tastes, content with roaring fires, good meat, and strong ale as satisfying entertainment across all levels of society. In private, however, they can be a very philosophical people, as many dorfs quietly follow their own path towards some personally held ideal of perfection. Dorfs have quite a reputation for crafstmanship, never settling for second-best or second-rate work in anything they do. This eve
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BellayaQUEST: Orks and Goblins
Orkin is a collective term for a race with two breeds.  Orkin females give birth in litters. Usually three or four strong, naturally muscled children are born, filling the mother with pride. However, almost every litter also includes a smaller, weaker runt. These runts are called "goblins." Goblins occupy a lower run in orkin society; their larger and more numerous brothers and sisters (known as "orks") hold every position of power.
Orks are more numerous than goblins. Although almost every orkin family has at least one goblin child, this means that every goblin will have several stronger siblings. Being the weakest members in large families, many goblins become socially adept at staying out of trouble. Older goblins often move out on their own and form communities of their own, though these communities are often slums compared to all-ork neighborhoods. Other goblins stay in their villages, performing more menial tasks that orks are too proud to do themselves.
Common c
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Mature content
Literati Musical :iconanimus-seed:Animus-Seed 1 1
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Even More Lines from a Play
Weary is Minerva, her strong arms grow tired
holding her sphere in its place midst the clouds,
her eye-lids feel heavy—now is the dark
before the son of god shall rise,
the hour immediately before Apollo, hailing his fiery chariot,
makes sleeping men stir in their single-night-crypts
and insomniac crowds reach the end of their fits
and lay-me-downs and greeting-dawns mingle
as their voices climb Olympus:
Happy are those who wait to greet the sun,
Sweet are prayers offered up by moonlight.
Just as the people listen when the Senate speaks,
just so the people rejoice when the gods are happy.
When all knees bow to Jupiter, they turn to Italy’s shores.
There the rivers run wild with wolves’ milk,
and Romulus drank until he was strong, his muscles full,
his belly stretched—there he learned all things,
father-like brought light to all men:
a modern unbound Prometheus, beloved by Jove;
now all look to Rome for justice.
Hear the sound of Martial feet borne across the winds!
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Lines from a Conversation
Aha. And so there.
Nightly my hat becomes the receptacle for all my possessions.
A line, I shall use it, someday, maybe, someday later… now.
Where did I put that computer Flamel?
It is somewhere, somewhere in the dark—
Why does everything sound like a poem tonight?
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Lines from a story. Maybe.
It was an awakening for him; more than just, it was like a Romantic Evangelism. Coleridge had become to my brother a new St. Matthew, Blake his St. Mark, Wordsworth, St. Luke, and of course the estimable Mr. Shelley had taken the seat of St. John. But if the poets were his gospel, Frankenstein had become his St. Paul, and in the end I'm not sure whether the fault for my brother's death lies more on the head of Percy or Mary Shelley.
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Two lines from a play
I would press every drop of fermented blood from my vineyard-veins,
To seduce your worship, to enrich your praise.
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Succubus colour - WIP by Animus-Seed Succubus colour - WIP :iconanimus-seed:Animus-Seed 2 1

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:iconwickedstar: is a pretty cool guy. eh makes his own game and DOESN'T AFRAID OF ANYTHING.

So yeah. Vocabulary-stuck-in-internet mode aside, WickedStar and a few of his fans are working on a pen-and-paper version of the RPG he's been drawing for us here on dA, called "Bellaya QUEST" for now after the original story and protagonist. The content is all user-driven, comment-based, collectively decided. You can see what's going so far here:… and…

Because a few people have contributed by drawing their ideas, I wanted to help there too. Except that, minor Photoshopping skills aside, I'm not much of a visual artist. So I'm pitching in by writing some background fluff and flavor text for the races and classes. Nothing I write is final until everyone's agreed on it, naturally, but for now I'm going to town and trying to input as much of my own into it. It's fun so far. Especially the orks. -ORKORKORKORKORK-

Imperials are going to be tough, though. Original humans in fantasy are never easy. It's easy to accidentally veer off into clumsy and unwanted social commentary...

Anywho. What this means is that you might actually see some deviations here, for the first time in a long time. Or I might just send him everything in a massive Word document. Time will tell.
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