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Two Sides to a Tale
A single moon has risen since our Last Deamon clan-force breached the lands of Bounteya: the lands of the favoured race, humans. The frequent rains of the Land-of-Plenty fell in sheets throughout the day- washing all but the most stubborn traces of battle from the soils. The waters shall run red in beck and stream for hours yet.
    Now, though, that great, fiery golden orb of day has cooled to purest silver- casting a pale sheen over the devastated landscape as I trace a taloned foot across the earthy ground, carving rivets in a puddle of dried, iridescent slick.
    Deamon blood.
    My head lowers to take in the familiar sharp, metallic scent as yet another strangled shriek rends the silence of the night. The hunt was still on: every human to die by the claws of the forces of the Last before the night is through.
    For that is the will of Zerah.
    The piercing shriek sounded again
:iconanimositysdiviner:AnimositysDiviner 2 0
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Nightmare's curse
I hold you close- a small, fragile body struggling frantically in the dark. I heard your quiet whimpers from the room next door- all but inaudible to anyone else but, through my ears, equal to the most piercing screams of pure terror. It's another hopeless battle against an enemy I cannot define: your eyes rammed tight shut against reality- sealing you in that nightmarish world of your own creation.
    You won't be able to escape.
    You never can.
    I desperately whisper those same words of comfort as your faint sobs escalate once more into eerie wails- muted though they are by the bed sheets and my chest, the very sound cuts deeper than any physical wound ever could. Still, I softly stroke your head, running fingers through your hair and fighting back my own helpless tears as I raise my voice to sing above the shrieks; unable to tell whether my efforts are making it through the rampant subconscious which holds you captiv
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Soooooooooo, yh I haven't been around much. I have been drawing though, I swear, it's just that the willpower required to actually scan the stuff in and paint its sorry ass eludes me.... :P but yeah, I might be throwing some more stuff your way soon-ish now the holidays are finally upon us. Summer, however, is taking its sweet time. That's just England for ya though ;P

Update successful. aaaaand back to plotting the demise of modern civilisation we go. :mwahaha:
  • Listening to: The Lorax soundtrack.... it's in my braaaain!
  • Reading: my story-in-progress: it's in past tense dammit!
  • Watching: summertime fly by.... without much sun atm :/
  • Playing: no longer addicted to Angry Birds! :D
  • Eating: toast sammich
  • Drinking: stuff


Indigo Beck
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hey! :D I'm Indy, an aspiring writer/ digital artist from northern england. Currently an art A level student, I plan on going to university to study animation (if they want me....) and then hopefully work in the film industry somewhere. Not that anything's going to go according to plan, but hey- you gotta have a path to deviate from.


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Hi umm I hate to be rude but i was wondering if you havegotten to that sebastian Michaelis drawing i asked about a while ago i hate to sound pushy but .....ah GOMENASAI!
AnimositysDiviner Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
really sorry, I havent forgotton- just havent had time and I live with a small cloud of guilt over me that I havent got back to a load of people yet :/ wont pour out a whole sob story about why I havent done it, but the holidays are coming up so hang in there! :D apologies again
Luna-Uchiha-7 Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
Oh no its fine i didnt mean to bother i was just wondering but thank you so much for the update!
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no probs :D thanks for poking me with it though- started doing some of the sketches right now ;)
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Happy birthday! :D
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You're very welcome.
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