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Barn Owl Plush Tutorial Part 1

The first part of the tutorial for making a semi-realistic barn owl plush. As I did not make a pattern for the first one, this is based on the second one. There are in fact a few major differences (especially how the wings were done), so if you would like to know how something was done differently the first time around, please feel free to contact me.

This tutorial is free to use, provided you follow my rule: please credit me for this, even if you modify it. Other than that, please enjoy!

For more information about using my tutorials and patterns, please see here -->…

[EDIT: Per lyosha's suggestion, I've made a little edit to clarify- I had said barn owls have black eyes because some people think their eyes are yellow, like many Strigidae owls, which they are not. However, technically speaking they're a very dark brown. But since you can only tell if you're very close, I had decided to go with straight black instead.]

If someone will teach me how to do it, I will also gladly include the pattern for this in a zip file- otherwise, as soon as I get it all finalized and scanned I will upload it as an image in my gallery so that you can download it. I will make a few more minor changes to the pattern to improve a few things that still bother me, so if yours doesn't turn out exactly like this- that's why! Hopefully it will be even better. ^_^

If I left anything out, something is unclear, if you have any questions, etc., please feel free to comment! I appreciate your feedback.

Part 2-…
Part 3-…

If you want to make a SNOWY OWL instead of a BARN OWL, here are some tips!

Members of the family Tytonidae (i.e. the barn owls) have those lovely heart shaped faces, since they have two separate facial disks. Members of the family Strigidae, like snowies, don't! So you'll have to modify the face a bit. I suggest making the head a bit shorter and rounder, then cutting two circles (instead of two half-hearts). They'll just go around the eyes, with the beak sticking out from the bottom, rather than the beak being in the middle like on a barn owl. I hope that makes sense! A few other little differences, too- snowy owl tails are rounded, instead of the inverted V shape of the barn owl, and their wings are a bit shorter and more rounded, not quite so pointed. Those things will make it look less like a barn owl and more like a snowy. ^_^

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I love this so much! I made one, but then I gave it away, so I can't show you. But it's ok! Because I am 2/3rds done with my 2nd one XD. I live in Asia, and it's hard to find felt :( so I only have brown felt. oh well!


I have questions! :D About wings and paint. I want my owl to be soft and huggable, and so I am not going to wire the wings. Can you help me figure out how to make a fully extended non wired wing? I know that will need to cut more feathers, and they will be floppy (that is why I want them out, because they will not stay folded) But could you give me some idea on how to do that? Also, is there any way that you can color the owl without losing the fluffyness of it's felt? Paint just makes it so stiff and scratchy :(


Thank you for making this! :happybounce:

Animus-Panthera's avatar
Oh! Oh! I actually DO have a suggestion for you! Do you know what button jointing is? If not go and look at this-

Just make the three wing parts and put a joint between each- does that make sense? It ought to make a relatively poseable wing without wiring.

With felt, not so much. Any paint will end up stiff. You could try a different fabric (something like minky, maybe) and a "soft" fabric paint.
Inkserval's avatar
Thank you so much! You have helped me a ton :D. I am going to the sewing store to get those buttons XD. And yes, I do know what you mean, and It is just what I needed :3

It's ok, I talked to my mom, and she told me that we have these things called fabric pastels or something like that. They are perfect, and can color felt without making it stiff :) So yay! Thank you again for your help! I will be sure to post a picture and link you when I am done :dance:
Animus-Panthera's avatar
You're welcome! I can't wait to see the finished product~ Let me know how well it works!

Oh, thanks for the recommendation! I will have to try those sometime.
that isooo cool i love owls
Animus-Panthera's avatar
Ha ha, thanks! I do, too. ^_^
you know i am such an owl lover but nobody loved owls in my school, i have already made one owl out of you pattern~~I love your pattern , i am planning to making another fluffy one~~
Animus-Panthera's avatar
That's terrible! Owls are so cool, I love them. ^_^ Do you have any pictures? I would love to see, if you do~
ok~~i am waiting for the cloth to come... i bought some on internet.
owls are coooool!
high five!!!! we are owllovers~~~~
Animus-Panthera's avatar
I can't wait to see! They are pretty awesome, this is true. *fist bump*
unicown's avatar
aw man, i really want to make one of these. xD
it would scare the crap out of my mom.. o u o
Animus-Panthera's avatar
Ha ha, you should do it. ^_^ I'm sure she'd think it was cute (eventually!).
X-AirElemental-X's avatar
Oh dang I wish I knew how to add the pattern file so I could tell you... I would love the pattern!!! (it would take a while to be able to eyeball-it lol) but if you do get a chance to add it let me know!! I love this its amazing! I cant wait to try it!! ^_^
Animus-Panthera's avatar
I finally got the pattern for this tutorial up! --> [link]
X-AirElemental-X's avatar
YAY thank you thank you thank you... I cant wait to get this one going! You are awesome ^_^
Animus-Panthera's avatar
Aw, thanks! You're awesome, too. Don't forget to send me pics when you're done so I can see!
Animus-Panthera's avatar
That's okay. I'm thinking I'll just upload a deviation that is a .jpeg scan and make it downloadable... We'll see, we'll see. I'll try and remember to let you know whenever I get it up!
X-AirElemental-X's avatar
Wonderful!! I cant wait ^_^ keep up the amazing work!
Jothike's avatar
aww :D I'm gonna try it when i got time
Animus-Panthera's avatar
Great, thank you! If you do, I'd love to see what you make. ^_^
lyosha's avatar
Very cool! Barn owls have dark brown eyes, however. :)
Animus-Panthera's avatar
I work with a barn owl, and I am aware. However, you can really only tell if you're really close to their face or if the sun is hitting their eyes precisely the right way- from any reasonable distance (by which I mean more than about 6-7 inches), their eyes appear black. (And trust me, you don't really want to be that close to a barn owl's face.) But thanks. I mostly say this because a lot of people saw the Guardians movie and now think barn owls have yellow eyes, like many strigidae owls do.
lyosha's avatar
So be it! I also work with raptors, including barn owls (and have had my face in many places around birds it probably shouldn't have been), so I was surprised to see the black eye thing stated so boldly from someone who works with them and could see up close that it isn't true. I've never seen anyone mis-coloring a barn owl's eyes beyond artistic licence for personal characters, so it seemed odd. I appreciate the explanation.
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