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H A N A N N I E 2 0 2 0 - A spoilt prince

By aniMOSITl
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My boy got released today and I'm so happy with how he came out. I put a lot of love in his design!


Blessing Name: Blanche De Hotot | Fire Salamander [Salamandra salamandra]

Some people are born with a silver spoon; however, this Annie was born with one of the
highest grade gold. Lavishness, opulence and surplus have always surrounded him, with
staff fulfilling any request that ever popped into his head since infancy—as such,
operating in a life that requires even the smallest amount of self-reliance is
merely a passing thought, and the idea of anything less than perfection, a
comedy. In line with his privilege of aristocracy came the rigour of classes 
as soon as he was able to sit up, from piano and violin to horse-riding and
philosophy. To be the perfect petit prince was his parent's ambition, a son
to dazzle and stun at any soirée without any personal dedication. Free will
was not an option given to him, merely existing as an accessory that his 
family can maintain their status.

When one has the whole world their hands with an exchange of 'free' money, boredom
becomes rampant. This Annie's bubble of isolation makes it even harder to understand
or even empathise with anyone who has to struggle to support themselves. Jobs are 
meaningless, dreams and aspirations fleeting afterthoughts that are easy to fulfill
thanks to his inheritance. Sometimes he does wonder what life would be like to
have only a fraction of what he owns now when watching his waiting staff 
preparing his schedule. Would he have passions and drive? Would he 
have anyone close or people that can rely on his merit instead of status? 
Nah, who needs that...

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The design and coloring here is absolutely gorgeous! And he's so cute! I love the expression on his face.

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Very nicely done!!! :clap: !!!

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( I have done a comment in the Auction deviation but I want give you once again my love and my admiration \;;/ <3 <3 I love love LOVE this design <3 )


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I don’t know why this reply never sent but thank you so much Mile! Your designs are an inspiration of mine ;W;
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