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 + Annie MYO Custom for @rollingpoly

I had lots of fun with his pirate design, especially with all the snake features!
Thank you so much again for commissioning me!



Blessing Name: Asian Vine Snake (White Morph) Ahaetulla spp.
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common

Annies are a closed species by Yamio


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There's a snake in the in hair, I can't believe no one else mentioned it, since it the first thing I notice about his awesome design! The detail you put into the buckles on his coat and the snake head belt are amazing~ The little scales by his eyes are just adorable too, they really make his mis-matched eyes seem snake-y~

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Ooo, honestly just really cool design omg such as the colors and patterns! You made him looking silver too which I thought it's awesome~!

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Ooo he looks so cool with a mean, smug streak to him, fitting for a pirate~! I really love the soft-looking paintery art style once again, which gives justice to every detail of his design~! My favorite has got to be his heterochromia eyes which almost looks like inverted colors, as well as his curved, kris-like dagger/sword with those snake patterns that make them look venomous~!

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this is a really cool design! the eyes are seriously amazing!
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Thank you so so SO much again ToT
I can't tell you how much and how perfect the custom turned out!