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Water over the river bed

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Tutorial- patterning a basic standing animal plush

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ACEO: No looking back


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Valley of Siyyon- Kalavati

Name Kalavati Race Taur Species Aardwolf (Proteles cristata) Gender Female Age 24 Height A little on the small side of average height- not tall, but not particularly short either. Description Kalavati is compactly built, muscular, and fairly busty. Her fur is a light yellowy brown, covering both her human and aardwolf parts. She is striped everywhere except her face, the backs of her big aardwolf ears, and her tail (which has stiff black guard hairs instead). The stripes are smaller on her legs and arms. She has a darker patch between her eyes and down her nose, and in her gamma form her muzzle is darker than the rest of her face- nearl

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Stormy Day wire wrapped pendant

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